21 March 2012

Sunny Days.



Dress Topshop
Sunglasses Primark (2006)
Jewellery Primark

Woke up in Gala today and it was glorious! As usual stepping outside its still freezing! So I was glad I was wearing my tights! This is the infamous pregnancy dress, because it looks like I'm pregnant when wearing it. I still love it though and when the suns out I feel compelled to wear it.

I seen Lily talking about a similar dress, she had a Primark one and she was commenting on the Topshop version, I wonder if it was this one? Unlike most other Topshop stuff this one is really good quality and hasn't pilled or anything. (Touch Wood)

Also, my hair is short! Ahhh!

I got "The Fear" last night and suddenly realised I have 9 days until I finish uni, and NOTHING is close to being handed in. So today I got off my bum and got one class finished. Remember my "Post Apocalyptic Photo Shoot" well here are the final images!
I'm really happy with them!
I will find out Becky's blog to let you see her other photographs, shes excellent!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

15 March 2012

Uni Blues.

Dress Primark
Necklace Razzle Dazzle Glasgow
Sitting in uni blogging during a lecture, I study fashion, its allowed.
Plus I was chased from the library by a huge spider! Seriously it was massive!
Such a boring outfit today, but Thursdays tend to be pretty dull anyways. In 9 till 5. I just want to be comfortable.
I wear this dress all the time, but I think this is the first time its been on the blog? It will be gettin put away soon though as I don't think I will wear it much in Spring/Summer. The colours a we bit too dark I think. Although maybe with a white blazer it could be ok?
Last Monday I decided to go a wee shop to pas the day and spend the last of my birthday money. I will tell you about the purchases as I wear them. The bag and dress you have already seen. The flatforms are amazing. I'm so glad I got a pair in my size! However the soles have been pained black since I got them. I didn't like the wicker. They make me really excited for summer. Especially since there is now a potential summer holiday :D
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

14 March 2012

Public Transport.

Dress H&M
Jacket Zara
Necklace Razzle Dazzle Glasgow
Bag Razzle Dazzle Glasgow

Wearing lots of new stuff today! How amazing is this dress! The colour drew me right in and I've always been a fan of the paisley print, but I think the colour makes it look more Italian than 60s (which I usually associate with paisley print) I really want to get on top of this Italian trend this summer, I love the bold colours and patterns! This bag is also a wee gem! I bought it for a fiver with the intention of adding fringing like the ones in Topshop a few months ago, but I love it the way it is! So I'm going to buy another one and fringe that one! At £5 you can't go wrong :)

Today involved me travelling back to Gala, with my bike, honestly the most stressful day of my life. Filled with unhelpful people, DISGUSTING customer service and a few job Worth's (They are the worst!!)
I would write CROSS COUNTRY TRAINS, FIRST SCOTLAND and ST JAMES SHOPPING CENTER letters of complaint, but in all honesty, whats the point?
They won't care and it won't change anything. I hate the UK sometimes.
There is no such thing as manners, or compassion or good customer service. I really don't understand the human race sometimes, and this isn't even us at our worst.
Today only 1 lovely man offered to help me, ONE! 

I hope I feel better tomorrow, because I'm still disappointed, furious and absolutely drained :( 

On the plus side a trip that would normal take me 40minuets only took me 6minuets today, the bike was worth every penny :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

12 March 2012

End of the World.

These are some behind the scenes photos of my final styling project for uni.

The brief was to create a photo shoot based on our chosen theme.
We had to create a product/range for a new target market segment.
I chose to create an Eco Friendly range of dresses for Zara.

Theme I chose was "The End of The World"
So the shoot had a whole Zombie theme!

Hopefully I will be able to show you the final photos soon!

Huge Thank yous to These Babes:

My sister Victoria for doing a great job on the makeup and BHS photos!
Rebbecca my wonderful photographer!
My fantastic models who froze their butts off of me! Jen & Ween!

Couldn't have done without you, roll on an A!!

A+ ...

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

11 March 2012

Little Bran Blue.

Top H&M
Skirt Shop in Cambridge
Belt Primark
Necklace Primark
Shoes Primark

I can't remember when I wore this it was one of the days theiInternet broke hence why its up now and not 3 days ago.

Its a very sailor look. Not much else to say about it really. I know people say you shouldn't do black and blue, but I think that is an old taboo now, I've always done it. Really like the contrast of navy blue and brow, I actually hardly ever wear blue without some sort of brown accessory.

This week I've been really crammed! I've been at home and I obviously had the IWD event, then on Saturday I started my new job, and then today I did my final project photo shoot! (Behind the scenes pictures to come tomorrow) So tomorrow I think I shall treat myself to a wee shop tomorrow with a last of my birthday money. We'll see if I wake up early enough ... 

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

10 March 2012

SBM, Round 2.





Top Primark
Skirt Primark
Necklace Primark
Shoes New Look

I have no idea what is going on with my photos! Blogger won't rotate them properly and I have no idea how to fix it. Just flip your computer to the side.

Anyways this is what I wore to the International Women's Day Blogger event. When I bought the skirt I said that that was what I was going to wear to the event but I was a little scared as I usually don't wear new  stuff to parties or events because there is a chance someone else will be wearing it. But I took a chance and it paid off and thankfully no one was wearing it. I got loads of comments on it which was lovely and because its primark I was telling everyone to run out and get it. The colour and fabric is just beautiful and its a well cut fabric and more expensive looking the some of the ones I've seen in other stores.

So how was the event?
If you seen my earlier post you'll know how it ended ... eugh.
 Drama aside I had a wonderful night.
Kirsty Organised a brilliant event!

So the event took place in the Hillhead Bookclub in the west end of Glasgow.
On arrival we were greeted by Kirsty and given our wee quizzes to complete, but I really sucked at it. the questions were about the struggles of the women we were raising money for and that was fine, but then on the last page there was questions about make up, and yeah I was out of the running.

We then had a talk about the cause and what the money raised was being used for. It was lovely and really hit home how easy we have it here. The statistics were scary to say the leatse but hopefully us bloggers managed to raise a good amount of money to make a a big difference! I think we should do it every year! 
Who run the world?!

Next we wired into Rani's amazing home made cakes!

Then we had a raffle. I bought a few strips as I had my eye on a lomography camera ;) The girls next to me were after the same thing lol it was so funny I image everyone was after the cameras, and amazingly the girl next to me actually did win one! lol so she was chuffed to bits!
The night was lovely I got to meet loads of new bloggers, there are actually loads of us! We had great chats and a good laugh so I'm concentrating on all the good stuff rather than the drama. I was a little gutted I didn't get to speak to everyone though but I have no doubt there will be more events and I'll meet everyone eventually.

Here are the link to all the bloggers who attended.
Please tweet me your links so I can get everyone on here.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x