31 May 2011

I Should Be Sleeping.

Ahh its so late so just a quick Hi then Bye!

Just letting you see my recent purchases :)

Yesterday Alan and I went shopping to find him a suit for his Graduation Ball next week

The suit is beautiful! The suits on the high street are really fantastic and Topman have done well!

But you will have to wait for the photos to see it ;)

These are my first CRUELTY FREE cosmetics :D


I'm so excited to try them out!

GOSH are cosmetics I have always liked so when I discovered they were cruelty free I was over the moon!

I just never bought the foundations because I loveeeeee the foundation I use just now

... but sorry Maybelline ... I love the wee bunnies more!

It was wonderful while it lasted ... but I'm moving on

I also got these ... I'm not sure wither or not to keep them ... What do you think?

I have seen loads of bloggers with them

and I love the American Flag ... Just not 100%

All from the New Look sale :)

So I was very happy, but I think I will have to return the pink body suit

its a size 8 but huge!

But the black is a size 6 and fits like a dream

And again more Top man jewellery!

I loveeeeeee :D

I have been in work every night since Saturday

Stupid Hangover Part II!

But hopefully I will get a post up tomorrow

If I don't have to get into work again!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

28 May 2011

Big Bows Rock.

So last night was Alan's first night back from exams

since he has finished his masters degree
hes freaking out because he is now a full time bum lol

Ahh being a student is sweet!

 This is what I wore out for dinner

and then we went over to a friends for a few beers and some chat

It was a fun Friday night,but now back to reality and work :(

Hangover II opening weekend ... Argh!

Please ignore my very noticeable short/long hair divide :(

It was a bad hair day!

I was already running late so I chose my old faithful bodysuit

with my black jeans to keep it casual but black jeans are less casual than blue jeans
So it think black jeans are acceptable for dinner :)

Its quite a rocky look with my red lippy

but I wore my bow to make it a little softer ... and also my hair was being disobedient!

Jacket Zara

Bodysuit Primark

Jeans H&M

Belt Primark

Bag EBay

Bow H&M

Rosary Beads Stall in Glasgow

Everyone Have Nice Saturday :)

Paula .. x

26 May 2011


Absolutely nothing interesting to say today ...

Do I ever say anything interesting?

Well actually, got my final grade today!

And got what I need to get in to Uni :D


Top New Look

Jeans H&M

Belt Primark

Shoes New Look

So Alan is finished his exams tomorrow, so ...

I don't know whats happening, if we will do something or not

at this point I'm too stressed/exhausted/grumpy to move!

Hopefully once studying is done life will become more exciting!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

25 May 2011

Suit Up.

Today is finally the day!

Final presentation done! :D

Now only 3786395 reports ans assessments to finish :(

Its still almost over :D

Shirt Giles Deacon for New Look

Headband Dorothy Perkins

So as the presentation was an assessment we had to dress quite formal

so this is my take on a girly suit :)

I think its very cute

and my friend said I looked like someone in gossip girl

If only I looked like Blake or Leighton <3

Shirt H&M

Playsuit Primark

Tomorrow consists of yet more assessments!

and hopefully I will finish another of my reports!

So so so much to do!

and I don't help myself much buy taking on more and more responsibilities!

stupid Paula!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

23 May 2011

Retail Therapy.

So today I had to leave college because I wasn't feeling very good

So I am all tucked up in bed in my onesie with choccies :)

The weather has been unreal today

Winds like I've never seen before

and all the trains are cancelled because of it

wtf? Scotrail can't cope with any weather changes!

These are today's purchases :D

you know, to make me feel better :)

I LOVE this dress!

I'm loving this fruity trend just now, and I don't really follow trends much

I don't really think clothes go out of date!

but I could get on board with this one!

The structure and shoulders are fantastic!

I finally got these in the colour I wanted :D

<3 :) 

My aunt got me this from holiday, and she doesn't know about Paul's Boutique

so she got me it because its my initial

and I think its sooo cute, I don't care what anyone else thinks!

This is very Katy Perry :)

and the bag!


I don't really like these bags just now, just not my style

but this one jumped on my arm as soon as I seen it

I love the alternative green to the browns/blacks that are around!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

To The Pub.

A night out tonight with my friends as I had the day off work

I'm gona miss these guys when I leave

had alot of people leave this year

and I hope I dont lose these guys!

 Top George At ASDA

Jacket New Look

Jeggings H&M

Scarf H&M

Bag Ebay

Shoes Diechman

This is Debs :)

Shes such a babe and this is her first outfit post ;)

and part of Myles taking my photos was that he got a Hi :)

Hi Myles 

Check Out His Blog Too :)

Oh and Daniel :)

Hi Daniel :)

Have a good Sunday Night Everyone :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

17 May 2011

90210 Time.


Ahhh, just one week and the hard part is over!

I've seen a few of the British blogs, and I think everyone is in the boat!

Stay strong guys its almost over!

Anyway, another day were I slept in

I frustrate myself so much!

I was simply running into town to run a few errands,

but that turned into lunch with my managers at work
... or my friends ;) ... Promotion? 8-)

Either way it was fun.

and a great relief from studying!

Dress Topshop Basics

Skirt Primark

Belt Primark

Earrings Primark
I painted them with black nail polish :)
its a great little trick! 

I don't think I will have a post tomorrow

Straight to college from work, so I dunno if I will have any time

Everyone have a great day!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

16 May 2011

Oh Summer Were Art Thou.

Excuse me Mr Sunshine, but it is now June, were are you!

I'm quite fed up with rain rain rain!


So today I was running late AGAIN!

I don't think have made it in for 9am at all this year!

So this was what I wore ...

I'm sorry about the inside shots, just as I haven't seen Alan I have to photographer to hand


This is a simple look, first dress I have worn in a little while, the shorter hair makes me feel like a boy

I think my extensions are making a return tomorrow :)

I made the look a little more exciting with the hat
which was great to save my hair from the rain 

but I think my accessories were my favourite thing,
I am loving the whole masses of rings thing happening just now!

Dress Customised H&M

Hat H&M

Belt Primark

Necklace Topman

Cross Ring Topman

Rings Miss Selfridge and Edinburgh Dungeons

The pictures were taken after college today

and then I changed into my study gear

So I took a snap because it made me laugh :)

Such a slob :)

Jumper New Look

Bow Dorothy Perkins

The following is some of my recent purchases!

Some things I'm not sure about keeping ...

What should I do?

Keeper :) George at ASDA

Keeper :) H&M

Unsure :S Primark 

 Unsure :S Primark

 Unsure :S Primark

Unsure :S New Look ...
I think the colour looks cheap ...

LOVE My Princess Diana Ring <3

Hopefully soon I will start to feel like myself again!

Do you ever have those weeks were your already totally stressed anyways
but then your hair and makeup decide to wind you up more
and you hate everything in your wardrobe!
and you can't understand why you have so many clothes
and spent so much money on them
yet you have NOTHING to wear!!!!!

no just me?


I hope everyone else is having a great week :)

and not too stressed with exams!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x