25 February 2011


Happy Birthday to me!

On Wednesday anyway :)

I've been swamped by all my college work and this is when the real work starts

so I will aim to update at least twice a week!

My Birthday Cakes my Mummy Cooked up :D

My Beautiful Topshop coat from the girls at college :D

Thank you so much guys!

My new Alexander McQueen scarf from my truly wonderful boyfriend :D
This was what I wore for my birthday night out in Glasgow.

After hunting the shops for weeks I eventually got this fantastic dress from EBay.

I'm not a fan of the colour, I would have preferred white but the long trailing skirt was what sealed it.

And of course the shoes are fantastic!

Dress Ebay
Belt Primark

Bracelet River Island

Shoes Barratts

Sweet Dreams

PB .. xox

7 February 2011

Fred Perry Polo.

After running later and later this is what I wore to college.

In the end I was actually quite happy with my choice.

For some reason today I was determined to wear these tights.

So the rest of the outfit was based around them.

I opted for the body con skirt as it was windy outside.

I wore my Freddy Perry Polo shirt with it to add some colour but keep in with the look I was going for.

I have had this polo shirt since I was about 14, I Love it!

And I wore my boots rather than shoes to keep my feet dry from the rain.

A comfortable look, which actually worked!

We may have found Sirius's original owners ...

I secretly hope its not them ...

I'm afraid I have fell in love and will miss him :(

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

PB .. xox

6 February 2011

Cats & Shoes. This Ones For Emma.

Sorry no outfits today ...

I don't tend to post any at the weekend as I spend most of it in my work uniform.

However let me introduce you to the newest little member of my rescue family.

This is Sirius.


Hes a tiny little black cat who we found by the road yesterday
 we don't know if hes lost or been abandoned.

I'm not one for rescuing stray cats but I couldn't leave him there.

The search continues for his original owners.

But hes very thin at the moment, so we are looking after him until he is all better.

You won't know from my photos.

But at only 4ft 9in, I'm teeny tiny too.

and getting heels for my size 1 feet is a nightmare!

So for anyone else who struggles with this problem here is a truly wonderful website.

With the most amazing shoes!

Here are some favourites I intend to get at some point!

 These ones are YUMMY!

 These are the ones I already have, and I love them!

Sorry for the poor photos, it was hard to get a good angle.

While writing my post it reminded me of my friend Emma.

Who loves Cats and Shoes :)

So this is her post!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

PB .. xox

3 February 2011

Think Pink.

 Hi, just some quick snaps from last night.

Again I can't get out of the house due to weather!

So some inside shots for now.

 This was the outfit I chose for a little trip to the cinema.

Some fantastic movies out just now because of Oscar season!

The Fighter this time ... Fantastic,  I want to be a boxer now! :D

This is a dress I got about 2 years ago and its one of my favourite!

I think I was drawn to the colour, because this was before pink was such a big thing.
It has a lovely low back and as u can see is very figure hugging, its also very versatile and I'm wearing it now in winter but will continue into Spring/Summer.

I also wore with tights to keep warm, obviously.

I also teamed it up with my beloved Alexander McQueen scarf, and the skull accessories to match.

I love skulls, it makes even the most feminine look a little more edgy.

I kept all other accessories black because I wanted to keep the look simple.

Dress Topshop
Bow Claire's Accessories
Skull Bracelet Topman
Silly Band Sillybandz.com
Ring Edinburgh Dungeons
Scarf Alexander McQueen

PB .. xox