27 August 2012

Candy Stripes.

Shirt Miss Guided
Shorts Topshop
Belt Primark
I'm back from my weekend, well day, in Cambridge! I get so sad every time I come back now! I'm so excited about the idea of living there. I had the journey from hell though, well almost hell. I had to sit with a loony on the way down who insisted talking to me and being vile while drinking straight JD out the bottle, next train was fine, I hate escaped the looney. Then my train was struck by lightening! I can't even write this stuff bad luck follows me around to be its bitch :( I then was asked for money 3 times (in one day) and ended up £5 down because I gave a girl money, she was really upset and if she was lying about being stranded I hope she goes to hell. I've been in that situation before and someone helped me out. I live my life by the rule that If I am able to help someone, I will. Maybe I'm too polite. Then ... Nandos ran out of chicken wings. That was it!
I had a lovely day even after all of this. My boyfriend just has this way of calming me that he doesn't even realise, even though he can boil my blood sometimes too.
Paula .. x

24 August 2012

Glue Hair Extensions.

(*My hair hasn't been washed for 3 days here!*)
Before I left for my holidays I done something drastic, I ditched the clip in extensions for glue in ones!
If you've been following a while you'll know that I have always wanted to try the glue ins!
I bought 300 Keratin Nail Tip Glue Bonds from a store on EBay (22 inches long), costing about £100 it was about £40 more expensive than my clip ins.
To get the colour matched I dyed my hair and the hair extensions before gluing them in. Once dyed I sat with my sister while she put them in for me, the whole process taking about 3 hours, which wasn't too bad.
The hair was so long and straight that I went to the hairdressers to see if she could fix it. The layered the extensions in with my natural hair but still keeping the length.
Hair Extensions: £100
Hair Dyes: £18
Hair Cut: £15
TOTAL = £133
Now £130 is wayyyyy cheaper than getting them put in professionally, but with the professionals you obviously get the professional quality and after care. But for someone like me who has been doing it for years and knows how to look after my extensions, its been a great experience so far.
My hair has started to matt a little as I've been rubbing my shampoo into my scalp instead of brushing it through, so I will get my sister to remove them and put them back in where the matting has happened. Its a rookie mistake so I've been told.
I will do a follow post once I have removed them to see if there is any damage. But so far, so good :D
Good Points!
I don't have to clip them everyday!
Don't have to style them everyday!
Looks like real hair!
Bad Points!
More expensive!
Potential damage to scalp!
So what do you think?
I LOVE them!
but I might stick with the clip ins, depending on how the removal goes.
I recommend if you have long or longish hair and are just looking for volume, stick with the clip ins! They are safer and do the job great.
However if your like me and are having trouble growing your hair (its literally taking years!) then you could try the glue ins, or micro loops if your a little scared of the idea of using the glue.
Please feel free to tweet me any questions!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

23 August 2012

Blouche Blue.

Jacket H&M
Dress Primark
Belt River Island
Necklace Primark

Today was my first day off in a week so I was so so happy to get a day to myself! I also finish early tomorrow and I can't wait! My little cousins are visiting from England so my days off fell at a great time, and there is no better way to relax than with my family, or drinking ...

First time I've curled my extensions and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I'm not sure about my hair at the moment, I want my fringe to grow out a little so I can start to curtain it again.

I can confirm that I'm off to Cambridge this weekend! I'm so happy to get to see Alan, even though I only seen him 2 weeks ago, but anyone doing long distance knows how hard it is, and since it'll be October before I see him again I want to soak up any time I can get!

Paula .. x

22 August 2012

Extra Bright Neon.

Dress River Island
Belt H&M
Earrings Primark

When I got home from work on Saturday my mum had put a new wardrobe in my room. My sister is getting hers re decorated so I got her old wardrobe, so now I have two, and still no bloody space. I've spend everyday since then organising my wardrobe and I'm still not finished. Its making me dread moving!
I managed to hunt down those Primark earring on Argyle Street, I have seen them on loads of blogs and in mags and I have jumped way on the Neon trend, other I tend to stick to the pink and yellow neon rather than green and orange, I don't really like neon orange. I thought they would be really heave on my ears, but no they are great! They really stand out and I got loads of people asking where I go them.
I am maybe getting a trip down to Cambridge this weekend to see Alan and have a job hunt :) I'm really excited! If I get to go ...
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

H&M (SALE £10)


RAZZLE DAZZLE Glasgow (£1 each!)


21 August 2012

Cow Boys.

Parka H&M
Shirt Topshop (Via EBay)
Skirt Topshop
Boots Primark
Necklace Primark

I'm home from my holidays! Well I've been home for a week so gave myself some time to get back into my routine! Since I've been home I've just been working and re organising my room, which is taking forever! Too many clothes!
I got these adorable little Chelsea boots in brown and black after seeing them in the shop, I love these brown ones as I haven't seen many, and I think they will be great in autumn and I will wear the black ones more in winter, I think I just associate brown with autumn and fall. This shirt is one of my favourites and I wear it all the time even though I don't think I feature it on the blog much, I got told I looked like a cowboy at work, hence the title. I dunno about the cowboy thing, wheres my hat?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 

20 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 7.

Dress Primark
Necklace Primark
Sunglasses Primark
Sandals River Island
Bag Harrods
Our last day in Gibraltar, and definitely the hottest! We decided to head up to the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens as we had heard on the tour that it has a small Zoo inside. A few years ago the airport security discovered animals being smuggled from Africa. Unable to decide what to with the animals they kept them in Gibraltar and build a zoo within the gardens. Right away I wanted to see this. I find animal smuggling absolutely horrifying, but equally fascinating, so I wanted to see what kinds of animals had discovered a new home in Gib. After the long (not really, but in the heat it felt like miles) we were gutted to discover that the zoo was closed as its getting a wee make over. Devastated we headed to the beach. If you can’t beat the sun, enjoy it.
We headed to the beach to enjoy the sun, thankfully the jellyfish had retreated back to their homes, and I was diving in and out the water all day. When I was a kid I hated going on holiday because I hated being warm. I have this horrible fear of being sick and once at primary I was sick because I was too hot. I associated the two for years. Now however anything less than 20 degrees and I feel like a snowman. So much to my surprise I actually really loved the heat on holiday, however I think about 35 is my limit! My mum went to Turkey in late June and said the heat was unreal, in the 50s, fuck that!
I had saved this dress for our day trip to Morocco as I wanted to be a little more covered up, we didn’t go in the end however as the ferries over to Africa were hard to schedule around so we scrapped it. This dress wasn’t the best choice for the heat but I have no idea when I will get another chance to wear it. I love colours that other people fear, like bright Oranges and Greens! This dress is just the most beautiful shade of orange and I love the shape, it should be really unflattering, but its not, or maybe it is and I’m just blinded because I love it so much.
I am currently writing this post from the plane, committed or what? I would have liked a few more days in the sun but, I’m missing my wee Alfie like crazy! My bus isn’t for a few hours so I have a few hours in London for dinner with Alan. This holiday is the last I will see him till October as he is working hard through September so the holiday is bitter sweet but I’m hoping that September will pass quick. I’m having a few nights with my new work colleges, slightly missing my cinema boyfriend (Ted this week, aye?), also a potential blogger meet up (anyone know what is happening?), a visit to the dreaded Gala for Fresher’s Week to see the guys from halls, and a night out with the best girls in the world from college, plus dinner with my best friends to discuss Pre Italia/Gibraltar holiday tales/tans (theirs) ... I think thats it, I don’t think my two litres of Vodka are going to last very long. £5.70 well spent! Yes two litres of vodka for £5.70, aww Gib, I miss you already!
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

19 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 6.

Dress Topshop (Via Ebay)
Shoes Tammy Girl (Yes Honestly)
Bag Harrods
Ah so the end is near! Today we just ended up souvenir shopping for my little cousins and then we just relaxed on the beach again. Glasgow needs a beach ... and some sun. It was slightly ruined by the fact that we couldn’t go swimming because there where jelly fish in the water. Which we were alerted to when we were the only two people in the water and a wee old Spanish man ran up as if there was a shark in the water! So we just lay on the beach, 6 days here and I’m still applying fake tan, my skin hasn’t even got a dunt! Eugh!
I had wanted this dress for years. Its a bit of a blessing being a size 6 on EBay, as not many people are (Compared to the amount of people who are a size 8) so when things come up in a size 6 its a little easier to win than a size 8 version. I managed to bag this wee dress for £10! These wee wedges are practically vintage. I’ve had them for years and years. They are actually a size too small but I love them too much to get rid and they are still comfortable to wear! Today however the heel broke when I bent down. I am having the worst luck on this holiday! I’m going to have to get them fixed when I get home. I’m quickly running out of shoes to wear on this holiday...
Tomorrow is our last day and we are heading to the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and then for one last day at the beach.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

18 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 5.

Playsuit Vintage
Hat Primark
Necklace New Look
Bag Primark
Sunglasses Primark
Today was probably the best day of the trip so far! All week we had been planning on getting the cable cars up to see the Apes of Gibraltar. But eventually today we decided to go on the bus tour (I highly recommend it!). The tour drove us up the rock to see St Michael’s Cave. Which was absolutely incredible, way more interesting than watching a concert in the SECC. We then drove up to see the Apes. They are adorable but scary as hell too. We were so relieved in the end that we had the tour guide with us, while the apes aren’t vicious and are quite used to humans; they are wild apes and have teeth bigger than my feet! One wrong move and I have no doubt they would rip your face off. Our tour guide handled them like a pro though and I even held one. The tour then took us to see the Cannon Caves with the most unbelievable views of Gibraltar. Seriously if you ever find yourself in Gib and are off to see the apes, take the bus tour it was fantastic!
I honestly cannot remember where I got this play suit. I think it was in a bag of stuff that someone was throwing out. It is a really gorgeous piece and I’ve had it for years trying to find a good opportunity to wear it. As its silk it was really comfortable on and light in this heat.  My hat was an absolute gem from the 50p Primark wall! Ideal for holidays but I’m going to keep it in case I find something else I’d wear it with out with summer ... I’m bound to have something.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

17 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 4.

Body Primark
Skirt Primark
Sunglasses Primark
Sandals George
Instead of heading in to Gibraltar today we decided to explore Algeciras instead. However after waiting 45 minutes on a bus, when one came it was full and rather than wait another 45 minutes we scrapped the idea and decided to explore the place where our hotel is. We discovered a gorgeous beach just 15/20 minutes walk from our hotel (typical) and camped there for the day. Much nicer than the first beach that we went to. I have no problem with people smoking on the beach but fag “douts” (is that just a Scottish thing?) on the beach are disgusting!
I love these sandals but they do pinch a bit, but I also got them in black and I loved them! Loved as they disappeared in the sea, resulting in me having to walk 20 minutes back to my hotel with one shoe! NOT fun when the ground is roasting! Alan found it absolutely hysterical ... I miss my shoes L.
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

16 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 3.

Playsuit Miss Selfridge
Sun Glasses Ebay
Necklace Ebay
Bag H&M

Shoes Tammy
So we woke up today to ... dull skies, WTF! Obviously its still warmer than Britain, but it doesn’t feel as nice without the Sunshine! We hoped all day it would clear but no joy. We did go see the Dolphins which was awesome! They are so friendly, came right up to the boat to see what was going on and show off.
 Today I wore my (very very short) playsuit (Last Worn Here). I love the grey and pinks through this playsuit, and the fabric is so comfortable and light in the heat. The new shorter length though is a little too short, so I don’t know wither or not it is going to return home with me or not.
We also got to see today’s triathlon on TV which was incredible! I was so proud of the GB team Alastair and Jonathan! We’ve been watching The Olympics loads as the TV in the Hotel is obviously Spanish and it has been amazing to keep up and I’ve gotten really into it!
Tomorrow we are planning a picnic on the beach which I’m looking forward to, I just hope the weather is much nicer than it was today!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x