28 March 2013

Meat Free Week.

Last week I went Veggie for the week as it was "Meat Free Week" I promised my friend I'd give it a go since shes veggie and I'm constantly asking her about it so she said to try it.

I have my own beliefs about meat. I only eat free range and try to make sure I eat humanly killed meat. I believe that animals are here to be eaten. Which is why I'm not veggie. That doesn't however mean I think animals should be tortured for meat. If you could eat only meat that died naturally, I would.

It was a little hard to give up meat, I swear all I thought about was having a roll and square sausage! But thankfully it was easy to identify veggie suitable food (if only cosmetics wee that easy) I also learnt loads that I didn't already know about veggie food. I didn't know that stock was meat ... wait for it ... I thought stock cubes were just additives that created a taste, I didn't realise they contained meat. There are also types of yogurt which aren't suitable for veggies! and crisps! What?! Why do yogurts need to have meat in them, it seems really pointless.

So what I have taken from going meat free?

Well I didn't realise just how much meat I ate, its very unhealthy. So I am going to cut down on the amount of meat I eat and opt for more healthier alternatives. 

I now don't eat chicken nuggets, only Quorn Nuggets. I am going to eat Quorn chicken style stuff (I really can't taste the difference between that and real chicken, its amazing.) I'm going to avoid foods that don't need to have meat in them, like Haribos and certain crisps. I'm also going to replace beef burgers with the Linda McCartney burgers! 

All in all I enjoyed the experience and learnt that just because your veggie, doesn't mean its all salads!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

14 March 2013

Polka Dot Daft.

Shirt Vintage
Skirt I Made
Belt H&M
Shoes Zara Kids
I started my new job on Monday and instead of preparing on Sunday night I suddenly got the urge to sew, and I made a skirt. Priorities eh? Then I didn't even wear the bloody skirt. I got the fabric for it at a jumble sale I went to on Sunday, I got a few wee bits and bobs from it but mainly stuff to use for fabrics, so watch this space or lots more DIYs. The jumble sale was crazy, old school rumaging through tons of stuff to find anything, and it was 10 items for a £1!!!! You can imagine how much fabric I've brought home.
I think the skirt will be great for summer, I dunno what it is about polka dots at the minuet but I love them. You can see I'm still in spring colours ... its snowing in Glasgow for god sake, springs not coming anytime soon.
I am working right through until Monday and I don't know if I will be posting, I'll try but I'm just wearing sweats to work just now since we are only just setting up the store and all doing 12 - 10 shifts so basically knocked out when I get home, its going to be so worth it though!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

10 March 2013

Loving Lilac.

Shirt H&M
Skirt H&M
Necklace Primark
Belt POUNDLAND! (Haaaaa)
I must have been in a really good mood yesterday, all these lovely happy pastel colours! I'm getting a little too excited about the prospect of spring so getting a lot more pastels and lighter fabrics out the wardrobe. The weather the last two days though has plummeted again so not quite packing away the thermals and fur just yet.
I've really fell for Lilac recently, I've said before I'm not really a fan of purple, but Lilac is slowly creeping its way in and I have a few Lilacs in my wardrobe now. I added the pink belt because I love clashing pastels and I think the polka dots on my skirt keep it looking fun and takes the harshness away from the black.
Today is my last shift at my current job. I'm a little sad, I don't want to give up my discount card :'( I am excited for my new job on Monday. I'm just hoping that I like my new job, I hope I don't go and hate it, I really don't think I will ... a little first day new job apprehension.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

8 March 2013

Bran Does DIY 2.

I didn't realise it had been so long since I last posted, the time has just flown by, which I suppose is a good thing considering pretty much most of my life is changing! New single life, new job on Monday and a new room!
Is taken me about a week and a half or emptying my room, painting, building furniture, choosing everything to decorate with and then re filling and organising it ... thank god its only one room I'm bloody exhausted.
Its mixture of old and new furniture and a whole new wardrobe system to house and showcase all my clothes rather than struggle trying to fit them all in.
(The inside of the pink one is still to be painted with a blackboard paint to make a note board)
Everything is now on display and I can easily see whats what so I'm hoping it helps get me dressed earlier in the morning and will help me use everything I have rather than the same old stuff over and over!
I'm very happy with the way its turned out, I can't believe I chose everything and it came out OK! It feels like its my perfect space were my clothes are the focus but its still warm and cosy.
... there is no space for the rabbit's cage so shes moved house to my sisters room :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x