30 October 2011

What To Do.

Sorry guys for the lack of posts

but in all honesty I've not been myself at all recently

Just feeling run down
I'm stressed with uni
and some family stuff
and I miss my friends
and Alan
and Alfie ...
and in general everything is just a bit sucky at the moment!

I promise I will drag myself out of the dark mood THIS WEEK!

and hopefully get back in control!

I made an surprise visit home this week!

Halls is no fun at the weekend as everyone heads home!

but I haven't done much because all my friends are working!

which sucks ... but I miss work! Not working sucks!

Happy Halloween!

This is my favourite favourite favourite time of year!

and this is the first year I haven't done anything!!

We are however having a Galaween party in halls on Monday!

Which I am so excited about!

we are gona Trick or Treat round our rooms!

So I have some new followers!!! HI GUYS! :D

and I want to ask anyone reading for some help!

I can't decide wither or not to change the layout of writing on my blog or not?

Should I have photos then writing?

Or keep it a is it?

Is it difficult to read this way?

or do you like it?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

26 October 2011

A Visit To Cambridge.

This weekend I went down to visit Alan in Cambridge!

We had a lovely time and it was so good to see him as I've missed him loads

Cambridge is an amazing place

loads of beautiful architechure

but the shoppings not as good as Glasgow!

Oh yeah, I'm blonde again ... Yey!

The reason for the lack of posts is still due to the shit Internet here

and a lot of uni work

but after Thursday I should be free again for a few days!

and its almost Halloween

My Favourite Time of Year!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

18 October 2011


So ordered my hair extensions and hopefully they will arrive on Thursday!

and then I will be blonde again :D

Decided to keep the side fringe for now though

maybe go full when it grows a bit longer

after saying yesterday that I was going to avoid the dress, leather, tights. combo

I have done it again!

This is one of my favourite dresses!

I got it from ASOS like 2 years ago and I've never seen anyone with it!

Which I like :)

I wore my hair band just to do a little something different with my hair until Thursday!

I love new hair extensions!

However, HATIN the lighting in my room!

I have no idea what to do about it!

I hate taking in door shots but have no one to do it :\ 

Dress ASOS

Leather Jacket Zara

Hair Band Dorothy Perkins

Rings Edinburgh Dungeons, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins
Tomorrow I am venturing out of halls and heading to the cinema!
Hopefully it won't make me miss home tooooo much

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

17 October 2011

Hair Hell.


Finally back!
Been MIA the past few days
due to living in Student halls with extremely shit Internet!

and due to extremely shit hair I haven't been up for having my photo taken

on the upside I think I am ordering new hair extensions this week
so hopefully I will feel back to normal again!

speaking of hair extensions, I was expecting to get new ones in December

but my hair currently looks ratty

So I am faced with a dilemma ...

1) New hair extensions but maintain the ombre hair?
2) New extenions but go back to blonde?


3) Do I keep this fringe?
4) Go back to my full fringe?


should I base the colour on the fringe I choose?

any advice would be very appreciated

Currently hating all my clothes at the moment to

I need to get out of this whole

Tights. Dress. Leather Jacket. Done.

rut that I'm currently trapped in!

Dress New Look

Belt Internacionale

Necklace Topman

Bracelet H&M

I'm now off uni for the next few days :)

but I can't go home as I'm off down to Cambridge for the weekend on Friday :D

I'm so excited!!

I can finally get some decent photos instead of these badly lit tripod shots

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

11 October 2011

Love Mustard.


I got this shirt in my recent New Look sale spree!

As I'm so tiny it fits me as a dress, which I prefer over it being a shirt
there is just so much going on with the selves and neckline
that its kept more simple as a dress

Last night my two best friends and Iwent for dinner as my best friend moves to Spain for the year next week

I was proud I didn't cry!

I can't handle goodbye, so I'm not treating it as a goodbye :)

So I got the three of us these little BFF bracelets :)

Dress New Look

Shoes New Look

BFF Bracelet Claires Accessories

Tomorow I venture back to Gala ... eugh :\

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

10 October 2011

Home and Loving It.

So its been an interesting week

first whole weekend in Gala was a disaster

so this weekend I am home :)

I love it, I love being surrounded by familiar faces and places!

Although Alfie is driving my insane!
one minuet hes all happy to see me and all cuddles
the next hes hissing at me
then hes all over me and won't leave me alone!
eugh worse than a child!

I bought this top after seeing Caroline Flack wearing something similar

now I'm not one for copying what celebs are wearing

but I have a serious addiction with her at the moment

I love her style

she and Olly Murs should definitely make some gorgeous babies

Top Topshop

Necklace Primark

Belt Primark

I went a shopping spree in Glasgow on Saturday

which was soooo weird going without a boyfriend!

I have no one to go to Nandos with!

All the clothes are from New Look

The teen bit was amazing!

The little leopard print dress I was going to buy from Topshop, and I really don't like one shouldered things but for £7 rather than £26 from Toppers
I'll just make sure I wear something over it

Tomorrow I am having dinner with my two best friends!

Its the last supper before my best friend moves to Spain for a year :'(

so it will be emotional to say the leaste!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

4 October 2011

Iconic Primark.

I don't think I've blogged about this dress before!

which is mad seen as I wear it all the time!

This is another one of my "Iconic" Primark dresses

from when Primark designed they're own stuff
instead of copying everything from the high street

I will wear this for years and years

I originally hunted everywhere for it  and had given up
when a friend of mine gave me it for my birthday!

and thank god she did :)

Dress Primark

Necklace New Look

Tights Primark

Socks Dance Shop

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

3 October 2011

Studded Shrug.

Stupid ripped tights!

Shirt New Look

Shrug Primark

Shorts H&M

1 October 2011

Summer 2.0.

Yesterday was another lovely weather day :)

I headed into Gala with one of the girls on my floor

Still only seen a little part of the town and still can't find the McDonald's

So more exploring today :)

I have this dress in both colours

its one of my all time favourite dresses

Primark used to have some great dresses and I still keep them
and for the ones that sold out I still search eBay everyday until one crops up
which is what I done with this one after I got it in blue

Dress Primark

Jacket Zara

In Gala there are tons of charity shops, and as its a student village

where 90% of the students are fashion students

there are bound to be some beauts!

Like these two dresses I got!

This is gorgeous but so unlike something I would usually like

I don't like one shoulders

I don't like puffball skirts

I don't  like red and pink

So why do I love this dress?

This dress I was already bidding for on EBay

So getting it for £2.49 made my whole day!

and then the shoes! <3

no explanation needed!


Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x