23 January 2013

CF Myths.

Since I have a day off today and no money to do anything I thought I'd write up this post dispelling the myths about switching to cruelty free cosmetics.
Myth 1: "I'll need to throw out all my make up"

When I first went cruelty free I didn't see the need to waste all the money spent and make up left in my make up bag. So rather than throw it all out I just kept it and then once it was done, re bought only cruelty free stuff. Theres no need to waste all the products, theres also no rush to go Cruelty Free, take your time if you need too.

Myth 2: "Cruelty free means more expensive"
Deffinately not not not true :) I am the queen of cheap and cheerful and there are so many inexpensive cruelty free brands. (MUA being my favourite!) I don't really understand how people can justify £30 blushers, but I'm not a make up whiz so it all just looks the same to me. You'll probably save a fortune because I don't know a lot of CF brand that cost as much as MAC. But like I say I'm no make up whiz.

Myth 3: "Cruelty free means bad quality"
Again, definately not true. Just because something is £20 doesn't mean its any better quality. Example, Topshop make up is made in the same place as MAC yet MAC is much more expensive, and everyone raves about the Toppers stuff.

Myth 4: "Its too difficult to go Cruelty free"
It is hard a first, not because its hard to find alternatives, just when you love a product and use it all the time its hard to get rid of it because your scared something new won't be as good as your current one. It does get easier once you get ove that initial bit and its so exciting when you start finding new products and brands!
If you are thinking about going cruelty free the most important thing to remember, No one is perfect. You do what feels right for you going Cruelty free. Sometimes I have used products that I have thought were cruelty free and then found out they weren't, unfortunately companies are not always honest, making it harder for us. So don't feel bad if you make a few mistakes along the way, at leatse your trying.
For a full list of Cruelty Free brands you can head over to the BUAV.
Sweet Dreams
Paula x

19 January 2013

Sleepy Face.

Top Vintage
Skirt River Island
Bow Spain
Collar Primark
This is what I wore to work on Tuesday. I think I've taken some insparation from the spring/summer collections. Everything is very girly and floral and feminine, but with a fifties/glamour edge. Its all poofy skirts and feminin dresses but with sharp shirts and tailored jackets.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x 

14 January 2013

Lots n Lots.

Jeees! Long time no blog!

The last 3 weeks have been spent enjoying my boyfriend who was home for Christmas, so I had a slight Blogging Christmas break! But I'm back and really excited to get back into the swing of things, especially since I was able to treat myself to some new stuff with my Christmas money.

This is mainly just a haul post and I will get back to the outfits tomorrow.
I've said it before, and its great advice, during sales ALWAYS have a look in stores you don't normally shop in. I found all these in USC, which I pop into now and then but hadn't been in for ages. I was over the moon about the dress as I had seen it and loved it, so grungy. The pink is just a bit of tacky love! and the Top/Skirt/Dress are amazing, 3 great outfits for under £20.
Aww there are no words to describe how much I love this scarf! I found it just as I was leaving the charity shop and I was so glad I looked back, £3 WHIT! <3 font="font">
I got this amazing hair band here, I had fell in love when I seen Lisa wearing one at the Blogger Christmas party, but when I seen them online they were so expensive! I think this one cost me about £3 in total and I'm so amazed by the quality for the price! They also have a silver/diamond one. 
These were 50p each. Screw paying like £8+ plus for one!
Razzle Dazzle is one of my favourite stores in Glasgow, its just this daft wee store that sells rubbish but I love it an I am forever finding gems in it. Its closing down soon :'( so most of this stuff cost me 40p. 
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

1 January 2013

Cat, I'm a Kitty cat.

Shirt River Island
Shorts H&M
Necklace Primark
Shoes New Look
Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a ball and that 2013 will treat you well :)
Thankyou to all my lovely followers for sticking with me in 2012 and who will I hope stay through 2013. My blog has really taken off this year despite having been doing it for a few years now, this year was the year of official blogging events, blogger meet ups and lots of new real life bloggy friends. Its been great. Even though 2012 wasn't an awful year, my blog was probably one of the best things about it. Its kept me sane when I've had no boyfriend, a rubbish job and just generally helped me feel a bit brighter. Thankyou for that, I don't do this for followers but its nice to know you guys are there and I'm forever turning to you when I need a little boost.
This was what I wore today for New Years Day Dinner. My NYE was spent in bed with my boyfriend watching The Avengers since we had the flu. It was perfect. We just wanted to spend it together anyways and since he doesn't drink (Seriously, with me, The Vodka Queen) a big night out wasn't our first choice. Today has been spent eating more food with my family, which is what the season is all about!
I got this shirt in the boxing day sales. There was a girl trying to find it in this size and it was the last 6, I couldn't reach it though so held tightly on to the sleve and phoned Alan to come and help me, while giving her the "This is mine, bitch" eyes ... alls fair in love and sales! I had honeslty woke up on boxing day thinking about finnally buying the Primark Bulldog shirt which is quite simmilar to this. I had been putting off buying it for ages as so many people had it, but then I kept finding things it would look good with and decided just to buy it. Then I found this one! Its perfect, the colour is beautiful, and I'm a cat person ... nae dugs! I got it on boxing day and I've worn it about 5 times already! Well worth the whopping £15 it cost :)
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x