23 July 2010

Summer Sun, Finally.

 Thursday consisted of cleaning out my room as its being painted at the weekend! Yey!

Not quite what one would wear while cleaning, but I don't believe there is such a thing as dressing down.

 This was just a casual little number, the top, originally a dress which shrunk, was bought in Manchester, I liked it because of the colour and the baggy loose style which I originally thought I could wear over swimsuits at the beach, however no beach this year ... just rain!

I hardly ever wear jeans, but these ones I love, they are high waisted but the trousers are tucked under at the heel so are like denim harem pants! I also love the colour as they are an indigo denim rather than a washed blue denim.

The belt is a little gem which I got for about 50p last year, I love a bargain!

The sandals are my "summer sandals" and I just love them because no one I know has them :D

George at ASDA
New Look
New Look

New Look
King Ollie relaxes as mummy does all the hard work!
I woke up today to the most lovely day, THE SUN IS OUT!!!!! ... and I have the day off work!

Today was my Mum's birthday, so we had arranged a family BBQ and thankfully the weather did not disappoint!

After slapping on some magical fake tan this was the outfit I chose for today!

I bought this maxi dress from the best vintage store in Glasgow!

Its Frank Usher and cost me a measly £28!

I'm not sure which period it is from, I think 70s but I'm not certain. I fell in love with this a moment I saw it.
I love the colour and I'm drawn to anything tacky and a bit out there. It has an amazing flowing fishtail skirt and I do not have the heart to alter it. Its far too beautiful, altering it would be a crime!

This was the first time I have worn it, and it definitely wont be the last.

As the dress is so bold I wore minimal accessories, which was difficult. I love to accessorise.

Frank Usher, Mr Bens
New Look
Christmas Gift

All in all it was a great way to spent the day off work. 

Relaxing with my family, sun bathing (In a maxi dress lol but it don't tan so, basically slept in the sun), a BBQ and general happiness and cheer.

Its about 3 weeks until I go back to college and I'm so excited, this summer has been a HUGE disappointment :( but on the bright side it has convinced me to go travelling next summer!!!!!!

Were to go?

Happy Birthday Mum! 


21 July 2010

Cup Cakes.

So on ... Tuesday ... I went a little trip in to Glasgow to pick up some birthday presents for my mum, sister and a friend of mine.

These are just some photos of the city!
So this was my outfit for the day.

I was going for a rocky look as it was quite dull outside. These are my matte look leggings again, I love love love them! Although in these photos I look huge!!

The pearls are huge and heavy, I got them in my first year at college and I love them but I don't wear them too often, they are gorgeous huh?

I am also wearing one of my favourite items of my WHOLE wardrobe, my Alexander McQueen skull scarf! Its one of the things I would save if my house were to go on fire!



Alexander McQueen

New Look



July in my life is the month of birthdays! 
I have at least 10! My Mums, Sisters, Best friend, Cousins being the most important ones!

It may take all my wages for the month but its good! I love going shopping for presents, I love wrapping them and I love spoiling people, so its all good!


18 July 2010

Sunny Scotland.

So this was Thursday morning ...

Welcome to Scotland! :(

Another day off work so I had decided to take my three little cousins out for the day.

No I have never baby sat before ... lets just say looking after a 5, 8 and 10 year old seemed easy enough to start off with ... but lets just say that its not an activity I will be undertaking again anytime soon ... it was a lot of fun though! :)

I took them to a little place were they have lots of animals from the amazon.

Monkeys, spiders, Lizards, birds, snakes, crocodiles and even bats!!!!

  We done this thing called a "Handling session"

It was awesome, and the kids were so brave!

We got to hold a Snake, Lizard and a Tarantula!

Look at the size of that thing!! I held that! and I have the most awful fear of spiders! but it wasn't bad, I think because it didn't run fast or anything I wasn't frightened, and it was friendly, if spiders can be friendly?

However ... Typical children, they were more interested in the ducks on the way home.

So Friday and Saturday were again filled with two 12pm - 10pm shifts :(

I swear this blog will get better when I'm back at college!!

So today was my little cousins 6th birthday party :)

The sun stayed out for the party and it was just a lovely day with the family ... and 14 screaming kids!!!

So this is what I wore to the party, I was in a rush so I sort of just grabbed whatever I could find!

And then teamed it up with my cape to keep warm.

I wanted to be comfortable because I thought I would have to help out with the kids at the party, thankfully I didn't though. I got a lot of complements about my cape, which is a new favourite to my wardrobe!

The ring I bought was from this gorgeous little shop in China Town in Manchester, if anyone is ever in Manchester definitely go visit the shop, its so cute and has amazing little Chinese trinkets, which I Love!!!



New Look




New Look


China Town

Has anyone seen these new bands?

Apparently they are the new BIG THING in America! They are like bracelets but they come in all different shapes. These are the Princess ones I have ordered but there are loads of different types.

Some of the types I found were:

Happy Birthday!
Farm Animals!
Space Aliens!

Who knew elastic bands could be cute fashion accessories!


14 July 2010

Puppy Love.


Monday was a bit of a wasted day if I'm honest, one of those days were nothing really happens, but on days like that I always like to have a beauty day, so I had a huge big bubble bath :)

Tuesday I had to get up early to go to the doctors, so once I got back I decided to meet my best friend Ween for lunch, so as I was waiting I decided to take some outside shots, the first sunny day in weeks!

My photo shoot was brought to an abrupt end by some builders doing work next door. 

So indoors it was ... I'll get the hang of this photo thing at some point!


I'm not sure of the look I was going for, It was warm so I wanted to wear a dress, and I hadn't worn the Jewellery in a while lol, quite simple, I do really like the dress though :)

So Ween and I went shopping and were I live has some great little charity shops :)
Long story short ... I bought some little roller boots!!!! They are so cute I wish there were still roller discos!!!
 I will load a photo of them in my next post :)

So unfortunately I had to leave my Ween for work :( 


My friend was having a house party after my shift, so not all bad :)

The party was fun :) so fun I didn't venture home till 5am hehe!


This Is my friends dog Mya, Love at first sight!

Excuse the blurry photos lol my friend Ryan needs more practice!