30 June 2011

New Updo.


I have 15 mins before I meet Alan

I have to stop rushing posts!

At the moment its just work work work!

Which is good for money for moving out ... but its tough!

I'm sweeepy :(

I keep forgetting to take photos when I'm out
but the good news is I have fixed my camera :D

This is what I wore, on Monday ...

anyways we went for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants :)

and this has been adapted as my new hairdo!

I'm at a stage right now were I hate my real hair, and I'm not liking my extensions either!

but I like this!

I've said it like a million times I love being able to just throw your hair up and it still looks nice!!

Bodysuit New Look

Skirt Primark

Belt Primark

Scarf Alexander McQueen

Earrings Primark

Ring Primark

I love these earrings!

I love my skulls and I've never been a fan of danglers but with ones this these I could get on board :D

Last night was my best friend Clare's 21st!

So I will get the photos up of that 

and hopefully we will get some photos today in my Topshop sale discoveries ;)

Have a lovely day everyone!

Paula .. x 

24 June 2011

Merry Go Round.

A very quick post today as I start work in ... 14 minuets!



We went to the Zoo on Tuesday In Edinburgh :)

And it was fun ...

Although It rained for 12 hours!

my patience is gone with his weather!

This was the only photo I got of what I wore!

but my tench coat was a godsend!

and I was so glad I opted for putting my hair up!

Trench Coat Charity Shop

Leather Blazer Zara

Belt Primark

Last night was my friends birthday night out


and we had a great night :)

This is what I wore as I had just got the dress that day

but I hated it, we went to this gorgeous restaurant in Glasgow 

and when I walked in like this I just felt so out of place!

I don't really do conservative or classy, maybe that's due to the big hair, or the fake tan ...

so  I consumed much acohol to make myself feel better :)

Dress Topshop (Ebay)

Belt Primark

Necklace Primark

And so we move on to today!

Hangover free Alan and I went for lunch before work :)

I have no idea why the photos are so grainy :S

So apologies but you can still make out whats going on!

This dress is another which just arrived from Ebay ... for having no money I am going Ebay crazy!

Dress Topshop (Ebay)

Jeans Primark

Jacket Zara

Belt Primark

Earrings Primark

Bag Ebay

So hi hoe its off to work I go :(

I hope everyone else has a great Friday night!!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

21 June 2011

100th Post.


100 posts already!

I only just realised otherwise I may have done a special post!

but what could be more special than my friends photo shoot

my friend Emma recently asked me if I would let her take some photos for her blog

So of course I did

These photos are the results :)

The shoot was 70s inspired

which I have already said before I love this look so I was thrilled

I went for the Hippie look and my friend Deborah who also took part

went for a more stylish 70s look

I Loveeeee!

My outfit is all Primark, but its all seasons old!

I'm wearing eye make up!

I never do that, but I think my smokey eyes are OK for a first attempt

and I may try out my 70s inspired hair again too :)

To see some more photos of the day please check out Emma's Blog!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x

20 June 2011

Set Up 70s.

I have had such a lovely day :)



Here is a wee sneak peak of tomorrows post

These are the behind the scenes photos from my friend Emma's photo shoot

I'm off to the Zoo tomorrow!

Considering a jungle themed outfit ...

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x

19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day.

Hi Everyone

No outfits today!

I'm just home from work and have just thrown on my sponge bob jammies :)

Anyways today is just a tribute to the two most amazing men to grace my life :)

My Daddy :)

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

And my Uncle Dud

Thank you for being more than an Unlce :)

I'm exited for tomorrow

Its hopefully my last day off college!

and then I'm meeting the girls for a "Photo Shoot"

Which you shall hopefully see tomorrow :)

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x 

16 June 2011

Star Wars Hair.

I tried out a new hair do yesterday ...

I've seen it done loads so decided to give it a go

I think I like it but I'm not sure!

What do you think?

I was told it looks like Star Wars hair

... which Alan loves ...

This is what I wore to go see the new Green Lantern film at work

The Movie?

Hmmm lets just say its good you've got Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to drool over

The story's not up to much :(

Which is sad because I was really excited about it!

Shirt New Look

Jeans H&M

Belt Primark

Necklace Primark

Ring Miss Selfridge

This nail polish is from George at ASDA!

They're stuff is amazing and LOVE this colour!

I have coated over one hand with glitter and then forgot to take it off, I look silly!

You do have to put on about 5 coats ... but the outcome looks great

and at a £1 its worth a wee go!

I'm just heading off to work now :(

I'm moving back home tomorrow so I might be a little busy to post

Sweet Dreams Everyone

Paula .. x

14 June 2011

H&M, I Love You.

So today I was really grumpy, due to sleepiness and exam stress

not even a Nandos with my friends helped!

Who by the way donated blood today and I am so proud of them!

Well done guys!

Its a shame I can't give blood because I'm under weight
(Which I am a little thankful for as I'd love to do it
but the sight of blood makes me dizzy)  

However my bad mood was sent away to the vault when I ventured into H&M on a whim

and there it was ... the sale!

I LOVE sales, I don't get these people who don't shop in sales?

I get that its hard and at times a little dangerous, but is it sick that I get a buzz from that?

Especially the River Island sale ... I have almost lost limbs in there

and I avoid the opening day of the Topshop sales ... wayyyyy  to dangerous!

So these were my findings and I am so happy :)

This is beautiful in reality

photo doesn't do it justice

Ha ha

What do we think of this electric blue number?

It looks good on ... we'll see

If I don't wear it in the next 2 weeks I will return it to Primark!

Now I hated these when they were in Topshop ...
But I have changed my mind for some reason

Maybe to do with this whole Indian trend right now

I dunno, again If I don't wear them then back they go!

Now this H&M dress below was the reason I was so happy!

I've bought it a few times and then returned it because of the size!

So then last week I went to buy it and they had no 6s

So I thought It wasn't meant to be!

Then when I went in today not only was it reduced to £7!!!!

But the very first one I touched was a 6!

Definitely fate and I almost screamed with happieness!

It still doesn't fit but I will just get it altered

This is the only shot of today's outfit as I slept as soon as I got home from town!

I love my Gaga Glasses, No I don't wear them indoors

I just wanted you to see them :)

Bodysuit Primark

Skirt Primark

Belt Intenacionale

Necklace Topman

Glasses Primark

I have a portfolio and an essay to write tomorrow ...

but I do have to go to Tesco for cheese ... Ah the life of a housewife :)

So I may have a new post ... may not

We'll see :)

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x