24 December 2010

Happy Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

I hope everyone is in the spirit ... 

and has everything wrapped, because the shops were crazy!

Tonight's blog is just to wish everyone a Merry Christmas Eve and to show you what I have been up!

And the wonderful pre Christmas presents I got from Alan :)

 Works Christmas Lunch :)

I bought this little hair band for myself!

Probably wont surface until the spring,

but its ever so cute.

 These are just some of the presents I got from Alan for Christmas.

 My Alexander McQueen book
which I read every time I go into Urban Outfitters, Now I have one of my own!

Also this amazing photo album for my new camera, its beautiful!

Now every year I get a calendar, and this one makes me laugh so much!

And my little skull rings ... because skulls are hot.

And finally,

The Vivienne Westwood Patent Red Bowling Bag 

Which I have been drooling over for months!

I thinks its safe to say I have an amazing boy in my life :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everone has a great day and santa brings everyone what they want :)

PB .. xox 

20 December 2010

Further Appologies.

Again a lack of posts!

This time due to, looming essay deadlines and oh yes, MORE SNOW!

I am beyond fed up of being trapped in this house!

Bored nothing to do and of course no one to play with!!

However while on LOOKBOOK today

 I have discovered a fantastic new San Fransisco based blog!

I only follow blogs I am really interested in and instantly I love this girls style!

Check her out!

This is the first day of the Christmas break so I will have more posts
... provided the snow lets me out!

Also I am meeting up with my two beautiful best friends in the next 2 weeks
(Since they are murder to get together!)

So I will get some photos from that too!


13 December 2010

Good Cop. Bad Cop.

Since my last post, I literally haven't left the house!

Went in to college on Monday, left half an hour later because the snow was so heavy.

Never made it home from Glasgow until 9:30, A journey that would usually take 20 minuets!

A truly awful day!

I now just want the snow to go away!

Monday to Thursday, The snow closed the motorways and the streets were covered in ice.

In hail of a white Christmas I put my very girly decorations up :)

 So unfortunately my work Christmas night out was cancelled :(

But I did get to go to my Work Experience night out!

Which was lovely! Everyone had a great night and it was great to get to know everyone else!

This is what I wore today!

I had no intention of looking like a cop, but I actually quite like it now :)

 I wore my over the knee boots to keep my feet dry, as I am still waiting for my winter wellies to be delivered!

I also wore the dress simply because it was plain black and I was only jumping down to the town for a little while.

And then with my hat - which I bought because I saw Gaga wearing a similar one, not something I usually base my decisions on, but none the less, its good hat - and my belt the "Copper" look came together.

Hopefully this week will be better than this!

Goodnight Sweet Dreams


6 December 2010

New Hair Extensions.

There is still about 6 inches of snow outside ....

So some indoor shots for now.

These are some pictures last night, nothing special just a little trip to to movies after work.

This was the outfit for the night.

I love this new top, I'm loving Salmon pink just now. Its pink without looking too "girly"

I wore it with my wet look leggings which are in my wardrobe now for the rest of winter!
They add a bit of glitz to the leggings look.

To keep my toes warm I'm wearing my new black over the knee boots! 
Again something I will use almost every day during the winter months.

For my accessories I wore this amazing long draping necklace which I matched to to pink in the top. 

 Also as you can seen I am wearing my new hair extensions.

And I love them they look so full and bouncy :)

I have also lightened my hair, just a few shades lighter, but I'm very happy with how it has turned out :)

Top Primark
Leggings Ebay
Boots Barratts
Necklace New Look
Ring Primark

My next post should be on Tuesday before my work night out!

I have my hair all done but still not picked a dress!