29 November 2012

Movember 9.

Blazer H&M
Top Vintage Frank Usher
Shorts Topshop
Necklace Primark
This outfit looks really Christmassy with all the sequins. Can you have too many sequins? Nahhh. I think keeping the colours all monochrome keeps it looking chic and not too over the top ... I hope at least.
My hair looks like shit because I went to the hair dressers yesterday and she completely fucked it up :( I have my works night out on Saturday so I'm hoping to get it in to some decent style before then!
I hate trying to find something to wear to a Christmas night out and I am never leaving it to the last minuet again! I am now £200 down, and a million online returns AND STILL NO DRESS! AHHHH!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x 

27 November 2012

Movember 8.

Top Lefties (Spain)
Shorts H&M
Necklace Primark
These Pictures have turned out so bad, I hadn't realised I left the lights on! None the less its a post. Been away a few days, had a bit of anxiety over the last week so when I wasn't at work I was in my PJs.
I just wore this to work today before heading in to town to do some Christmas shopping. Its a really boring outfit LOL! But these shorts are gorgeous! The seam down the front makes them look so much more expensive than they actually are, I think they only cost me about £14.99. They have a very "Caroline Channing" (2 Broke Girls) look about them! She will be my future inspiration when styling these shorts! They go with shirts, blouses, camis, shifs, T-shirts! They can be kept casual like this or wore with bare legs if you wanted to wear them out. I would have happily paid 3x what I did for something this versatile!
This necklace has been round my neck everyday since I got it. Its currently on sale from £6 to £3 ... seriously Primark stop raising prices! At least until I have more money!
Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut as it badly needs it! Going to see if she can do something about these hair extensions cause they are looking a bit thin and limp :(
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

21 November 2012

The Pokey Hat.

Last night I was invited to The Pokey Hat's Jeffrey Campbell Launch Fashion Show in Glasgow.
I was really excited because it seems like there are 101 beauty events but hardly any fashion ones!
The show was being held by The Pokey Hat founder Jennifer Welford in celebration of Jeffrey Campbell shoes being launched in store! With clothes from The Pokey Hat, Stay Sick, Once Upon a Time and Claudette.

JCs are huge right now. Last night it was said they are the shoes that are defining our generation and I completely agree. I used to think they where a little clunky when I first seen them on Lookbook years ago, but they have really grown on me and now I'd kill for a pair! As you can imagine everyone was out in them last night.
The show was wonderful! All the clothes were amazing and not to "Fashiony" I could see people wearing them out, which I what I love to see in a collection. I also felt like the clothes appealed to so many different styles of people. Sometimes you see a collection and its only a certain type of person who would wear it, but last night the collections very versatile. Floaty pretty dresses! some grungy stuff! leather! lace! fur! Something for everyone.

I also loved the hair and make up styling. Sometimes it can be over the top and not fit in with all the collections so I think the sleek ponytails were a genius choice that worked well with every piece of clothing!

All in all a wonderful first show, well done to all involved I really enjoyed it!

Going to all these fashion shows and seeing all these amazing normal girls following thier dreams and starting up thier own fashion companies really inspires me to get off my lazy ass and do something. I once heard a Glasgow designer say that she had opted to stay in Glasgow and help put it on the fashion map. A great idea!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

Movember 7.

Coat River Island (Ebay)
Leather Jacket Primark Kids (Charity Shop)
Top Topshop
Skirt H&M
Belt H&M
Earrings Primark
Boots Barratts 
This was last nights outfit for The Pokey Hat Jeffrey Campbell Launch Fashion Show.
I will have a full post on the show tomorrow :)
I had a mad panic over what to wear to the show! I knew everyone would be in their JCs, but unfortunately my teeny feet don't fit them. So I opted for my own Alfie Boots :) Its actually their first sober outing! They held up well, considering I was sitting down for like 2 hours ...
I got this pencil skirt for £7 in my last H&M sale raid! I do love a pencil skirt and I think they are great for winter to keep your thighs a bit warmer. I wanted my legs oot, but its bloody freezing so this was the best of both. The top is a "boobs oot" number and one of my favourites. I'm not blessed with big chebs but its doesn't bother me as it means I can get away with stuff like this without boobs being in your face ... unless they fall out. Which has happened.
Why was I ever going to sell this coat? I love it. Its bright yes, but the shape of it is just so amazing and everyone always comments on it ... still on the hunt for the red version.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

17 November 2012

Movember 6.

Coat H&M
Fur Primark
Hat H&M
Leggings H&M
Necklace Topshop
Bracelet Topshop
Bag Primark
Shoes New Look
This is what I wore on Thursday night to the NYR event. I was running so late as usual despite sitting about all day. I ended up going for something casual on comfy as I have had a pretty tough week and I just wanted to be relaxed.
I'm embracing the hats right now, I think its because my hair is shorter if I have a hat no one looks at the hair. But, what is it about wearing a hat, and every bugger wants to wear it, NAW!, its a hat! Not a bloody rare diamond or something, its a hat, you see them all the time, plus its MY HAT, for MY HEAD.
On Thursday night I headed into Glasgow for an Event at Neal's Yard Remedies. The Glasgow store is in Merchant Square, and I'll admit that I had never noticed the store before so just in case you haven't either you know where it is now!
I'll also admit that I didn't know too much about the company either, all I knew was that they are cruelty free and organic, brilliant! So I was excited to discover something new. The store is like walking in to some sort of Alice in Wonderland Storage space, tons of blue bottles and jars to sniff and touch. Thousands of different smells so you can chose what you like rather than being stuck with liking a products but not loving the smell as much.
The products are a little out of my price range at the moment, however, my friend is expecting a baby in April and I was having a look at the mother and baby section and I will definitely be popping in to pick her up some stuff. I think when someone is pregnant they get a lot of stuff for the baby, but its lovely to treat Mummy and since its organic its a million times better than something packed with chemicals.
I have also found a NYR miracle product ... the facial wipes you can see above. I'm sure they are £5.50 and I thought "Bit steep for baby wipes" (Seriously am I the most white trash blogger ever?) Since using them for the last two nights though, I'd happily pay it. They feel amazing when you put it on your face and my skin is feeling incredible, seriously, I have never felt so good taking my make up off, I can't rave about them enough.
Thank you to the lovely ladies at Neal's Yard for having us.
We had a lovely night and learnt so much about a wonderful company!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

14 November 2012

Movember 5.

Trousers H&M
Top Primark
Hat New Look
Jacket Zara
Necklace Primark
Bracelet Topman
Bag Primark
Shoes New Look
Ahhh I hate using the flash on photos, but its getting too dark too early now not to :/
This was what I wore for a night to the pub to celebrate my friends birthday. I actually wore this to work but without the hat and flat shoes, and a vest instead of a bandeau. My clothes are so inappropriate for work. I think these trousers are the perfect example of how things suit people differently, I'm a size 6 and these trousers do nothing for me! Proof that just because your a 6 you can't pull anything off.
In other news this clutch from Primark is my new favourite bag ever! Get one before they sell out!
Tomorrow I am going to an event in Glasgow! So I'm very excited to see all the Scottish Bloggers :)
Might get a wee cheeky Pinto before it :) YUM!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

12 November 2012


You might remember a few weeks ago I was invited to Equators Social Media Geek Party! As party of Social Media Week, obviously.
Part of the evening was a competition to win a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses for the best Social Media Geek Photo Tweet.
I won!
What!? I never win anything!
I was so so so chuffed as I had been eyeing up a pair of Ray Bans on holiday, but on my budget, no chance!
I went for the Taupe Wayfarers! I was originally eyeing up the pink, but my friend convinced me that these would go with more! Aren't they gorgeous! HURRY UP SUMMER!
Thank you so much Equator!
I love them :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

10 November 2012

Blogger Pub Quiz.

You might remember a few weeks ago I took the plunge and hosted my own Blogger event! A Blogger Pub Quiz! It was so much fun, but I stress myself out sooooo much! I won't be doing it again ... for a while ;)
The Quiz was made up of 5 rounds, about Fashion, Beauty, Twitter Drama, Photo round and a Blogging round.
I was so worried that the questions would be too easy but it actually turned out OK and every group had their strong and weak subjects!
So the team with the most points were the winners, but I also had prizes for the team that had the best team name which was ... Untitled Post ... haha simple yet effective!
Untitled Post
An "L" of a Team
I hope this is the hardest bit
In Last Place
(Thank you so much for the card Iona it was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture!)
A huge thank you to the following people who donated prizes and goodies! It was very much appreciated and generous!
Gil :)

And A huge thank you to my lovely sister and live in sister for helping me mark the quizzes/taking and filling goodie bags/Photography!

Of course, thank you to everyone who came :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x