24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

I hope everyone is in the spirit ... 

and has everything wrapped, because the shops were crazy!

Tonight's blog is just to wish everyone a Merry Christmas Eve and to show you what I have been up!

And the wonderful pre Christmas presents I got from Alan :)

 Works Christmas Lunch :)

I bought this little hair band for myself!

Probably wont surface until the spring,

but its ever so cute.

 These are just some of the presents I got from Alan for Christmas.

 My Alexander McQueen book
which I read every time I go into Urban Outfitters, Now I have one of my own!

Also this amazing photo album for my new camera, its beautiful!

Now every year I get a calendar, and this one makes me laugh so much!

And my little skull rings ... because skulls are hot.

And finally,

The Vivienne Westwood Patent Red Bowling Bag 

Which I have been drooling over for months!

I thinks its safe to say I have an amazing boy in my life :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everone has a great day and santa brings everyone what they want :)

PB .. xox 

20 December 2010

Further Appologies.

Again a lack of posts!

This time due to, looming essay deadlines and oh yes, MORE SNOW!

I am beyond fed up of being trapped in this house!

Bored nothing to do and of course no one to play with!!

However while on LOOKBOOK today

 I have discovered a fantastic new San Fransisco based blog!

I only follow blogs I am really interested in and instantly I love this girls style!

Check her out!

This is the first day of the Christmas break so I will have more posts
... provided the snow lets me out!

Also I am meeting up with my two beautiful best friends in the next 2 weeks
(Since they are murder to get together!)

So I will get some photos from that too!


13 December 2010

Good Cop. Bad Cop.

Since my last post, I literally haven't left the house!

Went in to college on Monday, left half an hour later because the snow was so heavy.

Never made it home from Glasgow until 9:30, A journey that would usually take 20 minuets!

A truly awful day!

I now just want the snow to go away!

Monday to Thursday, The snow closed the motorways and the streets were covered in ice.

In hail of a white Christmas I put my very girly decorations up :)

 So unfortunately my work Christmas night out was cancelled :(

But I did get to go to my Work Experience night out!

Which was lovely! Everyone had a great night and it was great to get to know everyone else!

This is what I wore today!

I had no intention of looking like a cop, but I actually quite like it now :)

 I wore my over the knee boots to keep my feet dry, as I am still waiting for my winter wellies to be delivered!

I also wore the dress simply because it was plain black and I was only jumping down to the town for a little while.

And then with my hat - which I bought because I saw Gaga wearing a similar one, not something I usually base my decisions on, but none the less, its good hat - and my belt the "Copper" look came together.

Hopefully this week will be better than this!

Goodnight Sweet Dreams


6 December 2010

New Hair Extensions.

There is still about 6 inches of snow outside ....

So some indoor shots for now.

These are some pictures last night, nothing special just a little trip to to movies after work.

This was the outfit for the night.

I love this new top, I'm loving Salmon pink just now. Its pink without looking too "girly"

I wore it with my wet look leggings which are in my wardrobe now for the rest of winter!
They add a bit of glitz to the leggings look.

To keep my toes warm I'm wearing my new black over the knee boots! 
Again something I will use almost every day during the winter months.

For my accessories I wore this amazing long draping necklace which I matched to to pink in the top. 

 Also as you can seen I am wearing my new hair extensions.

And I love them they look so full and bouncy :)

I have also lightened my hair, just a few shades lighter, but I'm very happy with how it has turned out :)

Top Primark
Leggings Ebay
Boots Barratts
Necklace New Look
Ring Primark

My next post should be on Tuesday before my work night out!

I have my hair all done but still not picked a dress!



29 November 2010

White Winter.

The first pictures from my new SLR camera!

I ended up choosing a Nikon 3100.

Its very easy to use but so far I've only done the basics but I will get the hang of it :)

 It has been snowing very heavily since Saturday night

so on Sunday some friends and I decided to go sledging!

Believe it or not I concealing about 6 layers under my hoody :)

I don't have any wellies yet so I opted for my Uggs, which very surprisingly had great grip!

I also wore my favourite jeans with my black Chanel replica hoody.

I wore my head band rather than a hat because I thought I would loose it on the hill.

And I wanted to avoid hat hair as I was heading out for dinner with my friends afterwards.

Head Band Primark
Replica Chanel Hoody Gift
Jeans Vintage
Uggs Primark
Mittens Primark


  The town looked so beautiful under all the snow :)

This park is were I spend most of my childhood.

I also want to get married there because the view is incredible.

 This was my first ... and only ... sledge :(

 Next time I won't take on such a big hill, as I am now suffering with incredibly back pain.

Its still snowing heavily, and getting in and out of the city is difficult to say the least.

So it may be some in door shots until its a little more manageable.

But at least we will have a white Christmas :)


26 November 2010

Glasgow Based Blogs.

Are there any out there?

I have had a search but I can't find any!

So if anyone knows of any please let me know!

I can't upload any photos today as I'm still in bed ill :(

Which sucks I'm dying to play with my new camera! :(

Have a good weekend everyone :)


Cold, Sick, Blogging.

I write to you today from my death bed ... OK not really but I am not very well at all :(

I've been battling the cold since yesterday, and now I am feeling very sick :(

On the Bright Side though ...

I finally got my new camera!!!

So these photos are the last from my little Digital Camera!

The photos are from Tuesday night when Alan and I went to the GFT to see a french film!

"La Journée de la jupe" Or "Skirt Day"

It was very good :)

For the occasion I stole my sister play suit, mainly because I hate everything in my wardrobe at the moment!

I wanted to look a  smart, but not too dressed up for the cinema.

I also wanted to keep warm, as the snow is on its way!

And I simply matched my shoes to my bag :)

Play Suit Stolen From My Sister
Cape Primark
Head Band Primark
Necklace Primark
Ring Kitch In The Sky Pop Up Store
Bag Primark
Shoes Primark

Hopefully I am praying I will feel better tomorow!

Also I will get some photos up from my new camera and I'll tell you more about it!

Sweet Dreams