31 December 2012

Outfits Of 2012.






I posted one of these posts last year and I really enjoyed seeing all my favourites from the year, so I thought I'd do it again. This isn't all my posts just some of my personal favourites.
Its interesting to see how my style has changed ... except it hasn't ... I always say I have no particular style, and I still agree with that. I just kind of wear what ever feels good on the day depending on my mood.
This has been the year of changing hairstyles. My hair has been every shade of blonde on the palette, its been pink, ombre'd, full fringe, side fringe, curtain fringe! Its been clipped in, glued in and even sewn in! Will I ever be happy? Its also been in a bun A LOT. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to whoever made the bun a trendy!
Its also been the year of much less shopping. Buying less wearing more to quote Gok! I went from having a £800+ wage to making just about £500, so shopping took a major hit, but in all honesty, its been wonderful. This year I have managed to cut down my shopping and I have stopped letting shopping control my life. My name is Paula, and I was a shopaholic, but I'm getting there :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

29 December 2012

New Weave.

A week before Christmas I got a wee pre Christmas surprise, and I decided to spend it on some new hair extensions. Long time readers will know I have wear clip ins then recently tried keratin bonds. I loved my clip ins but decided to give the bonds a wee try for my summer holidays. I really liked the bonds. They felt like my real hair, they were easy to maintain, they were comfortable and despite all the horror stories were very easy and safe to remove. (IF YOU DO IT CAREFULLY AND PROPERLY) The only downfall for me was that once they had been in a while they started to matt, no matter how careful I was it eventually would matt, and I just found it so uncomfortable. It wasn't painful or itchy, it just really bugged me!
So what next? A weave!
I've had a weave before and really liked it. Weaves are very safe and help natural hair growth, but they are very expensive to have fitted and can be painful at first. I managed to find a Classy Curls in Glasgow who would fit mines for £50. Which was just to fit the wefts of hair which I took myself. I went thinking I was getting a braided weave, but what I actually got was something I had never heard of before ... a micro weave. Its basically tracks of micro loops in your hair and then the weft is sewn threw the micro loop tracks. (2nd Photo) Its amazing! Weaves can be quite painful but this was absolutely pain free! (I think in part though because I'm so used to the weight) If its the first time you are getting a weave it may give you a headache but 2 paracetamol and your sorted! Its also really easy to fix once the hair grows out, I just have to go back and get them tightened, sweet no removal and re fitting! So you can keep them in for as long as your hair is in a good condition.
Weaves are definitely becoming more popular, I think because people want something more permanent than clip ins and so many people are actually scared to try bonds or have had a bad experience. Micro loops are also a great alternative to bonds but again its just the matting that drives me crazy.
I can do everything with my weave that I can do with my hair, curl, straighten, dry, wash and dye!
This is it completely unstyled, so tomorrow I will add a better picture of it finished off!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

27 December 2012

Christmas Time.

Top H&M
Skirt H&M
Coat Topshop
Jacket Primark Kids
Belt Primark
Necklace H&M
Rings H&M
Bag Primark
Shoes EBay
This Was what I wore to Christmas Dinner. Having spent a wonderful morning travelling from house to house in a skeleton onesie I thought I'd better make an effort for dinner. Since it was my baby cousins (and her mums) first Christmas in Scotland it was a little different from any other year and was special. It was also the first Christmas that Alan and I got to spend together which was even better :) hes home for 3 weeks so I am soaking up every minuet of it!
This Neon yellow suede vest was right up my alley! It was £30 which wasn't great considering its like 1/2 my weekly wage but I absolutely love it. Since its almost put me in debt I will make sure I wear it all the time. It is quite versatile though. I would wear it with most things and its a statement piece in its self so it doesn't need much to make it better.
Wearing this skirt again, no longer worried that I won't find anything to wear it with. Sandals with tights?! I hear you shudder, in Scotland its needed!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

18 December 2012

Ugleee Boots.



Shirt Sainsburys
Top Topshop
Jacket Charity Shop (Primark Kids)
Skirt I Made
Necklace Topman
I have fallen in love with my pink hair! Since the colour has settled a little and its a more candyfloss colour I just love it! But .... its back to blonde on Saturday. I'm getting my new hair extensions fitted and unfortunately its just too much effort to keep the hair pink in the long run :(
I don't ever wear these boots outside the house! But my house is so cold I couldn't take them off, so just thought I'd give them a wee mention. I've had them for years, I don't even remember where they are from. They cost me buttons yet the heels have never slipped and the soles have never fell off! I wish I could remember so I could get more!
Is leather on leather acceptable. I got this jacket in a charity shop in Edinburgh (I think) and I really love the shapeless style of it! Its got some little silver studs and when I got it I was planning to add some bronze ones. I have this thing were I can't wear gold jewellery with silver accessories and vice verse. I think if I add some bronze studs I won't be stuck to silver jewellery, another DIY job for after Christmas.
When I first made this skirt I hated it, but now I wear it almost everyday and get really proud when someone asks me where its from and I say I made it. H&M have a dusky pink pleather skater but the skirt is way too big and comes out too much at the sides, so the plan is to make another with pink pleather ... then perhaps add some studs ;)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

14 December 2012

Sheep Wear Pearls.

Top H&M Kids (DIY'd Dress)
Skirt H&M
Pearls Primark
Boots Primark
This is what I wore today to head in to Glasgow Christmas shopping with my mum and sister. Probably the first time the three of us have went shopping ever. Never again. What a nightmare, I'm so glad all of mines is done wrapped and sent of to Santa. I love shopping but I cannot handle Christmas crowds at all!
This skirt was originally bought for the Blogger Pub Quiz ... didn't wear it, then the Blogger Christmas Party ... didn't wear it! So it finally got let out of the bag and out into the world today. Since dying my hair I have stuck to wearing black, as I can't really brave colours yet ... I'm still adjusting with the pink. Today's monochrome was probably about as far as I can take it, colour wise.
Anyway ... I love this skirt, is so christmassy, even if I have been called a Sheep.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

13 December 2012

BPC 1.

Dress H&M Kids
Bollero Primark
Shoes EBay

Ive had a busy week this week, on Monday I headed to The Monkey Bar in Glasgow for the Scottish Bloggers Christmas party! Ive been excited about this for weeks and it did not disappoint!
I don't know about anyone else but even though I do love a good brand event, I much prefer blogger meet ups (and no, not because I can get more drunk at them!) but they are just always sooo much fun!

As always I was running so late and was left wearing the most inappropriate December shoes in the world! I hadn't planned what I was going to wear but when I seen one of my Facebook friends had worn this to her work Christmas party, I decided to steal her style.I wanted to be sparkly but still in black because of my hair colour, so the outfit was perfect, minus the bare legs.

The party was brilliant. Since I knew most of the girls it was such a chilled out night! We chatted about the usual bloggy stuff, twitter rows, blogs we love, products, the cruelty free debate and of course our cats. There was also a raffle filled with tons of goodies to raise lots of mullah for Women's Aid Scotland. Which works to help woman, children and young people in Scotland affected by domestic violence.

I didn't win at the raffle, I never do, but I don't mind when it went to a good cause, we raised £190 in all,
well done bloggers :)

We also had a secret Santa! Which was a barrel of laughs. I got a lovely wee box of beauty goodies :)

Thank you to the very wonderful Roisin, Gillian and Claire for organising the party, well done girls it was an absolute ball!
I hope you Edinburgh girls are making plans? I'm crashing the Aberdeen one in March ;)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x