29 February 2012

Happy Bran.

Dress H&M
Shirt New Look
Bow Tie Primark

Happy Leap Day!
All day I've been crying because about 40 women are proposing on TV. I don't really like the whole women proposing to men, each to they're own and the women are so brave! But I want to be proposed to, I've dreamed about it since I was a wee baby, like most wee girls, so I want the surprise.

I just came back to Gala yesterday, nightmare journey having to drag 2 suit cases from Glasgow to Edinburgh to Gala, I was honestly packing light!

This dress is years old, but every time I try to give it away or sell it I just can't bring myself to do it. So I thought about teaming it with my shirt and bow tie and decided to bring it back to Gala. Hopefully I'll start wearing it more often as it is a lovely piece.


Happy Bran :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

26 February 2012

Metalic Pink.

Dress River Island
Scarf Alexander McQueen
Belt Primark
Bracelets Links of London
Ring Edinburgh Dungeons

This is what I wore on Friday.

I got the dress the day before and I think it was maybe my favourite purchase. I had seen something similar in Topshop and then I spotted this one in RI on sale and in the Kids bit, so fits a bit better. I love the shade of pink, very different to other pinks I wear, which is mostly salmon pink. I might get it taken up a little, its the perfect length with a belt but I prefer the shape without a belt, I'll be getting the sewing machine out today.

As you can see the eye is still a mess, I wasn't sure if I should post until it was better, but know what, there are bigger problems in the world and I'm not bothered about it.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

25 February 2012

Puffy Eyes.


Shirt H&M
Skirt Primark
Blazer Random Shop In Cambridge
Bow Tie Primark
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)


Not blogged for a few days as my boyfriend was home to visit me for my birthday and I promised him I wouldn't neglect him :)

The first photos are from my interview on Wednesday. Which I think went OK, I really really want the job so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. Interviews are always so hard to know what to wear as you want to look smart but obviously show your personality a bit, which it why I went for the blazer on top. I also went WITHOUT wearing my hair extensions! Snaps for Bran!

The next photos are the birthday presents I received :) Spoiled as usual. My family are amazing.

Babyliss Jumbo Curler
Hmm. I think this curler means I have the whole Babyliss collection! But this curler is not my favourite. It does nothing to my natural hair at all so I was really disappointed, however it did work on my hair extensions.

The makeup was from my sister, she knows how badly I've been after a bright blusher and shes done good, I love this blusher, I love the colour and it stays on all day.

After my roommate, Emma gave me an earful about the state of my make up brushes, I said that I needed a new pair so my sister got me a new powder and blusher brush. I was so chuffed that she got me Eco friendly ones made from bamboo. She knows my views on cosmetics so I was really touched that she had done that for me. I love the brushes they are so soft, I'll take better care of these ones.

Katy Perry Eye Lashes
Alan got really excited when he seen these. Sorry babe, its going to take more than eyelashes to make me look like Katy Perry.

My clothes are from Alan and some are just from the birthday money I got. Alan took me out shopping for my birthday since I haven't went in months and he treated me to lunch at Nandos (Yet another thing I've not had for months, it was awesome) He spoiled me rotten but I was just happy to get to spend time with him. I'm hating long distance.

I have been on EBay for years trying to get one of the Moschino Letter Belts, but I've just never been able to part with the money. So on finding this one in Urban Outfitters I was so excited! I normally wouldn't part with £16 for belt but it was a birthday treat.  

Phone Cover
Another present from Alan. Can't go wrong with a bit of phone blingage! Although I wish I had chosen the white version of my phone so I could get a more colourful cover.

The last photos are a bit scary. This is what I woke up looking like on Friday morning. So the Birthday weekend has been on hold until I got the all clear today. I've rubbed my eye and some Mascara or Eyelash Glue has gotten in and my eye swelled up like a balloon. The swelling is going down slowly but surely, but I did get a few looks for wearing sunglasses in Scotland.

The gammy eye aside, I had a great week!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

21 February 2012


Top Primark (Cut Up)
Skirt New Look
Belt Internacionale
Necklace Topman
Bracelet H&M

Yet again I slept in today so lord knows how long its been since I washed my hair. Thank god buns are stylish now otherwise I don't know what I'd do.

I was really eager to wear my new crop to so the rest of the outfit went around that. Its hard to see in the pictures but you can just make out the short front on the skirt. I cant wait for summer to wear this skirt with sandals and a body suit underneath. The material is quite cheap feeling, but it doesn't look cheap and its really light on.

I'm in a rush just now. I have a job interview in the morning that I am soooooo excited about, but I haven't decided what I'm wearing yet and I'm currently waiting for my hair to dry because I just ombre'd it!
Risky, I know but its looking good so far!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

Something Blue.

Dress H&M
Snood Primark
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)
Ring Edinburgh Dungeons
Bracelet Links of London
Boots Internacionale

A few days since posting but I caught a wee bug last week and was ill for days, so then just decided to have a wee rest and get some uni work out the way, which I did :)

Today I had a HUGE clear out of clothes, 8 bags got tossed and while I was clearing it out I realised that almost everything I tossed was impulse sale buys, so no more impulse buying. So my wardrobe is looking empty (Empty as in there are now only 10 tons of clothes in it instead of 40 tons) which is great, just means I get to fill it up again. I'm not looking forward to putting it on EBay though. Will put it up my BLOGSHOP! first.

As I was just doing that alllll day, I put my hair up out the way. This is my real hair but yet it does the whole dark then light bun, it looks so fake, so annoying. Once again going to try to get rid of my hair extensions so going to jazz my hair up a little tomorrow. Yey!

I got this dress my first week in Gala for £2 in a charity shop, I was bidding on it on EBay at the time so I was so chuffed to get it there and then. I just teamed it with my boots, and floral tights, but you can't really see them in the photos.

The shoes are some little barbie shoes I found in my clear out and Neon is "On Trend" just not so I can let them air! :) I might wear them to an interview I have on Wednesday, I'll stand out :)

The clothes are just something I bought recently to cheer myself up. I sold my blackberry and decided to treat myself since its been so long. All are from Primark. The shorts I almost died when I seen them! I bought the Topshop ones months ago but returned them because I just couldn't part with £32 for shorts I wasn't sure I'd wear. I'm glad I did because I got these for an amazing £7! and since they are from the kids bit no one will have them. An age 13 is about a size 6/8 so if your looking for a pair you know were to get them. I love anything american so I won't care if no one wears them this summer. I will. The shoes are just some little mint green pumper for summer. Mint is one of my favourite coloured so I'm really going to enjoy everyone wearing it this summer. When in Topshop I seen cute little 90s style crops tees, but as usual I refuse to pay £8 for something I can make cheaper. So I went to Primark got a cheap white Tshirt (I recommend H&M for good quality, I just didn't like the necklines on the H&M ones in store) and just cut it across, easy peasy! I'm going to do it in loads of colours for summer!

I'm really excited for once about the summer trends! I'm loving pastels already and I just want it to be spring!! (I seen a wee lamb, that means its coming!) 

I'm so jealous of everyone at Fashion week right now! I was supposed to go but lack of funds stopped me, even had a few passes if I wanted them but no, not meant to be :( I usually catch up with all the shows after fashion week is over, I will just sit for a few days looking over all of them from London, Paris and Milan shows ...  not so much New York. London wise I'm especially excited about Henry Holland <3 Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Moschino! Topshop unique was amazing last fashion week so I think that will be a goody too!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

16 February 2012

Help Harry.

The first time I heard of Harry Moseley was one day while watching Jeremy Kyle. Jeremy was treating Harry to a special treat as Harry was terminally ill with a brain tumour. Later in the show it was announced that Harry had passed away in October 2011, aged just 11. Reducing Jeremy Kyle and myself to tears.

Harry had made bracelets and was selling them in order to raise money for brain tumour research. In his short life Harry managed to raise over £1million for Cancer research which I just thought was absolutely amazing.

Since Harry's Death his mother has continued to make and sell the bracelets. Recently many celebrities have got involved to raise awareness of Harry's campaign and with the hope of raising £1Billion for Help Harry Help Others.

If you want to get involved just click on the video below.

I'm ordering my bracelet tonight :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

14 February 2012

Cosy V.Day.

Tights Primark
Jumper Primark
Dress H&M
Scarf Pringle

Happy Valentines Day ... I absolutely hate this day, always have always will. No I'm not single and yes I probably am just a bah humbug (or the valentines day equivalent) but I just find it so cringe and forced. Bleh. I hope all of you who do celebrate it though have had a lovely day :)

I've actually had a great day :D

I actually wore a VDay themed outfit, as you can see with my wee sheer heart tights, and slashes of red, Just the right amount of cheese I think :)

As you can see also I have no hair extensions in ... well I don't have any long ones in. Just kept my short ones in to give my natural hair a bit of volume. I really like it and might try not to wear my hair extensions during the day, just for nights out. We'll see how long that lasts.

Did anyone see Gemma from TOWIES wig thing? I'm dying to get one of those. What was it?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

13 February 2012

2 For 1.

Top Primark
Skirt Topshop
Hat H&M
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)
Necklace Internacionale
Boots Internacionale

Excuse the crap photos I was just too excited to get to use my new phone.

I said bye bye to my Blackberry (Never Again) and joined the rest of the world in getting a touch screen phone ... which I cannot use yet, I really suck with technology, 2 months in and I'm just getting the hang of Twitter ... however in 3 days I have got a healthy Angry Birds addiction, and how did I function without apps? Awesome!

So this was what I wore yesterday while packing to come home
(can't really call it packing when I had to stop every 5 mins to lie down for an hour due to the longest hangover of my life)
I've never worn this hat before even though I have had it for years but everyone kept saying it was cute (maybe it just looked good in comparison to my hungover whitey face ...)

Dress Topshop
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)

This was what I wore for a night out on Saturday night.

The cause of the hangover from beyond hell!

I'm loving my black lipstick, I don't even care if it looks stupid I love it, It looks so gothic, just have to be careful of lippy teeth, might end up looking like someone off Jeremy Kyle ...

Remember when Topshop used to only have one of each size (maybe two) of a garment per store? I used to love that, this dress was one of those items that I knew there would only be one in my size in store when I came in so I went into Topshop EVERYDAY after college for 2 months, just to get it, and the day it came in I was soooooo happy! and I will never get rid of this dress for that sole reason.

Topshop have what seems like unlimited amounts of garments in store now, so when you go out wearing something new you see 400 girls in the same dress. Its so sad. Obviously it would have been silly to keep it the old way as they must have been losing sales. Personally however I think it has affected their image, its just so, Mainstream? now. (maybe not the right word but hopefully you'll understand)

It seems like I bash Topshop on here all the time lol.
I actually love Topshop, I just think its changed a lot and is too expensive for what it is ... Still an amazingly fascinating company though, and I'm always proud of the fact that its a British company. 

I'm now home for 2 whole weeks and I'm so so so so HAPPY!

I'll hopefully keep myself mega busy and have lots to show you :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

P.S. I'd like to say a big thankyou to Miki for the wee award on her blog!
Check her and her other recommendations out, they're awesome too!

Thanks Babe! x