29 November 2011

Lovin Lilac.

Top Vintage

Hat New Look

Boots New Look

Necklace Market Stall

Some quick photos today, I was travelling from Gala, and well looked like shit when I got in. Then I slept and now I can't sleep :\

Today I had my first uni presentation, a group one.
They are crap and I'm glad that's the only group one I have to do, there is always someone who doesn't pull their weight, and there is always tension.
Its especially rough since I've went straight into third year and I've never done a group presentation before.
So I felt really useless and way more stressed than I probably needed to.
So I'm just relieved it over.
Now to work on my next presentation. 

Graduation tomorrow :)
I can't wait to see the guys from college,
I'd give anything to be back at college, or at least have my friends at uni with me lol

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

27 November 2011

Lilac Lippy and Hat Belts.

Top H&M

Skirt Primark

Belt (Hat Belt)

Earrings Tammy

Rings Edinburgh Dungeons & Topman

Top Topshop

Ring Topman

So been MIA yet again, but the Internet here is a hit or miss and decides only to work sometimes!

These are just some outfits from this week, off home for a few days for my graduation so definitely some photos from that :)

I'm rushing this post before misfits finishes and I need to go to bed early as I have my first presentation tomorrow, I can't wait for it to be done! Although there was a big spider in my room earlier so I'm not looking forward to tonight!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

24 November 2011

No I'm Not Cold.

Dress H&M

Belt Primark

Boots New Look

Rings Edinburgh Dungeons and Primark

I'm back I'm back!
From Friday till literally 2 hours again I was ramming my way through a huge business report.So I haven't been out or days, and the funs not over yet still working solidly until at least next week! So you know were I am guys! Unfortunately the blog has to sit on the back burned for uni ... sigh ...

Anyways. took on two fears today.
1) Wearing heels casually
2) Wearing bear legs!
I  always wear flats because I think girls who wear heels just or the sake of it look like idiots. Then you have girls who wear bare legs when its freezing and I think "God your dumb". I must have got asked a million times today "are you not cold?" and actually I wasn't, which is odd because usually I am always cold. odd.

I got so many compliments on this outfit today
(probably cause no ones seen me dressed or a week)
which was lovely but I get all embarrassed! lol I always say thank you, cause theres nothing worse that someone who can't take a compliment. but yeah I do, get embarrassed, its still nice though :)

Back to work again tomorrow on the next thing.
As of the 9th of December I am free for a month!
... 15 Days! ...
but whos counting?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

15 November 2011

Glitter Alfie Boots.

I'm sure you have all seen these Miu Miu Glitter Ankle boots
I have been in love since I first seen them!

And so it was only a matter of time until the high street caught up!

I haven't yet seen any that look to similar to the Miu Mius
However I do love this pair that New Look are offering us

So when a friend of mine bought the New Look booties

I was sooooooooo disappointed!
(My stupid small fee that mean I can't buy normal shoes)

But then I thought ... I can make those ... and so I did!

Don't worry the glue has dried clear!

So here they are a few coats of glue and glitter later!

I am so happy!

and quite proud if I do say so myself!

My Alfie as you know is a jet black cat, but her wears a gold glittery collar!

Hence, they are my Alfie ankle boots!

Back to Gala tomorrow, wahhhhh

I just want this semester over!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

9 November 2011

Polka Dot Princess.

Today has been a good day!

I usually hate Wednesdays because I hate my class
and I'm pretty sure my lecturer hates me!
tbh if I pass this semester it will be a miracle :\

But none the less still a good day :)

maybe to do with the fact that I am going home tomorrow for 6 days

Top F&F

Shorts Primark

Belt Primark

Earrings Topshop

So like I said I go home tomorrow for a few days!

So I shall try to get some post up as I have a few parties!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

8 November 2011

Real Hair, Feels Fake.

So the weather in Gala, has plummeted!

Scotland is so frustrating, you have to wrap up warm so it means if you wake up and feel like wearing a certain thing, you can't because you will freeze to death

and your hairs always a mess because it rains and is windy EVERY DAY!

I don't know how Scottish bloggers can look so good
where the hell in Scotland do they live?

Anyways today I have worn my, real hair, no hair extensions, ahhhh!

I still hate it, it always seems to be that little bit too short!

It has a 70s kind of feel to it which I like ... but its still not how I want it!

Everyone must feel like that though
I don't think I know anyone who likes their hair the way it is

Appologies for the crappy webcam photos

my camera won't upload my pictures to my laptop, which I am slightly worried about ...

I plan an outfit post tomorrow :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

3 November 2011

Knitted Dress.

Nothing much happened today

Off to Uni and then home to pack for going home tommorrow

and getting on with ome uni work ... which never happened

I recently seen these cardigans in Topshop, and as usual I am not willing to pay the crazy prices I simply pinned my stole to an old cardigan ... and there you go!

I got this dress in Cambridge, its actually from the kids bit, I love being small :) ... sometimes ... I think I've already worn it about 6 times since I got it so I'm chuffed to bits with it, it will be great for A/W with tights and fur and also in S/S with bae legs and pumps.

Dress H&M

Cardigan Primark

Stole Primark

Rings Topman & Edinburgh Dungeons

Movemeber Day 3 :)

Tommorrow I am heading home


so hopefully a good weekend ahead :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

2 November 2011

New Blazer.

Ahhh I slept in today and my wee cleaner had to wake me!

Old habits die hard eh?

I really Like what I wore today! I always liked the long top/jumper over the pleated skint after we seen Miss Bradshaw sporting the look in SATC2 ... I think.

I love this top because of how baggy it is and the white sequins are just something I find quite unusual, kind of 80s maybe?

I also love this blazer I recently got in Cambridge! The shape is amazing and I love the huge collar. It was only available in this colour other wise I would have died for a wine coloured one, or a black one or a white one. I do that though, if I find something I know I will wear again and again I need it in every colour! I should have just bought 2 and dyed on black ... damn!

I got it from one of those cheap "Quiz"esq stores that was closing down,
Rachel calles them "Pure Shite Shops"

And my scarf from Alan :) Seen (Here) ...

Blazer Pure Shite Shop

Top Primark

Skirt Topshop

Scarf Budapest

Necklace Primark

Ring Primark

And my second Moustache of Movember :D

What can I make a Moustache of tomorrow?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

1 November 2011


Well the worst ever Halloween is over!

The worst being that its the first year I haven't done anything :'(

I did however dress up a little to go visit my little cousins

who were no impressed with my costume as they didn't know what I was lol!


Dress Vintage

Hairband Primark

I loved my hair like this, maybe its just cause its blonde :D

Cardigan Primark

Stole Primark

Top Zara

Jeans H&M

Necklace Primark 


Finally some decent photos!

Being blonde makes everything better!

These leather trousers are becoming a favourite of mine! I bought them not to sure of them but now I love them!

I also adore this top, I left it at home last time I was home so I was devastated but it has came back to Gala with me.

This Necklace is amazing, another glorious Primark find.
I love Primark jewellery! It never goes pink and the rings don't stain my fingers, un like other certain jewellery, which costs an absolute bomb then goes pink that day ... tut tut Freedom at Topshop!!!

Then my hat :) which I've had loads of compliments about today :)

Top Topshop

Leather Trousers H&M

Hat New Look

Necklace Primark

Rings Primark & Edinburgh Dungeons


So what is Movember?

Its the month of November were men have to grow and sport a moustache for the month!


To raise awareness of Testicular and Prostate Cancer!

I love this!

Such a unique and fun way to raise awareness!

Cancer is actually not something that has personally affected my life

However my life has been affected because someone ignored the symptoms
and didn't go get a check up

I lost my someone because he didn't tell anyone that he was having severe headaches!
2 weeks later he died of a brain hemorrhage
its that easy!

This is a big issue amongst every one!

Check yourself and know your body!

If you find anything, GO SEE A DOCTOR!

please please please, don't be scared or ashamed because it honestly could save you life!

I will be sporting a moustache for the month! :D
I hope you will too!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x