15 October 2012

Dress Maker.

Dress I Made (ooh)
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Shoes New Look
Today I had another interview! This was my first ever group interview, which was a bit mad! I'm not an  overconfident or shy person when it comes to things like this, but "competing" with lots of other big personalities is soooo odd! But I had a lot of fun, lots of people say they hate group interviews but I thought it was great! This is also an example of when being small is good, I'm instantly remembered! I will find out by the end of the week if I get a second interview, so fingers crossed :)
I wanted to be smart at the interview, but still comfortable as I was working all day and wasn't sure what I would need to do at the interview. Soooo, I made a dress! Well kind of, I took a basic dress from H&M a cut up a basic shirt, and sewn them together, easy! and the result has been great if I do say so myself! So simple and classic yet still striking and smart enough (I think) for an interview.
So tomorrow I have a shift at work then I am off Wednesday, which means intense BLOGGER PUB QUIZ PLANNING!!! :D

Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x