23 July 2012

Cheap N Chic.

Jacket Primark
Top Primark
Skirt River Island
Pearls New Look
Shoes New Look
Sun Glasses Primark
This is what I wore on my trip to London yesterday. It was a lovely day so it was nice to not have to wear a million layers of clothing!
Can you believe this little jacket? An absolute steal at £19! I can tell I'm going to wear it loads! When I wear something 2 days in a row I know its going to become a regular thing and I am in love with these little Blouche jackets! I'm going to gather a collection. Hopefully one day own a real Chanel! Its also so versatile. It can be worn summer/winter, night/day! This skirt was also another wee steal in the River Island sale, I seen something similar in Topshop today at full price so if you can find this one in your local RI its a great cheaper alternative.

Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

22 July 2012

Hat Attack.

Top H&M
Skirt H&M
Hat Urban Outfitters
Coat H&M
Necklace Topshop
Earrings Topshop
Bag Primark
Shoes New Look

I'm currently visiting Alan in Cambridge as its his birthday weekend!
Happy Birthday Babe!!

I have packed 5 outfits for the week and I promise I will try to post about all of them and get back into my routine. This is my first outfit! Very simple but I love this skirt its really flattering on and I really like the nude and black combo. I'm taking it on holiday with me and will team it up with converse because it does have that really casual and sporty look. Sports gear is quite the thing right now actually, due to the Olympics no doubt, but recently I've been very drawn to high end sports wear and sporty style clothing ... hmm and there I thought I didn't really care abut the Olympics. I think the hat really compliments my new camel coat! What do you think of my coat? I'm in two minds about it.

Yesterday we spent the day in London.
Ended up going to The Natural History Museum then a wee trip round Hyde Park!
I really enjoyed London this time and didn't feel as apprehensive as last time about the eventual BIG MOVE! I'm coming London!

Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

16 July 2012

Welcome Home.

Dress H&M
Trench Charity Shop
Bag Mac C London
Shoes Primark
Hat River Island
Necklace Topman



I had another few days off blogging, but it was all for good reason this time. Alan was home:) I've had a lovely weekend! Since I'm quite skint we mainly sat in bed eating junk food and watching superhero films! It was so much fun! I haven't laughed that hard for ages! I'm heading down on Thursday for his birthday weekend and I can't wait! I just want to soak up as much time with him as possible. I'm sure that will wear off fast ... :)

I got this dress this week and I love the shape! Its really short now though as my mum cut up for me, so I will need to wear it with tights as other wise you might see my foof ... naebedy wants that! I really really want H&M to bring it out in another colour! I would love it in lime green! Its now tucked up in my case for my holibags to be teamed with sandals, and its would look awesome with ankle boots on a night out!

I'm off now to check out the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Shortlist! Loads of my favs are in the running and loads that I haven't seen before so I'm excited to get some new reads!

Sweet Dreams!

Paula .. x

10 July 2012

Nae Bronzer.

Top Internacionale
Shorts Topshop
Necklace Topshop
Earrings Topshop
Ring H&M
Belt Primark
Bow Claire's Accessories

This is what I wore to work today, sporting a Croydon face lift as my hair was unwashed. This country is just miserable right now! Whats the point of doing my hair when its just going to get ruined anyway! How cute is my little skull necklace? Its in store now and on sale! This is a pretty straight forward outfit. I'm still not 100% about the hair, however I have cut wayyyy down on fake tan and stopped wearing bronzer! I'm very happy with the results!

Tomorrow I am heading into town for search for birthday presents for Alan, mum and sister (Yip all in the same week) so I will get up and dressed for that tomorrow. Rain please go away for the day! Then in the evening I'm off to a blogger event! So its a good wee day off!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

9 July 2012

Barbie Bleach.

Top H&M
Jeans Vintage
Blazer H&M
Bag Vivienne Westwood
Necklace New Look
Ring H&M
Bracelet H&M

I wore this out to the cinema last night to see Spider Man (Obviously) and then just wore it to work today because I was lazeeeeeee! I liked it last night, then not living it today, maybe just cause I wore it twice? But anyway I'm wearing this top again and I love the shape and its very low cut, which I like. You know like they say boys are either Legs/Breasts/Bum, well I think I'm like that with boobs! I have no problem with boobs being on show! Well as long as your not you know, flashing people but I just don't get why people get so worked up about them. I think I have spent to much time looking at super models so that I have became immune to the boob flash ... I did have to wear a top under this for work. My clothes are not work appropriate :\

Ended up taking a wee break from the blog. I had another bad week and when I'm like that I honestly don't really do much until I can drag myself out of "My Dark Place" Which I am now calling it. God I would kill for PMS rather than feeling sad! But I'm feeling better now!

Since I last posted I have changed my hair colour again! Its been bleached this time (Channelling the Dior Addict advert, wishing the hair would make me look like her!) I like it and so far it has had the seal of approval from everyone, but I don't want to keep bleaching it, so I am currently hunting for a light light blonde hair dye!

I also have some exciting news (For Me!) Alan and I booked a holiday!!! My first holiday in 6 YEARS! I'm not really one for going abroad as I get anxious about everything! Food! Language! Currency! and I fear something is going to happen and I will never get home! Its completely irrational and stupid! But I am so so so excited!!!!!! I can't wait to just chill on the beach and laze in the sunshine with the boy!

Maybe thats why I get sad ...  A LACK OF VITAMIN D!!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

2 July 2012

Kitty Kitty.

Shirt Primark
Skirt Primark

I seen this shirt in Primark and loved it instantly, I love things with little animals but admittedly don't have much. I didn't actually buy it as they didn't have my size, but discovered it in my sisters wardrobe a few days later, nice. Then a few days ago she gave it to me! Its a size 10 but is too tight for her but fits me perfect, So I think its been labelled wrong! Nice wee suprise for me!

Today has just consisted of work, and torturing myself looking at jobs and flats in London.
Its all very stressful! I'm moving with a cat in tow and so far all flat mates I look at look like nutters! I also have to wait till Feb before my work will transfer me as I'm on a maternity contract! But I want to go NOW! So having a look at other stuff!

Meanwhile my boyfriend dogged work to go to Wimbledon to watch the tennis!
What a hard life he leads. Eh?

Paula .. x

1 July 2012

Body Chain.

Top Internaionale
Leggings New Look
Body Chain Topshop

Neon Neckalces Reduced to £2!


Miss Selfridge

I have been hunting for one of these tops for ages, but all the ones I have found have had designs or haven't fit properly or were ridiculously expensive! So when I found this one in Internacionale I was over the moon. The fabric is so so soft and the shape is absoloutly perfect! Planning to get a white one as soon as I get paid! My body chain was an absoloute bargain! Manged to get it for under £5 reduced from £15, I doubt its still in the shops but they do have some on sale now! I really like the way they look, so different without being OTT. Well I think so. :)

Today I had a surprise day off! Which is always nice to get a wee Sunday off. I had a returns day in Glasgow but above is some of the things I decided to keep! Then I had a nice Sunday family dinner. Almost my perfect Sunday. A cuddle in bed watching movies and eating junk food would have made it perfect!
But only 18 days until I see him! :)

We have this week decided that we are going to go somewhere sunny on holiday! Originally we were going to go to Paris, but have since decided we wanted something relaxing, we do city breaks a lot so its nice to have a change! We don't go till August and already I am planning outfits! My first holiday in 6 years, I'm soooooo excited! 

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x