24 February 2013

Almost Mid 20s.

Shirt Primark
Necklace Primark
Boots Primark
So Yesterday was my Birthday, welcome to club 23 ... argh. I just spent the day with family relaxing and then headed into Edinburgh at night for the Scottish Blogger Valentines Party!
I'm having a big night out with friends in a few weeks, I'm just still adjusting and wasn't really in the mood to see my friends until I'm feeling a little happier, but I'm looking forward to it now!
A nice wee Birthday surprise was my first published bit of writing for Mallzee.com, you can read it here.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x
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23 February 2013

Bran Does DIY 1.

These posts are a little different, after months of bickering with my mum about decorating my room she has finally worn me down.

These posts will go through how my room looked, how it turned out and what I did to jazz it up.

The main aim of this is to downsize my room and get rid of all my unneeded junk. aka 12ft worth of wardrobe space, I'm being suffocated by clothes.

In the end I want the room to look a little more modern and girly, but not overly pink. I,m keeping the main colours blue, white and pink for the moment, but in all honesty I'm hoping to find some nice green accessories and have it green and pink,  my two favourite colours.

I also have to accommodate two pets that I share the room with, one who has quite a big cage.

This is my room before.
These are some bits I've already picked up to decorate with.
Jewellery Hangers EBay
Mirrors B&M Bargains
I'm currently knee deep in clothes while the building is being done and its driving me crazy!!
It will all be worth it when its done, I hope.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

20 February 2013

Spending Boom.


Jacket Primark
Trousers Primark
Top Topshop
Necklace Primark
Shoes Primark
Hat H&M
Today I went a major shopping spree, post break up melt down you might say. My mum went mad because its my birthday this week and I'm not supposed to be buying myself stuff ... I got loads of stuff and I think I'm only taking some of it back. Lots of spring things, I'm a bit sick of winter now and looking forward to bright colours and light fabrics.
I really love cigarette trousers right now, none ever fit me and today I had to stitch myself into these, but I still love them. I love the masculine shape but you can keep the fabric and colours light and instantly its more feminine or if you keep it dark it looks very smart but still chic. These are a great tanned colour and while I added black to it I'm on the hunt for a matching blazer to go with them. Tanned ones are a great colour to go for if your not too sure how to wear them because it goes with anything.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

18 February 2013


Like most people these days, I'm pretty much lost without my phone. My first smart phone was a Blackberry that drove me crazy because the software was terrible. After battling with it for two years I decided to join the rest of the world and get a touch screen. I got a Samsung and loved it, for the most part, I much prefer having a keyboard for typing. However, in a fit of rage I launched my phone at the wall ... I know, I know! So recently I just bought a wee HTC Cha Cha, it does the job and combines the touch screen and the qwerty keyboard. It will do the job for now and then when I upgrade my contract I will go back to a Samsung.
I was recently asked to review some mobile phone accessories, and seeing as I had a new phone I thought why not? I was sent the adorable wee ICrayon. Its basically a touch pen, but its a bit kitch and works really well. I had a wee pen before for my Samsung, but  it was rubbish, fair enough it only cost me £3 but I was still disappointed. The ICrayon is much much better though and works just as well as my own fingers! Ideal for winter when you can't use your fingers and ideal for me for texting, I have wee fat fingers and I am rubbish at touch screen texting. Since the Cha Cha has a qwerty keyboard I haven't used the ICrayon for it because its just easier using my fingers. It is compatible with tablets though too and I have been using it with my tablet which I find so so much easier as with my fingers I am always hitting the screen accidentally and mucking up the web pages. With the pen this isn't an issue, therefore no throwing tablets at wall. Hurrah!
The ICrayon is developed for Iphones/Ipads but obviously is compatible with android phones too, which is what my Cha Cha is. I really love my wee ICrayon and it will go great with my new tablet that I'm getting for my Birthday ;) but I am going to buy my wee cousin one too, I think they're great for kids because they are like we crayons which they will like and it protects your tablet from sticky fingers, see I don't even have a wain but I know my stuff! ;)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

17 February 2013

Just Bran.

Dress H&M
Shirt Sainsbury's
Necklace Primark
Why is it when you feel completely rotten your hair always goes the way you wish it would any other day?! This week my 3 year relationship came to an unexpected end. To put it lightly, I'm utterly devastated and completely heart broken. Its hard to write this as he was such a big influence and part of the blog and the best thing to have ever happened in my life, and I'm really scared to do it without him, but I will. I don't know what to say really, but I just feel like I should tell you guys since he was a part of the blog and my life.
Its going to be very strange being a single blogger, I honestly only know of a few, and while it doesn't really make a difference to the actual content its still a big life change that I can talk about. This is the first time I will be fully single for 7 years, between relationships I was only single for a few months so not really a single life. This time however I fully intend to stay single for as long as I possibly can. Basically I want him, I want "The One" to come into my life. I'm sick of waiting. So any boys who are not the one can just leave me alone, if Joseph Gordon Levitt wants to say Hi I'd maybe consider it! (Who wouldn't?)
Anyways, while at the moment I am still in this first stage of shock and sadness, I know I will be OK. I have a lot of good in my life and I will get over him and I will move on. I'm a huge believer in not dwelling over things you can't change, so I won't, it is what it is, it will hurt for a while but I will laugh again and I will definitely love again.
... if not, I like cats so, I can just have cats instead of a man. 
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

8 February 2013

Hearts vs Stars.

Jumper Primark
Jeans Primark
Plimsolls Primark
I wore this to work yesterday and I just couldn't really be bothered, so I just thought I'd use the opportunity to show you these pieces. I got this jumper a few weeks ago, I doubt they will have any left because there weren't a lot and this was the only one in my size. They probably sold out because Topshop had some similar ones. I do prefer this on though. I like the darker colours and the fabric is much thicker than the Toppers one, so it actually is a jumper. I wear it quite a lot as its so cosy. It looks great with a white shirt under it too if you wanted to style it up a bit more. You could also buy it a few sizes bigger and wear it more casually.
The jeans are just new in and I bought them straight away. I'm not really a jeans person. I have like 2/3 pairs that I've had for ages. I had a pair similar when I was a kid from the Mary - Kate and Ashley range and loved them, so these reminded me of those and I had to have them. I'm not sure how everyone else feels about them but I love them. They are a little lighter than I'd prefer but I'm over it.
I know I'll get asked so, my eyelashes are from ... Poundland ... 2 pack.
I have some good news too ... I GOT A NEW JOB! :D
I'm still in my job for another few weeks and start my new one on the 11th March.
I can't bloody wait. Its just a sales assistant job, but there are lots of opportunities to move up so hopefully I will, fast. I'm looking forward to a change and new friends new challenges and very very excited to have a disposable income again!!!
2013, you are going to be my bitch.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

5 February 2013

New Joab.

Shirt River Island
Dress H&M
Belt Primark
Hat H&M
Coat H&M
This was my outfit for a job interview I had today in Glasgow. I won't tell you where, for 2 reasons:
1: Only idiots disclose where they work online, you say anything bad and your company sees it, your done.
2: I have heard stories about people actually asking bloggers to get them freebies/discounts from their store/company, not OK!

What I will tell you is that its still in retail and I'm very very excited.

I was originally going to wear this dress, trusty old interview/smart dress, but after doing some research online about the interview process for the store I went for this violet dress because it just popped! My hat was also a smashing idea since as soon as I got off the train the heavens opened! I wanted to wear something comfortable yet striking in case I had to do any running about at the interview.

It was a group interview and I never know what to expect with them. This is only the 2nd group interview I've ever done and it was much better than the first. I think the last one I went to just wasn't right for me because they people where not the same kind of people as me, so they where probably much more suited for a job there than me. Which is a good thing to take from an interview, I've had a few interviews now were I haven't got it and then been relieved afterwards because I've known that that job just wasn't right for me.

This interview however was great, all the other interviewees were so friendly and welcoming and all wishing each other good luck and there was no sense of intense competition. Everyone seemed to really be cheering each other on. There was even one girl who I hadn't spoken to whispered "Good Luck I hope you get it!" which was really sweet, I have no idea if she got the job I was trying to hang back and see.

So, did I get the job?
Tell you later :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

1 February 2013

Still Pouring.


Dress USC
Earrings Primark
Ring H&M
Belt Primark
Whoo finally back in the Bloggy world. Its just so difficult working 5 days a week because I'm usually running late so don't get time. The last few nights however I've been organising my make up and outfits for the next day so hopefully I'll manage to get myself some time in the morning for photos. I'd prefer all out door shots, but for now this is it. Until my room is done and I can secure a white wall.
I got this dress in the Jan sales, and the colour and tie die is just lovely. I don't know if its a very "me" thing to wear, but I like the shape and I think the dark colour means its good for winter, but the light fabric is good for summer too. Yeah, its a great happy medium depending on how you wear it at different times.
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x