21 September 2012

Silver Mane.


Jacket H&M
Shirt Vintage
I have no idea why I looked so orange in the last post, I wear fake tan everyday so I don't know why I look so pale here?
Again fewer posts this week as Alan is home!!! :) So we are having Bran & Alan fun days instead.
I recently rediscovered this shirt in my wardrobe and wore it to my uni freshers week. The theme was "Zombie School Disco". It goes with loads of stuff and I can wear it any season which is always great. The collar on it is also amazing as its quite high but the points come quite low. Also the thick lace floral pattern makes it stand out and add a little more depth to an outfit.
I am continuing to plan the Scottish Blogger Pub Quiz, but have had to change the date due to work not letting me swap a shift! I will keep everyone up to date once the venue has got back to me!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

16 September 2012

Pinkie Woo.

T-Shirt Vintage
Shorts H&M
Necklace Primark

Yey! An outfit post! Not a great one but at least its something!
This is what I wore to work. I feel that I should dress a bit more "Rock Chick" because of the pink hair so I embraced it! This T-Shirt is one of my favourites, it makes any outfit look instantly cool! These shorts were an absolute bargain at £5 in the sale. I hunted loads of H&Ms to get my size, I would have preferred a size 8 to a 6 but I'm not taking them back! I think they will look lovely with w white shirt and blazer or blouce jacket. The scalloped leg is so chic yet such a simple touch.
I seen this amazing pink leather skater skirt in H&M today that I am going to go have a look for tomorrow. However I am going to try and get some pink leather fabric fist so I can make my own and then add gold studs ... very Obscure Couture!
I will try and keep up posts! Hes also going to help me plan the Blogger Pub Quiz!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

15 September 2012

Olympians Parade.

Today my best friends and I headed into Glasgow to see the Scottish Olympians/Paralympians Parade! We ended up doing more shopping than parading! I'm not good with crowds so we didn't get very close, but it was more the atmosphere I wanted to go for. Everyone was so happy cheering and waving Scotland flags around! I really got into to games over summer so when I heard about the parade I was over the moon! I felt like I got to be more of a part of the games!
As you can see I am wearing my old clip in extensions, which I have dip dyed pink :) I took my glue ins out this week as they where a mess after my holiday (Sand wrestling, not good for hair extensions) but I am going to get my sister to put them back in for me this weekend. I am absolutely lost without them!
I've not been posting any outfit posts for a while, genuine personal reasons this time and not just me being a lazy bitch like usual! I am hoping to get one up tomorrow and get back on track :).
Thanks for bearing with me.
Still over a week to RSVP to the Scottish Blogger Pub Quiz!
So please drop me an email if your coming!
(Please come I am sweating that no one is going to turn up! Also If I don't get a few more the venue will kick my ass and I'll lose my deposit!)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

11 September 2012

BooHoo Challenge.

Blazer £10
Dress £20
Flatforms £20
Since I haven't being doing outfit posts recently, I've been concentrating on different kinds of posts. So when I seen this Boohoo £50 Blogger Challenge, I decided to give it a go! I always want to write more fashion and high street based posts, but I find it difficult as I don't shop online a lot. Being so tiny I have to try everything on so sometimes its just too much hassle. I really like Boohoo though and have bought stuff before and its fitted, so that's a good sign.
Plus I am constantly singing "BOOHOO DOT COM!!" for days after I see the adverts.
£50 is a difficult budget these days, but it can be done!
I'm really happy with my outfit choice. Its so versatile. I think I'd be able to wear it to parties, nights out, shopping trips, dates! Anywhere!
The dress is a gorgeous shape and the colour is beautiful. The shade of blue is amazing , its not quite a pastel blue, its Autumn now, pastels are done! Of course butterflies are huge right now and the big bold print will make you look smaller when wearing it. I actually have this blazer which is why I chose it as I absolutely love mines. It fits like a dream and is perfect for petites like me because its shorter. The material is great too, ideal for Autumn as its thick, not thin an flimsy like most other high street blazers. Oh my god do I LOVE these flatforms! I hate my stupid small feet, if I could get them in my size I swear I'd never wear normal flats again. Unlike most other flatforms I've seen these are filled toes, which is obviously much better than open toed for Autumn.
If I was wearing this to something like an Autumn Wedding I would wear my hair up in a sleek bun, like the model, with a black clutch and minimal accessories, probably just earrings.   
If it was a night out or a party I would wear my hair tousled, and add a black hair chain and some flicked eyeliner. Another great point about this outfit is the flatforms. Ideal for nights out as you don't have to hunt your room for a bag big enough to fit spare flats! Sweet.
I would also wear this on a date too. The flatforms give you the height without heels (Boys fear high heels, and high heels on a first date looks desperate. Unless you're off to a super swanky restaurant, think about it, do you really want to rock up at Nandos looking like a wag?) This is the perfect "Playing it safe but still looking hot" first date outfit!
So £50, one outfit, three different occasions! Money well spend I'd say!
I hope you liked my entry, If I won I am definitely buying this dress!
Any bloggers can enter so if you fancy a go, head over to:
Good Luck :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

10 September 2012

Blogger Pub Quiz!

From one blogger meet up to the next!
Scottish Bloggers!
I have finally took the plunge and organised a night out!
I am organising a Blogger Pub Quiz!
What Time?
7pm - 10pm
(Quiz Starts 7:30pm)
All Scottish Bloggers Welcome Fashion/Beauty/Food, ANYTHING!
Non bloggers are of course also welcome!
Be aware though, I will be splitting you all in to teams, so don't bring a friend and then ditch them in the blogger deep end! lol.
Unfortunately as the quiz will take place in a bar its over 18s only :( Sorry baby bloggers!
Please spread the word over Twitter as I want as many faces there as possible!
Going to try and get lots of prizes for the winning team! Hopefully some goody bags too!
Please RSVP  to Brantastic_x@hotmail.co.uk
with your:
Blog Link 
Twitter Name
On Twitter I will also be using the hashtag #Bloggerpubquiz to tease you with all my plans!
(Get me with the hashtags, didn't even know what a hashtag was this time last year!)
I can't wait to see you all!!
Sweet Dreams!
Paula .. x
P.S. If anyone would like to donate any prizes please drop me an email!

5 September 2012

SBM. Round 3.

On Thursday night I headed into Glasgow to my third Scottish Blogger Meet Up.
This one arranged by Karris. Who I was so excited to finally meet as I hadn't got the chance at the last one. Karris was the first Cruelty Free Blogger I had heard about so I was desperate to talk to someone about it. Now I know lots of cruelty free bloggers, but since Karris was the first, I dunno its like meeting someone famous. Shes definitely an inspiration as I don't meet many people who have such strong animal views as I do, and its a difficult thing to talk to people about as they automatically assume that you're going to throw paint over them for eating meat. Not all animal lovers are as intense as they are stereotypically made out to be! lol.

Anyway enough of me being a fan girl ...
We all arranged to head to KUTA on Bath Street. One of my favourite bars in the city. A beautiful bar, with affordable cocktails and still fairly new, therefore not yet over run with Glasgow Hipsters! They also serve food, which I haven't tried, yet, I've heard its gorgeous!

The night was so lovely as it was so relaxed and casual! I managed to get to talk to almost everyone this time too which was great. Being a smaller blogger community there are enough of us to get to meet all different types of bloggers, but still few enough of us that we all get to mingle.

As per usual ... I got drunk instead of taking photos ... and was running late so didn't get any photos of what I wore.
I am such a failure!

The rest of the girls/boy DID get photos!
You can check them out below :)

A huge thank you to our hostess, Karris!
It hopefully won't be too long before there is another ;)

Lisa and Sami

I think that's everyone! IF NOT, Tweet me to let me know :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x