30 April 2011

New Bag = Happy Face.


I look like a wee granny in to days outfit

This is what I wore yesterday before heading in to work for the night

Vest H&M

Skirt Topshop

Necklace Dorothy Perkins

Belt Primark

Shoes River Island

Cardigan Primark

Bag Ebay

I'm currently getting ready but I'd like to take a moment for something serious ...

Cosmetic animal testing

after seeing a window display in LUSH I discovered
that there is to be a 2013 EU ban on cosmetic animal testing

This is something I am really passionate about

I am disgusted that only 50,000 names have signed a petition to stop this cruel and disgusting testing

Please if this is something you care about too and want to save the lives of thousands of of animals each year

go on to ...

and sign the petition!

I am going to do a big post around this soon and I am going to stop using cosmetics which test on animals

I already do it with shampoo and I eat free range food, so cosmetics is the next step!

My sisters big dog Keiko

Japanese for Adorable, If you seen her when she was a pup you'd understand :)

Everyone have a great night

Paula .. x

I Wasn't Too Drunk.

Its such a shame these photos were out of focus!

But I've made the best of it

This was what I wore yesterday to college

It was lovely and sunny again!

The day before I wore these shorts in brown, so I opted for these black ones so I wasn't wearing them two days in a row

3 years at college and I have never worn the same outfit twice

I'm proud of that :) haa

I bought this cute pink top and my little horsey belt the day before
and I think this top will come out a lot in my summer collection

I wore my printed body suit underneath to add a little more depth to the outfit

Outfit All Primark

These were some of my other purchases of the day :)

This necklace is from TOPMAN!

I know men are becoming for fashion comfortable, but this takes the piss ...

I love Topman jewellery, I hardly ever buy freedom jewellery
but I always raid the Topman shelves

Since all our course work was handed in Alan and I  decided to celebrate

We met up with my friend Jen in Glasgow for a few drinks and a dance :)

And this is what I wore ...

I decided to build my outfit around my new bag

I've been dying to wear this skirt since I bought it, but white skirts can go either way

I kept the colours simple and I added this amazing little belt bag for easy access to my camera

I hope these belt begs really kick off, I love love love them!

The heels are only small, which I like, I can't walk in heels

and there is nothing worse than seeing girls walking around in heels they can't handle


Top Vintage

Skirt Topshop

Belt Primark

Bag Primark

Shoes New Look

Jewellery Primark

A new outfit to come tomorrow :)

Sweet Dreams Everyone

and thank you all so much for all the lovely comments I have been getting :)

Paula .. x

27 April 2011


Remember that time I said that I didn't really like the pleated maxis?

I told you they would grow on me!

 I bought this maxi today on the way to college. I originally wore a mini pleated skirt

but I just felt uncomfortable right away, good old trusty primark is on my walk to college :)

Today's outfit was simple, I was late as usual and grabbed whatever was there!

I love this little top so versatile and I do love things that show off the abs, its so classic!

My hair also seems go have settled!

Please keep it that way little hair fairies!

 Top Primark

Skirt Primark

Necklace Primark

In case you may not have realised, I love jewellery, and rings have become an obsession this year!

not sure if its just me but as you can see I've got tons of them

Oh and ... that's my Graded Unit project handed in!!
Just a presentation to go and college is over!

Both a good and bad day as I also found out today that I didn't get in to my first choice university!

All is not lost though, everything happens for a reason,
and I got my second choice which is still a fantastic school!

I don't care were I go! As long as I get at least a year away from here!

Had a few hard years here, and with my two best friends and Alan potentially moving away too,

I've nothing to stay here for ...

I'm super excited though!

I used to be terrified of new things, I still am to an extent, but I can't wait for all the new experiences :D

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

25 April 2011

Easter Monday Bank Holidays.

Today is ANOTHER Bank Holiday

With Easter (Btw, I hope the Easter bunny treated everyone) and the Royal Wedding

The schools and colleges are only in for 8 days in April!

and it is a right royal pain in the bum!

Work is mobbed and whenever I'm off all my friends are working :(

I hate being bored, I need to be constantly on the move and occupied!

Today consisted of waking up and lazing about until Alan had to go to work :(

I got these shorts after seeing the ones that Topshop had, and they were beautiful,

I opted for these instead because I don't think I suit shorts so I didn't wan to spend a lot on them when I probably will never wear them.

I teamed it up with this cream dress, simply because it was the first thing I found, but I really like the shoulders pads :)

I'm wearing cream pumps and my favourite nude sunglasses :)

Dress Next

Shorts Primark

Belt Primark

Necklace Primark

Sun Glasses Primark

Back to reality tomorrow until Friday,

The Royal Wedding!

I can't wait to see Kate's dress!

Paula .. x

22 April 2011

Maxi Skirt Madness.

Today a post from yesterdays outfit!

An outfit inspired from the girls in my fashion class

The girls all had floral maxis though, I don't know if I could pull that off ... :(

Clearly enjoying my photo shoot ... lol

These photos were taken out my back garden as we had went out for dinner

and by the time we got home it was quite cold

so my garden acts as a wind barrier 

As I said I went for my maxi skirt and I only have black ones

So I added the pink top to add a splash of colour

also the neck line complements my hair

I am aware that my hair is a different colour on top

I have said before I have no idea why this happens!

My little cousin pointed it out to me, kids are brutal ... :)

Maxi Primark

Top Urban Outfitters

Jacket Zara

Bag Primark

Scarf Primark

Necklace Primark

I'm writing today's post as my mum makes dinner, after which I need to get back to getting my college work done

My final project is finished and due in on Wednesday

Then the worst part is over!


I can't believe that's college almost over!

Everyone have a good weekend!

Paula .. x

21 April 2011

Still A Summer Goth.

Blogging from college today, how exciting!

That's my final project finished! :D

Just have to hand it in on Wed then I can relax for a bit!


Sun is still shinning away in Glasgow and once I'm done hear I shall go enjoy it!

These are some shots from yesterday before I headed into work :(

You can tell how warm it is if I can wear my bare legs without dying of hypothermia!

This is an old dress and I love it, although yesterday I wasn't happy with it at all!

I am like a goth in all my dark colours! I am aware that it is summer!

I like this dress because pleats are very in right now

but I don't particularly like the pleated maxi skirts, I have no idea why tho!

They will probably grow on me!

Dress Primark

Sun Glasses Primark

Yesterday the girls in my fashion class all had their maxi skirts on

so that's inspired my outfit for today

Which you shall see later :)

Have a sweet day everyone!

Paula .. x

19 April 2011

Peter Kay Thing.

Last night I went to see comedian Peter Kay at the SECC

I've had the tickets for 18 months

and it was well worth the wait

He was amazing!


Top Primark

Waistcoat H&M

Jeans Vintage

Sandals New Look

Rings Edinburgh and Topshop

Everything Primark

Ah boys will be boys ...

I told my friends Callum and Steve about the blog

And told them I'd say hi!

Hi Guys! :)

Going to get myself ready and try a new hairstyle!

Sweet Dreams Everyone

Paula .. x