29 October 2012

Halloween Choices.

I might have mentioned it before but, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!
Hands down, my favourite time of year. I love it more than My Birthday/Christmas/Easter combined! I have no idea why! I just loved getting dressed up and getting free sweeties!
So this is my options for costumes this year. My original idea was Garth from Wayne's world, but I had no one to be Wayne ... next year.
Option 1: Sheep
Gillette New Look
Dress H&M
Extras: Sheep Make Up, Sheep ears
I think this is my favourite costume! Its just so fun! I will wear this to my little cousins Halloween party! I usually have a few costumes because I love Halloween so much I want to have as many costumes as possible!  
Option 2: Barbie
Dress H&M
Necklace Primark
Ring Primark
Shoes Barratts Petite Feet
Extras: Blonde Wig
This is quite a safe choice, but isn't it just the perfect Barbie dress! This is just a back up in case I have another party ... cause my life is that wild ...
Option 3: Clown
Dress Clothes Show
Shirt H&M
Bow Tie Primark
Socks Local Shop
Boots Barratts Petite Feet
Extras: Scary Clown Make Up and BIG hair! :)
Not Ideal for a kids party ... my little cousin is one and she freaks if I so much as wear a hat in doors so I don't want to scare her. So I think I will save this for my night out in town. Everyone seems to have went for scary rather than slutty this year, which I love! That's the whole point of Halloween! I'll admit I never do scary. I'm always something sweet like a Greek Goddess, Bow Peep, Ballerina, a Fairy etc etc. But this year I'm excited to get in amongst it!
Still feeling a little down and not doing outfit posts yet, but I am working on some stuff and will have my first product review on Wednesday! Oooh! As well as working on a few guest posts and The Blogger Pub Quiz post!
HUGE!!! Thank you for all the lovely comments :') 
I was definitely overwhelmed but also relieved that other people could relate!
I'm not insane! Yess!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

26 October 2012

Whats Up Bran.

This post is just a wee explanation as to whats going on and why my posts are becoming increasingly erratic.
In all honesty this post is going to be more therapeutic for me rather than a good read. However if you are a nosey bugger like me you might enjoy it! Or maybe you guys will have some words of wisdom to help. I do hope so.
I hate not blogging regularly, I know I have a life blah blah blah, but I still hate it. I hate being out of a routine and I'm worried if I keep missing posts I'm going to stop or lose my mojo as it were. I really really don't want that to happen. My blog doesn't interrupt my life ... my life just bloody gets in the way.
1. I hate my job. I don't really. I actually really enjoy it, I just wish I had more regular shifts and wasn't living week by week. Its making me lazy! I am much more motivated when I'm going 100miles an hour! I thrive off being busy and need to be constantly moving. So with everything being much slower I get less motivated. Its depressing.
2. I'm skint. All the time. I have went from having a good wage to scraping by every month. Don't get me wrong I make enough to pay all my bills and maybe have 1 night out a month, but thats about it. Its just getting a bit old always having to say "Sorry I'm skint" "We'll need to do something cheap". I feel like it is all I think about! I am looking for a second job, but nothing is coming up, probably won't get anything now till after Christmas. I was just hoping to start saving for flats, driving lessons, adult braces and possibly doing a post grad. However at the end of the month I just have nothing to spare.
3. I hate the way I look at the moment. My eyebrows are wirey and my hair keeps turning a funny colour and won't grow. HA! This is stuff I never moan about, and this really gets me down because I know how lucky I am that I was born healthy with all my limbs and haven't ever had a bad accident. So I can't stand when people moan about the way they look! But, know what, I'm human. I think everything is getting on top of me and that is the only reason this stuff is even bothering me.
4. Nothing is happening career wise. My "Career" is on hold for a little while. Which I am OK with. I am just worried that when I start going for jobs and internships that I won't get anything. You know some peoples life goal is to be a parent one day? They have always known they have wanted to be a mum/dad they have grown up dreaming about it? Well thats how I feel about a career in fashion. I have never wanted another job, I don't have any back up plan. I am terrified I won't be able to build a career. If I don't get a career in fashion, my life will be empty. Even though I know it won't be. It will just genuinely break my heart. I think I've realised how serious growing up is and I'm like, FUCK.
5. I'm lonely.Whish is really hard to admit. My boyfriend is in England. My friends just have other lives, Uni/partners/jobs, thats life. It just seems like every time I organise something it gets cancelled. All I do everyday is go to work or hang out with my family. Seriously I make Bridget Jones look mental. 
I know that I have a great life. I have a job I have a lovely family, everyone is happy and healthy, I KNOW that. My life has so much potential. So why don't I feel happy?
Every single day I wake up and can't be arsed to get ready unless there is a reason. Which is why blogging is so hard, you can't do PJ outfit posts. Well you can but how boring would that be?
So this is why the blogging has taken a dive. Which is infuriating as its probably one of the best things I have right now. These lovely comments and emails I get daily, but I can't believe them. Every time someone says something nice I can't believe it, what the fuck is that all about? I really don't mean to sound like a dick. But sometimes I will get a lovely comment and it will honestly brighten my day and release me from this dark mood for a while, which is wonderful. Thank You.
I am wondering if I should take a full break for a while. I'm worried that a month will turn in to 2 then 3 and then I won't come back. However if I just post when I can I won't feel as much pressure, so if you guys don't mind erratic posts for a little while I will stick around.
Has this been the longest most pathetic post ever? lol.

Sorry guys!
But thanks for having a read, I hope you understand :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

23 October 2012

Tatty Brows.

Jumper New Look
Shirt Sainburys
Shorts H&M
Pearls Dorothy Perkins
Jumper H&M
Skirt Topshop
Socks Primark
Shoes New Look
Top Topshop
Bandau Primark
Skirt H&M (Kids)
Necklace Market Stall
 I haven't posted in over a week as my computer is broke! Blogger nightmare! But it seems to have fixed itself now so I'm back! As you can see I've been taking lots of quickie outfit snaps so that you can see something :)
I was also really busy planning the Blogger Pub Quiz! Which I will hopefully post about in the next few days once I get the photos back.
Thats all I can think of for now I'm afraid, I will hopefully get an outfit post up tomorrow and be back on track!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

15 October 2012

Dress Maker.

Dress I Made (ooh)
Ring Ebay
Shoes New Look
Today I had another interview! This was my first ever group interview, which was a bit mad! I'm not an  overconfident or shy person when it comes to things like this, but "competing" with lots of other big personalities is soooo odd! But I had a lot of fun, lots of people say they hate group interviews but I thought it was great! This is also an example of when being small is good, I'm instantly remembered! I will find out by the end of the week if I get a second interview, so fingers crossed :)
I wanted to be smart at the interview, but still comfortable as I was working all day and wasn't sure what I would need to do at the interview. Soooo, I made a dress! Well kind of, I took a basic dress from H&M a cut up a basic shirt, and sewn them together, easy! and the result has been great if I do say so myself! So simple and classic yet still striking and smart enough (I think) for an interview.
So tomorrow I have a shift at work then I am off Wednesday, which means intense BLOGGER PUB QUIZ PLANNING!!! :D

Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

11 October 2012

You Are Gold.


Shirt H&M
Skirt Jane Norman
Bow Primark
Earrings Primark
Wedges New Look
Today I wasn't working until 4, so I actually got up off my lazy ass and got ready ... then realised its not payday till tomorrow and I have no money to do anything anyways ... so my mum decided to cheer me up by taking me to get my nails done for the blogger pub quiz :) one less thing to worry about!
How beautiful is this skirt! I got it from the Jane Norman sale, I never shop in JN but you should always go in to the shops you don't usually visit when its sale time, you always find amazing gems! I'm struggling to know what to wear it with other than a white shirt though. Any thoughts?
Tomorrow I am off into Glasgow to try and get some more flyers and vouchers for the Blogger Pub Quiz goodie bags! Then a girls night at a friends. I'll be back on Saturday :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

9 October 2012

Long Distance Love.

As you may (or may not) be aware, my boyfriend and I partake in something which is painful, lonely and that we wish wasn't happening ... we have a long distance relationship.
It all started in early 2010, we started "dating" I actually don't know when we officially got together. I say it was when we went to London. The first time he called me his girl friend. That was probably why I say it was that point. I wasn't ready to be a girlfriends again before then. After what, 7 months of dates I think it was time to make it official.
We know from the go that it was only going to be a short term thing. I was going to University and leaving Glasgow. Alan then completed his masters and got accepted to do a PHD in at Cambridge University. Meaning that he was moving too. We both decided that once we started uni that that would be it. We are both very career focused people and I think our careers had always been our number 1 priorities.
Then it came to it, the move. We couldn't do it. I have no idea the events that caused us to decide to try long distance, I just remember saying "lets try it" and thinking that it would work out for us! Perhaps it was the fact that I was hating Uni and realised that home wasn't really home anymore without him. It still doesn't feel like home now. When hes not around nothing is fun.
I haven't been 100% single since I was 15, "Maybe I just can't cope without a boyfriend?" I thought. I'll happily admit it, I hate being single. I love having a boyfriend. But never in my life have I put someone before my career, but with this boy, I'm happy to support him for a little while. Not that he has ever asked nor would he ever expect me to, if I ever put him before my career he would throttle me. He knows and appreciates how important a career is to me. He would never even question if I put a job before him, nor I him ... to an extent. We both respect each others careers and respect each other. We both want to work hard at our relationship, this involves mutual respect and equal sacrifices.
Its very hard. Long distance is very lonely. I miss him all the time and its worse when you have a bad day and all you want is a hug to make everything better, but you have to make do with a text or call or skype, but its not the same.
Its expensive and stressful. You have to annoy your boss constantly for time off work, which ends up meaning you only get to see them for one whole day after travelling for 6+ plus hours. By train which costs you an absolute fortune or by bus which makes you 99% sure that you are capable of killing someone.
There is also the task of having to constantly defend your relationship to people. "Are you sure its worth it?" "Will you not be lonely when you move?" "What happens if you move and then split up?" "Are you sure your not just running away from Glasgow?". Eh YES! NO! NO! NO! These are good questions. These people care about you and only want for you to be happy. But why do they have to ask the questions 50,000 times after you have given them the answers! Leave people to make their own choices and maybe mistakes, and just be there if it falls through.
Its not all bad though.
You get the best feeling when you book your train to go see him! You get excited for days, weeks even! It makes you cherish every min because you know you don't have long until you have to leave again!
You can keep the spark in your relationship. 2 years in and Alan and I still feel as if we are in that honey moon phase! Its all smooches and dates and making an effort ... no granny pants! (lookin at choo Lydia Bright!) yet we are still comfortable enough to sit and watch TV in slobby jammies!
You also get lots of you time! I enjoy this! Whenever we are apart I concentrate on me, my work, my friends and then when we see each other its 100% no distractions ... he will dispute this and say there is a third person in our relationship ... my phone. I say he needs to deal with it.
I know there are a lot of bloggers and other girls/boys doing long distance, so a lot of you out there know exactly what its like. I just thought it would be a nice thing to share on the blog in case anyone out there is unsure about giving it a try or just wants to see how someone else going through it feels or deals with it.
Me? I just take it a day at a time! Counting down the days until I move down with him and finally start my real life! Its not going to be easy. I know that. It will be hard and I will cry and we will argue. But I know it will work out, and more importantly, its what I want to do! I can't wait!
Sweet Dreams
Paula ... x 

8 October 2012

Interview Attire.


Shirt New Look
Top Primark
Trousers H&M
Shoes New Look
Brooch Primark
I recently had my first "Real Job" interview!
So I thought it would be cool to dedicate this post to my personal interview rules.
As well as show you my interview outfit :)
My Rules for a Good Interview!
Do your Research. Learn about the company you are applying for. The first question usually asked at interviews is "What do you know about the company". Doing research will show that you really want the job and that you are keen to learn. It also shows initiative that you done it without being asked. 
Plan your answers. Write a list of questions you think you could be asked, or better yet write down the questions you think you might find difficult to answer. Write your answers down and then if you are asked then you don't panic as to what you need to say.
Smile and make eye contact. A smile shows that you are positive and warm, meaning that people will want to be around you. Being qualified for a job is one thing, but these people have to work with you, no one wants to work with someone they feel uncomfortable with. Eye contact shows confidence, if they are looking at your eyes they won't realise if you are a bit nervous. Avoiding eye contact also makes you look uninterested.
Dress smart. This sounds like it should be the last thing on your mind but first impressions are extremely important. I have seen people asked to leave an interview because they have turned up in jeans. Even if it is for a job in McDonald's, if you look smart you are instantly remembered. Don't be afraid to put your personality in though. Add a subtle pink belt or a bow in your bun, something subtle and still smart, but memorable.
(What do you think my little mouse is for!)
Ask questions. At the end of the interview ask a few questions! It makes you look more interested and is your opportunity to find out if the job is right for you. If you feel that all your questions have been answered, then say that. Say that all the your questions have been answered and thank you. That is polite and positive.
Keep your answers simple and to the point. Talking too much is just as bad as not talking enough.
If you don't get the job :( find out why! It could be something you can change in future or it could be something as simple as there was someone who just beat you to it. Either way it is good to know. One of my best friends phoned a job to find out why he was rejected (We'll call him Bob). The boss then told him he had got the job. It turns out that the boss had got his Bob's mixed up and the other Bob had the job, not my Bob. In the end my Bob accidentally got the job! So know what, you never know!
I hope this has helped!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

7 October 2012

Emerald Horses.

Dress H&M
Shirt Vintage
Belt Internacionale
Bracelet Primark
I love this dress! The colour is such a great autumn colour and its so feminine and girlie! I think its going to one of those dresses that everyone gets because its so versatile and simple but still detailed enough to look expensive and classy. I'll be honest tho I think it would look better with boobs, and I'm going to attach an underskirt so that the skirt looks bigger. This is only because I'm so small though, if your taller I guarantee it will look perfect on you.
I really don't have much else to say unfortunately.
Just that The Blogger Pub Quiz plans are going well! I hope your all as excited as I am :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

5 October 2012

Riding Pants.

Top Lefties (Spain)
Shrug Gibraltar
Riding Pants H&M
Necklace Primark
Flowers Dorothy Perkins
I think I am again in day 4 or 5 of not washing my hair. I seriously have no idea whats going on! I just have no motivation when the only place I am going is to work and then home to do nothing!
I seen the AA riding pants a while back and have always contemplated buying them, but as usual they where a small fortune, however I stumbled across these in the H&M sale the other day! £7! What even! They are perfect!!! If only I could stumble across some £7 disco pants! (But I think Santa is bringing me the real deal ;) ooh) I also love this shrug! I'm always getting asked about it as its just something you don't see here! I love the sheer light fabric and the embroidery is hand done! Its just amazing and I will keep it forever!
Tomorrow I have work then 2 days off! Ahh Bliss! I don't have much planned except sourcing more prizes and writing up the *Top Secret* Blogger Pub Quiz Quiz!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

2 October 2012

Moan Face.


Dress Charity Shop (H&M)
Necklace Vintage
This is a dress I have had for a few weeks now. Its became a go to dress though. Whenever I'm struggling to decided what to wear this goes on. Its comfortable, light and can be worn any time any season! Polka dots are classic. I wear it back to front though as I just think it looks much more interesting that way, I think maybe you'd need big chebs (boobs!) to fill it out if I wore it to the front.
Nothing much happened today. I just got up and went to work! I have all late shifts for the next few weeks! Eugh! So I will make sure I make time to get outfit posts before I leave for work. Its going to be a boring two weeks!
I like getting a lie in but I'd much prefer to be out the house at 9 and get work done. Hmm maybe I just feel like my day is a little wasted because it doesn't really start till 1pm. Cause I can't really get up and do anything before work if I have to leave at 12 anyways!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

1 October 2012

Social Media Geek.

Dress Primark
Earrings Tammy
Necklace Topman
Bag Primark
Shoes Pretty Small Shoes
Back from another little break! Alan was home for two weeks so we were in a bubble of minging lovey dovey couple stuff! I am also back with a new hair doo! I was so sick of the bright blonde (I did not resemble the Dior model) If I ever try to stray away from the ash blonde again someone stop me!
On Thursday night I was very excited to attend a party at Hummingbird hosted by Equator. It was social media week in Glasgow and this was the only event I was able to attend! Which was a real shame but hopefully I'll get the chance to go to some events next year. I'm really glad I was invited though it was such a great night! The theme was "Social Media Geek" so our invites contained geek glasses! There was also huge glasses made out of balloons (I want to be a balloon artist! What an amazing job!) as well as some bands and a DJ and amazing food! Its not a party until there is a buffet!
I think I enjoyed it so much as well because me and Alan got to have a night to ourselves! It was also quite cool that he got too see exactly what kind of things the blog has opened up for me and got to meet a few bloggy friends.
I've been really disappointed with Primark recently. I think the jewellery has been rubbish for ages now and I'm not impressed with the price hike in the jewellery! There is a reason I don't buy jewellery from anywhere else. This dress though was a fantastic find and for £10 I'm really impressed with it! I love everything about it! The fabric the colour the shape, length!
Now that the boy has retreated back to England I am pumping all my energy in to The Blogger Pub Quiz! Follow me on Twitter for all the updates ;) @Brantastic_x.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x