27 July 2011

Alans New Camera.

So today, yet again I went home after only 3 hours at work!

But I'm working 12 - 10 shifts from now till Sunday!

So I will make up my hours :)

Alan and I went for a day in the park

and he wanted to take out his new camera!

He got a Canon 550D

Its amazing!

but I still love my little Nikon :)

Lots of different shots today!

Alan took loads but these were some of my favourites :)

It was like 24 degrees today and everyone was looking at me for wearing leather

but I'm always cold!!

Again my hair is in a middle shed as I didn't have time to re wash it
but I do love this 70s inspired doo!

Despite my forehead being about a foot long!

I chose this dress to keep cool but casual for walking around all day

and I added my faux leather blazer to avoid it looking to nautical
which I don't like

Dress Topshop

Blazer Zara

Sunglasses Primark

Necklace Topman

Bracelet H&M

Bag Primark

Aww they love each other :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

26 July 2011

Grey Tulips.

Ahhh yet another cancelled shift today :)

I am going to have no money in August!

but ho wants to work the only 3 days of the year Scotland gets sunshine?

Today I went for lunch with my friend Claire from school

I haven't seen her in ages so we had a great little picnic!

Well, we ate subways in the sun

It was good :)

I love this Tulip skirt! Its so flattering and feminine

I'm not a fan of light grey though so sometimes I don't know what to wear it with!

I also don't like my hair like this as I don't like my forehead
it's big and my face just looks better with a fringe

but I couldn't find any dry shampoo today so I had to put it back

I am really starting to like my hair like this too :)
I've got so many complements on it but I might buy some more blonde extensions just to lighten it up a little!

I will definitely go back to blonde eventually though :)

Top Vintage

Skirt New Look

Necklace Topman

Ring Topman

Alan is in England for the day today

so I'm spending my boyfriend free day preparing Uni stuff :)

and looking up prices for a little trip to London

there I go spending more money!!

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x 


Today I went into Glasgow

and we ventured into Americandy in the off chance they had Twinkies!


I've never tried one and have always wanted to!

and it was yummy :)

My friend Fraser bought 10 ... I didn't like them THAT much lol!

Who remembers Ice Cream Chewits?

Man they are AWESOME!


I may be having a sugar rush ...

So Alan Finnally got his camera too!

I'm sure the next few posts will be from his camera!

Hes so cute and been super excited about finally getting his camera

after a year of dragging me into Jessops every week!

He went for a Canon

Now commences the Nikon vs Canon battle of the cameras!


and, shame on me, I went shopping!

I really am skint beyond belief

But I'm happy with my purchases!

Although I think I will return the Rosie Red Bolero

and just wait for the original H&M to come up on EBay!

No Posts tomorrow as I am working another 11:30 - 9:30!

Ahhh I hate my job!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Paula .. x

24 July 2011

Lovely Bones.

Thank you to Lilly Melrose for my nail inspiration!

Yesterday, like today was lovely

and I spent the day out in the garden with my family

which I'm loving at the moment as I only have another few weeks at home!
(In case I haven't mentioned that 6million times already!!!!!)


I didn't get photos of what I wore because I went to the pub with the boys
which then turned into a nightclub in town!

Note to self: Do not try to keep up with 5 boys drinking!

This is what I wore today out in the glorious sunshine!

I'm so happy that its been nice and I can wear a dress without freezing to death!

I think the photos have come out well!

Well done to my little sister!

Dress Primark

Hat River Island

Belt Primark

Necklace Primark (I Think)

Shoes Primark

Bag Stolen from Sister

Tomorrow Alan is finally going to get his camera!

I will let you know what he gets and if its any good :)

Hopefully more of today's weather!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x