31 May 2012

SBM. Round 3.

Top Primark
Trousers Matalan
Belt Primark
Shoes New Look
Bag New Look
Jewellery Primark

So yesterday I headed over to Glasgow for my 3rd Glasgow Blogger Meet up!
(Any regular readers will be proud to know that I only consumed 1 glass of wine)

The event was set up by the girls over at Mabel's Log who done a great job! After the little awkward start (Standard at a blogger meet) we all had a great wee catch up. Some bloggers I had met before, but many more where new. At every meet I go to I meet more and more bloggers, we are definitely growing! Also the first time I got to meet some foodie bloggers. Can't wait to start following them. I don't really follow any food bloggers but I have no idea why! I am obsessed with food!

The event was held in the cutest little sandwich shop Where The Monkey Sleeps. I had never been before but its a great little place. Set up with a few different rooms which makes you feel like your in a bar atmosphere, really relaxed and casual ... even thought there is no booze, we were just treated to lovely tea and sandwiches and the best cakes ever! Think I ate about 7! Amazing. I also tried my first berry tea, which was gorgeous too. (Oh man I'm so hungry!)

I am currently rushing this post a little as this is the only spare hour I have until Friday night! So wanted to get it up! I will update this post when I get a chance and also include everyones links so you can see the others posts and pictures!

It was lovely to meet everyone and I think I am going to take the plunge and organise my own blogger meet! Cause I really want to do it but haven't been brave enough!

Obviously a HUGE thankyou to the girls at Mabel's Log and Where the Monkey Sleeps for hosting and having us! We really had a great time!!
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

28 May 2012

Mint Leaves.


New Look

Dress TK Maxx
Necklace Primark
Rings Primark & Internacionale
Shoes New Look

I found this dress in TK Maxx on my Edinburgh trip! Its lovely, its so light in this heat and the colour is gorgeous! I love the lace detail at the top which makes it look like a vintage piece rather than a high street dress.

Yet another shopping round today. I had a day off work and didn't want to stay in all day. Its just unfortunate that my best friends have boyfriends, my other friends have full time jobs, and the others live in England and Edinburgh. So I'm trying to make the best of my loneliness and keep my self busy. My bank card is taking a hammering in the process.
(This seems like I am never happy! But honestly I am a positive person! I lol)

Tonight I've been looking for jobs. But I'm so lost and can't seem to find anything. I've found a few in London so now I just have to formulate a plan so that I don't end up jobless with no savings and back in Scotland!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

27 May 2012

250, Thankyou.


Dress Primark
Sandals Primark
Necklace Primark
Belt Internacionale

Yesterday I ventured into Edinburgh for the day with my two best friends. If you see my rants and raves on Twitter you will know how much I hate Edinburgh. I think because its close to Galashiels ... but yesterday I actually had a lovely day, minus the 6:30am start and a couple of drunken physcos ...
I've seen this dress in Primark a few times now and I just thought it was another thing that just wouldn't suit me, but when I seen it reduced to £10 yesterday, I just thought I'd see how it was. I really love it. I love the fit, and the colours. Its definitely going into my case for holidays. I think you could wear it out day or night and throw it over a bikni! Perfect!

I had a massive post I was going to write about finding work, as I was feeling really rubbish about it all yesterday, but seeing that I have reached 250 followers had cheered me right up! My blog has taken a long long time to get to wear it is now, much longer than most other bloggers but I'm OK about that. I love doing this and getting such great feedback is awesome! So thank you so much for following and commenting. Sometimes when I feel like crap it really is the main thing that keeps me going. (Not in like a suicidal way or anything just makes me keep going when sometimes I don't feel like it) So again thank you SO much for dropping by! It means a lot to me!

Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

24 May 2012

Colour of Summer.

 Top H&M
Skirt Primark
Shoes Ebay
Earrings Matalan

Top Topshop
Skirt Matalan

Jumper Matalan
Collar Primark

Dress Topshop
Leggings H&M Sport
Scarf Primark
Jacket Zara
Shoes New Look

Shirt New Look
Dress New Look
Necklace Primark



So as promised a look at some of my recent purchases, as you can see I have went a bit Matalan mad. The bags from Primark are amazing. They have pink ones in H&M for £14.99 but I got two from Primark for £12. Nice!

I hope you've all been out enjoying this gloroious sunshine! When I've not been working I've been getting as much as I can! Its made me really sad that Alans not here though but hopefully I'll get a swap at work and can go visit him next week. If so I'll hopefully get a wee day in London too so I can suss the place out and get some advice about moving!

I haven't got much else to say but I'm really excited to be going to another meet up soon! and something else I will let you know about once/if its confirmed (Lol its nothing too exciting, just something exciting for me!) I'll let you get back to tanning now ;).

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

22 May 2012

Eugh Internet.

Blazer H&M
Top H&M
Jeans Tammy Girl
Boots Barratts
Necklace Primark

Any of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen the weekend I've had with no Internet. Nightmare! Hence why there have been no posts!

I've been buying ton over the past few days so I think tomorrow I will do a post showing all my new stuff.

Also, I need some advice!
I'm hoping to move down to London quite soon. I'm so unhappy here at the moment I can't wait a year to move to Cambridge. So I'm just researching right now but if anyone could give me some advice it would be SO SO SO helpful.

I need to know how to look for flatmates!
What Zones to avoid!
What Zones I should live in!
and any other questions I haven't discovered yet!
Just gimme a tweet! @Brantastic_x

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

14 May 2012

Back To School.

Shirt H&M
Skirt Primark
Belt Primark
Tights Pretty Polly
Necklace Primark
Bow Claire's Accessories

Today I was just working and then came home to tweet about Made in Chelsea (ARGH). Working again tomorrow, blegh! But hopefully my Zara Suit will have been delivered :)

I finally managed to track down a pair of burgundy tights :D From Wilkos of all places. However they are HUGE! Any tips on how to make them smaller. Can you shrink tights? Well the outfit build up around the tights and I looked like a schoolie!

Finally I'm thinking about ditching my nose ring? What do you guys think?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

12 May 2012

Love My Shopper.



Top New Look
Jeans H&M
Necklace Primark
Bracelet New Look
Shopper Bag H&M
Shoes New Look

This is just some quick snaps of what I wore to work today. Nothing to exciting except that I love my top. I seen a similar one in the H&M Against Aids collection but it was floor length and therefore not midget appropriate. So this was a nice alternative. Its in the NL sale now too :D But do try it on before hand as I couldn't fit my head though the hole of the first few I tried :S ended up having to get a bigger size.

Ended up buying MORE clothes today. Which have to go back, maybe. But I also put a load of stuff on eBay as they are having a no insertion fees weekend! So here's my eBay link. Loads of stuff all worn once/twice sizes 4 to 14 and shoes! So a little something for everyone, and I've still to upload TONS more tomorrow.

So what do you think of my shopper bag?
I Love it! Alan Hates it ... he says women buy mad things lol

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

8 May 2012

Nightwalk SS12.

Slideshow Order

Slide (1)
- Bad Kitty & Le Hat Nior - Bonnie Bling - Claudette -

- Dawtraversial Shoes - Fair Feathered Friend - Handmade In Partick -
- Isolated Heros - Jennie Loof - Nicci N - Nicole Bidoli -

Slide (2)
- NLM Designs - Obscure Couture -
- Outspoken - Rene Walrus - Sweet Danger -

So, the show? It was fun. Really interesting. One thing I have learned about Scottish Fashion/Scottish Designers, they are crazy. Brilliantly Crazy. Eveything shown was so different to anything I've seen (Bear in mind I haven't been to many professional fashion shows) but I enjoyed it and seen TONS of stuff I want in my wardrobe.
I however was not impressed that we had to stand for 2 hours. Bad move Arches! There were lots of older men and women there, some maybe Gransparents supporting the Designers and Models who were forced to stand and they must have been bloody shattered. It really ruined the night for a lot of people and a lot of the crowd were fed up and moaning about it. Maybe next time I'll take a wee foldy chair.
I loved all the collections shown but my favourites were:
Obscure Couture
A sensationale collection from the girls, didn't expect anything less. I really am considering them designing my wedding dress after the yellow fishtail number. Offt. I've never seen the girls before but they are so young. Them doing so well and their collections being so good at that age makes me really need to re-evaluate my life.
Jennie Loof
Aww I loved this collection for its girly feminine charm. The lace skirt were amazing and the colours and fabrics used only enhanced the femininity. All trough I kept thinking. I'd buy that, I'd wear that, I want that.

Nicole Bidoli
The menswear shown for Nicole Bidoli was insane! So high end looking I could have mistaken the show for Dior. It was really great and the models weren't too bad at all ;)
NLM Designs
Ahhh Tartan, sheer, huge collars and Bucky leggins, what more could you need in a Scottish collection. The tartan blazer was one of my favourite pieces of the night I just wanted the model to pull it off and launch it into the air like a bouquet of flowers, and of course I would have dived over the stage to have it. I also loved the buckfast shirt/playsuite huge embrodiered collar. Teamed up with some leather trousers, or legs oot it would look amazing!
Sweet Danger
I think its very difficult to make Tie Dye look modern and expensive. But Sweet danger not only changed my look at tie dye but they made it look modern, classy and (to me anyway) fashionable again! I think the splashes of yellow amoungst the purple and blue dye just made the pieces pop. The way the fabrics flowed down the catwalk also made them look so girly and expensive!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x