30 December 2011

Outfits Of 2011.

Here are a selection of my favourites over the last year

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

28 December 2011

Black All Over.

Coat Topshop
Leather Jacket Zara
Stole New Look
Dress River Island
Belt Internacionale
Earrings Vivienne Westwood
Ring Primark

This is that RI dress that I hunted every RI for weeks until I eventually found it in a size 6. Success. I've only worn it a few times and recently I cut it up. Its wayyyyy short now. I do that all the time with dresses, its sad because now I have a few dresses that are now tops. :( I need to start being careful, but so long as I don't stretch or bend over, its fine.

My Mammy got me this stole for Christmas and Its amazing already. I love having a stole over my leather jacket for winter as it reminds me of the Topshop one (I beat you again Topshop)

I went to the boxing day sales. Omg. I will never do it again. I love sales, I love the excitement and the adrenaline, but this was insane. The RI one is always crazy, why is that? None of the sales were great, the only things I got were from New Look, which is always a good sale, especially as the Glasgow store is huge!

Also got a black suede coat in Primark for a tenner! Which I am going to DIY to make it more like the RI one I want ... but that I refuse to pay £90 for!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

26 December 2011

Bad Baking.

Shirt H&M
Shorts Primark
Bow Primark
Belt Primark
Jewellery Primark

My sister said I looked like I should have a wee pin up tattoo in this outfit. Which I agree with and that was probably the look I was going for as I knew we were spending the day baking.

Well, I say say baking. Our cheesecake was vile and after an hour mixing merengues they went on fire after 2 minuets in the over. EUGH.

Pizza was awesome though!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

25 December 2011

Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas to everyone!

This is just some snaps from the day!

Spent with family which is defiantly my favourite thing about the day!!

Tomorrow I am hitting the Boxing day sales in search for a River Island coat that I've been waiting to go on sale for ageeeeeees!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x