29 June 2012

£3.49 Wedding Dress.

Shirt New Look
Shorts Miss Guided
Earrings Topshop
Ring H&M

We are now in like day, 5, of me not washing my hair. Whenever I have woken up this week its raining, and I just think why bother because its only going to get ruined anyways. Plus 10 shifts on the trot has meant I've been really lazy. So I thought I would try something a little different. I've never done this before but it was really easy once I had looked at a few tutorials on You Tube. One of the guys in work said it was a Princess Layah look, which my boyfriend would love.

Went a little crazy after work today picking up some nessesary bits and bobs turned into a spree, I have no self control ... I even bought a wedding dress ... Not as creepy as it sounds. I bought this unbelievable vintage dress from a charity shop today. When I got home and I kept looking at it I thought, that would make an amazing wedding dress. I've always wanted a Vintage one off wedding dress. I've always wanted something simple but with a certain something that makes it different, and this dress is just that. So its now boxed away incase I ever need it! Just incase I ever do is why I'm not putting a photo up.

I'm not a creepy wedding nutcase, I promise.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

New Look



25 June 2012

Its Only Words.

Lots of words today as I don't have many pictures!
Not been blogging for a few days, Hmm a variety of factors. Laziness, Working all the time, and then any free time spend with family. Its the end of the month so I'm pretty skint and June/July are the worst months for me as its when basically all the Birthdays happen. Its like two Christmas's. So I'm looking for a second job to get a bit of extra cash.
As well as looking at extra money jobs I'm also still looking for real jobs/internships and finally today got round to putting it all on paper! Made it seem so much simpler! So I now have a wee schedule to get on with for writing up letters, CV and applications! This shits getting real!
I also plan to have a post up on internships in the next few days! Been a lot of talking about it really and I want to get my views and find out what other people think about them, or their experiences/advice/stories.
So finally as well as sorting my career I'm also trying to work on some of my downfalls. Mainly my confidence. I'm not really a negative nelly in the sense that I moan about how much I suck and always put myself down. I'm just struggle with self belief. I know I am capable, but then when I comes to actually biting the bullet, I crumble. So I'm trying to work on this and taking a small step: The Cosmo Blog Awards. They are currently coming to a close and, I haven't asked for any votes, I'm not really into that kind of stuff. So if you like the Blog and feel I deserve a wee vote, that would be lovely. I work on this loads so it would be nice if someone out there felt I deserved a nomination.
I love getting comments from all you guys! Its usually the same people and that means so so much knowing that people come back again and again.
If you don't have me on twitter already, then go and find me! I love Twitter for getting to talk to fellow bloggers/readers! @Brantastic_x
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

20 June 2012

Lucky Green.

Top H&M
Dress H&M
Belt Primark

This is what I wore to work today, I bought this top yesterday and I really like it. I love green, I always have, and the shape and drape is lovely too, although because I'm sorter it did need a belt to keep it in proportion. They also have it in white which I think will look great all seasons depending on what you wear it with! 

In the next few days I will be uploading some stuff onto my Geez a Job page! In order to help me you know, get a real job! Tried to use these 6 months as a kind of "Gap" 6 months. But its not working! I want to get back into my work/education routine NOW! I've always been a person who is chasing something, Good Grades, Passing College, Passing Uni! So now I'm chasing my Career, for real!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

18 June 2012

Brassy Trash.

Dress F&F Tesco
Collar Primark

I bought this dress my very first night in Gala. I have always had this weird love for pink and orange, and I really like the shape of these dresses (If they have a real official name, I don't know it). It was a size 12 though so I've recently cut it up and taken it in and now its perfect, well almost, the skirts a bit short so I will have to wear shorts under it. A lesson I learnt the hard way today :(

Wearing my hair short today too. The colour has finally balanced out and its no longer brassy! Phew! I'm still not sold in my hair without extensions though. My visit to the awful hair dresser in 2005 is the only thing in my life that I'd go back in time and stop from happening (almost).

If you could go back in time what would you stop? I think I'd stop Facebook and Twilight, I'd also make sure the last Harry Potter movie was 3 hours long and didn't miss loads of important stuff out! Grrr.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

Hairy Tights.


Jumper H&M
Skirt I Made :)
Rings H&M
Earrings Avon

This is what I wore yesterday! Its really casual and I didn't wear the jumper for any other reason than my sister was wearing it the day before and I wanted to wear it! I had worn the skirt to a 21st the night before and thought I would just be lazy and wear it again. I made it myself so I'm really proud of it, even though it was really simple and easy to make.

I had a really really crap day on Friday. It was supposed to be my graduation but I couldn't go as I couldn't get it off work. I wasn't bothered about it at first, but then when the day came I actually was gutted that after all the heartache uni caused me, I didn't get an official goodbye. Its really silly but that amongst other things this weekend and missing Alan just meant I felt horrific. I don't usually get sad, but when I do its really bad, so I hate when I feel like that.

I remedied this dark mood however by going out all weekend. I'm still feeling a bit crap today in all honesty, but spending 80% of my time this weekend with my friends has made me feel loads better. I wouldn't be able to get through all this crap without them. I'm a very lucky girl.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

14 June 2012

Total Fake.

Playsuit Topshop
Blazer H&M
Necklace Primark
Belt Primark

I really don't like wearing the same thing twice on the blog, and I wasn't going to take photos today but then I thought that at least this can show a different way to wear something, which I like to see in other blogs that I read. So voila!

I really don't like this blazer. I think its too long for me, I only wear it because I love the colour, in H&M today though I seen one the same colour but shorter, so I might try it, and if I like it put this one one EBay. I also had to throw a hat on today because my hair is so brassy its unreal and not even my violet shampoo is fixing it, so tonight its Dye Job 2! Eugh!

Before I get lots of questions about my bag, its fake. A fashion crime some might say but ... dun dun dun ... I don't care. I don't really have a problem with fake bags, I can't afford real ones and if its a good fake no one knows except you. I would never however lie about a fake and say its real, I really think thats wrong, if its fake own up to it. I have a few fake bags none of which I have bought, they have all been presents from my Mum. That is why I love them, not because of the fake label.

I do have two real bags! My beloved Vivienne Westwood that Alan got me for Christmas! and my Louis Vuitton Bag that I got for my 18th. My Louis is so special to me because I had wanted it since the very first moment I seen it, I was so young I must have been about 12. So I spent all my 18th birthday money on it as a special treat, its honestly one of my most prized possessions.

I know some people disagree with fake bags, and thats fine, I just don't really care that much, I just don't like lies.

I would rather have a few special things that mean a lot to me rather than loads that don't.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

13 June 2012

Short Shorts.

Top Primark
Shorts Topshop (Bought With Gift Card)
Belt Primark
Bow Claire's Accessories

I wasn't sure about posting an outfit for today as it was quite boring, but then I thought I would use it as an excuse to talk about my shorts. I'm really loving them, I've worn them almost everyday since I got them which is good if I had spent the money on them. But I still think you can get an equally good pair that you will wear lots for less than what they cost, sorry Toppers!

However if you aren't as cheap (poor) as me and you don't mind parting with £30 on shorts, I highly recommend these. Especially if you are like me and normal shorts just highlight the fattest part of your leg.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

12 June 2012


Coat River Island (EBay)
Belt River Island
Shoes New Look
Bag Primark
Bow Claire's Accessories

So I returned last night from a lovely weekend visiting my boyfriend in Cambridge. Originally we weren't going to see each other until July (10 weeks apart!) but I managed to get 2 days off work and so I headed down! On Sunday we had a wander round London for the day and then chilled out at night watching Rio and eating junk food, it was brilliant! 

I got really sad over the weekend as I was imagining my life in London/Cambridge and the thought of leaving home made me sad. Then when I was leaving Cambridge I felt even worse, and now I just want to be back there. I am an utter nightmare! I suppose its normal when your moving countries, I'm glad I have a few months before I have to start planning the move, and a few more months before I actually do move.

I bought a few bits and bobs from Primark, but I'm taking it all back tomorrow as nothing fits, but other than that I didn't buy anything other than food, not complaining about that :) so yeah I was disappointed. P.S. The Glasgow Hamley's is WAY better than the London one, which is bogging!

So all in all - other than missing the Scottish Fashion Awards - I had the perfect weekend! I can't wait to go back down in July for Alan's birthday, and not just because its the opening weekend of Batman!!. I hope all you bloggies appreciate your boyfriends and be thankful that they aren't geniuses who live in Cambridge. Cause they may be pests but you'd miss them if they weren't around. :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

8 June 2012

Prohibition Glamour.

Dress Rare at Tophop
Shirt New Look
Brooch River Island
Bow Claire's Accessories
Shoes New Look

This what what I wore to help out at Prohibition Glamour last night. At all other fashion shows I've been to the dressers have always worn black. So that's what I went for. I was told to wear something comfortable as I would be running about a lot. Now you might not think a dress is comfortable, but to me it is. I never really wear trousers so this is what I'm used to. I opted to put my hair back again to keep it out my face, and I'm getting a bit sick of the bun ... dun dun dun. I got loads of compliments about my dress at work yesterday which was great because its about 3/4 years old so I'm glad that its still nice to wear 3/4 years on.

So how was helping out at Prohibition Glamour? In a word, Insane.

Last week I was emailed by a lovely friend of mine who works for Chou Chou Couture asking if I would be able to help out at the event. So obviously I jumped at the chance of some work experience. I didn't get there to help until later as I was working at 9, and the other girls had been there since 8, so we all had a really long day.

The event was being help in the ever so chic Citizen M Hotel in Glasgow, a really lovely and trend place, but not overly pretentious.

The Chou Chou interns where all great and organised so for a while there was just some standing about until we were able to do something, I was just telling the girls just to boss us about, but they had it under control.

We where there for the main task of helping out and dressing the models for the show. Which I was already nervous about, and had almost talked myself out of helping, until I forced myself just to do it. I don't know if you know this ... but I'm quite short ... 4"9 to be exact. The thought of dressing models made me sick to the pit of my stomach. Which I think is the reason I was a nervous wreck right before the show started. 
My poor model really drew the short straw with me lol!

I'm such a nervous person anyways, I can handle pressure like deadlines and organising, I'm actually really good at the that, but on the opposite side when the pressure can give me eye contact, I crumble. For example, no one yelled at me at all, but that what all I could think was "Please no one scream at me!" Because I know it would just make me burst into tears. The dressing was a nightmare, the first turn around went so so quickly that I sent my first model out without a buttoned skirt, until Maria saved my ass. Phew.

So I think I have ruled out dressing as a potential career aha. Maybe its something that gets better with practise, but personally I think its something where my height works against me rather than for me so.

I had a brilliant day though. I'm glad I made myself follow through with it, even if I wasn't great I tried, and I've always been a believer in trying.

I was gutted that I didn't get to see the show so I'm excited to see how it went from the outside, where you guys don't see the backstage drama.

Thank you to Chou Chou Couture for having me along to help out!

Well Done Guys!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

7 June 2012

Shiny Shorts.

Top TK Maxx
Shorts H&M
Jewellery Vintage Birthday Present

This is a scheduled post as today I am volunteering for Chou Chou Couture at Prohibition Glamour, which I will tell you all about tomorrow.

This is what I wore to work yesterday. Quite a simple look but still I think a good balance between "Its not winter anymore, but its not quite summer yet either". What with the yellow summery top and accessories but teaming it with tights and dressy shorts. The shorts though, ace aren't they! I grabbed them as soon as I seen them in the shop and I think they sold out completely that day. So I'm relieved that I managed to get them. I think because they sold out so quickly though that not many people have seen them as I haven't spotted them around the blogosphere. Maybe I'm the only maddy wearing them though ...

I've been going a bit EBay mad recently. I'm always searching for things that I wanted but couldn't get. My current obsession is THAT Faux Leather Pleated Skirt from H&M. So if anyone is selling one in a size 6 ... GEEZ A SHOUT!!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x