26 March 2011

More Flash Sales Please.

A week end post?


I usually don’t post at the weekend due to work but today Alan and I went a walk as the weather has been nice the past few days.

On Thursday I was in Glasgow and Topshop were having a “Flash” sale

That's were I picked up this amazing cape!!

I’ve had my eye on it for ages but as it was £75, I couldn’t afford it at that point
and thought, well someone will bring out a cheaper one soon
But thank god for the flash sale as I bagged it for just £25!!!
Super happy!

The last one in my size too, it was fate :)

the weather has been nice, but its still a little chilly

I wore my leggings to keep it casual as I didn't want to spend ages getting ready

I love this shirt too its one of my favourite and during spring I wear shirts with everything

I don't think there is must else I can say about this look

its just simple :)

Cape Topshop

Top George @ ASDA

Shirt New Look

Leggings Primark

Necklace Primark

Belt Primark

Bag Max C London

Shoes Primark

Everyone have a lovely weekend

Paula .. x

23 March 2011

Bake Sale Stress.

So today was my class' charity bake sale!

It was a lot of fun and got to know a lot of the girls in my class, which was sweet!

So these are some photos of some of our yummy treats!

So again some shots in my room, which will continue for a little while

as my photographer is in exam mode at the moment!

So this was what I wore as I rushed out the door late again

I wore these trousers as I found them in my wardrobes still tagged

So was looking for an excuse to wear them

I wore this top because it was summery, and the sun was shining today!

I also wore my big 3 fingered ring from yesterdays post, but have lost it already :(

Soooo annoying

 Top Topshop

Trousers New Look

Belt Primark

Ballet Shoes Birthday Gift

I hope everyone has a good night and a good day tomorrow!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

Quicky Snaps.

Hi everyone just a quick post tonight as I've been on the go all day and super tired!

These are just some snaps from yesterdays shopping spree

and today's outfit

(Badly shot, so sorry)

This is an old old photo!

But I really wanted you to see my "emergency dress"

I call it this because when I'm in a hurry for college and have no time, I always just out this on ... because it never fails and I feel comfortable in it.

So Monday, as usual I was running very very late.

So here it is.

Dress ASOS.com

After college I went on a little Primark spree.

As you can probably tell I loveeeee primark.

I have no idea why, I'm a bit of an impulse buyer so maybe its that ...

I'm not stupid, I know its not good quality, and I will splash out for things that are worth it.

I just don't see the point in spending a lot on something that will only last one season.

H&M is another one I love though, amazing quality for the price!

Well done H&M!

Another favourite shop is the charity stores and vintage.

To this day I can't find anywhere that compares to Glasgow's vintage stores!

The west end of Glasgow is simply amazing!

Camden market is amazing too, but I never found anything there so I was very sad :(

And my friend raves about the vintage stores in Amsterdam

So that's the next place on the list!


Vintage ... yes. I also visited my favourite Vintage store in Glasgow.

Mr Bens.

Filled with beautiful and affordable pieces!

And the store owners are simply amazing!

One day I will do a whole post about the stores in Glasgow. 

Next time I am in the West End. Promise.


Mr Bens is were I found this gorgeous baby pink Louis Vuitton scarf :D

Eeeeeeee! Enough said <3

These photos are all my primark finds!


An awful snap but I just wanted you to see my shorts!

and my pink shirt which I love too.

I can't wait for summer!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

20 March 2011

Shuuuut Up.

Today's post I have a few different photos.

First some photos from what I wore last night.

And some snaps of what I got up to today!

 I wore this to my friends St Patricks Day party.

I'm sure shes reading so HI STACEY! :D lol

Of course I wore this adorable green skirt to tie in with the theme 

I wore it with this amazing little bodysuit!

I will wear this bodysuit often now, and with everything, shorts, skirts, jeans, under tops and dresses everything!

I love bodices and body suits! I hate bras so it keeps the girls in check and makes all your bumps and lumps smoother!

 I kept accessories to a minimum and just wore my little Chanel bracelet.

Body Suit Primark

Skirt Dorothy Perkins

What do you think of my Gaga-Esq hair?

I got the hang of it from some YouTube tutorials!

I love it tho and will wear it more often.

As well as my Gaga bow, I also sat today and messed about with some new styles!

I'm getting good at it!

 The fishtail braid!

everyone should learn to do this for the summer.

I have no idea why the underside of my hair is so much darker!

Back to college tommorow, Thank god!

Sweet dreams everyone.

Paula .. x

18 March 2011

Leather Studs and Jesus.

Good Morning!

Ok, so, Blogging is now taking over my life!

I am now running a Chictopia and LOOKBOOK account, getting more addicted by the second, as well as trying to run this blog!

Its hard work!

 I don't have any intentions of being a full time blogger, I mean I love it, but looking at great bloggers like The Blonde Salad,

I wouldn't want to work that hard at this age.

I still want to have fun, and want to work until I'm reeeeeeaaaaally old, plenty of time!

Anyway, todays choice.

(Again inside shots because its dark and cold outside)

I wore this for a day out with the boys, perhaps why I chose the jeans and the faux leather waistcoat.

Its Butch! lol.

I actually had a wardrobe clearout and was throwing this out, but I saw it at the top of the pile and thought

hmmmmm ...

So its returned to the wardrobe :)

I wanted to stay comfortable but I teamed the matching shoes and belt so I felt a little like a girl!

Waistcoat Primark

Top Primark

Jeans Primark

Belt Zara

Shoes Primark

Ring Topman

Bow Market Stall

 Oh yes and no "Girl" is complete without some pink nail polish!

So the sun is shining today so hopefully I can get some snaps :)

Paula .. x

14 March 2011

Weekend In Aberdeen.

So lots and lots of photos tonight!

I've spent the weekend in Aberdeen ... which was fun :)

These photos are what I wore Friday Saturday and Sunday
... and some of my purchases when there :)


Dress H&M

Jeans Primark

Belt Ebay

Turban Indian Shop

Scarf Primark

Necklace New Look

Boots Primark

 Dress Internacionale

Necklace Primark

This Is what it takes to keep me alive for a day ... lol.

How amazing is this dress ... £15 and in stores NOW!

Dress H&M

Top Urban Outfitters

Shorts H&M

Necklace Gift

Bracelet Primark

My obsession with skulls continues ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x