30 June 2013



Dress New Look
Sunglasses Ray Ban
Bag Primark
Shoes Zara 
Bracelet Internacionale
Rings Internacionale and H&M

I've had this post up a few days, but I was busy with work so got lazy and left it blank. Thought I'd come back and sort it.

This was what I wore to take my mum and wee cousin out shopping. She had a party and we were hunting for a dress, believe me its hard work with a 12 year old! It was the last day we seen any sun :( Its been back to normal Scottish summer weather ever since . Its a pretty simple outfit, just comfortable for wandering around. This dress is years old and was featured on one of my first few blog posts, way back 4 years ago!

My blog turned 4 years old on Saturday! What! Where has the time went! I am so chuffed, I never thought it would have lasted this long! Its you guys that keep it going though! I done this for a year with no followers, but you guys make it so much better, the comments, support, opportunitiess I have got from my followers is amazing! Its got me thought some dark times too! Thank you for continuing to follow, it means so much to me!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

26 June 2013

Hey Sailor.

So I've been rabbiting on for days now about my new internship! I'm just so excited, I feel as if I've hit the jackpot!

First off I'll fill you in on what Hey Sailor is all about!

Hey sailor is an online fashion and home accessories brand which sells quirky and vintage accessories and some cute home ware and art work at very affordable prices!

Here are some of my personal favourites!

Over the next 3 months I will be part of the Hey Sailor team working on their social media. Taking over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I will also be blogging over on the Hey Sailor blog. We hope to bring you something new every week and get everyone super excited for whatever is coming next!

We will be bring you lots of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts, so if you not following, why the heck not?

Its going to be a blast!

  Hey Sailor Twitter: @heysailortweets
 Hey Sailor Instagram: @heysailorsnaps
Hey Sailor Pinterest: Heysailortweets 
 Hey Sailor Tumblr: Heysailoruk

So get following guys, it'll be worth it I promise!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x 
 (Logo and Images all property of Hey Sailor)

25 June 2013

Boho Bran.


Dress Forever 21
Necklace Dorothy Perkins
Ring Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets Primark

Todays outfit is very boho! To the point were a wee old man called me a hippy in the middle of Sauchiehall Street. I love this dress because its kind of ugly. I like ugly things that no one else likes. The shapes a bit weird, the colours don't compliment each other and the wee mid drift gap is weird. Yet I love it. Not the perfect attire for running clothes up and down flights of stairs all day though.

Today after me real job I have been doing some work for my internship, which I promised to share with you today. I want to get a proper post up about the company and what I've been up to since starting, I'll work on it and let you guys in on it. I've really been enjoying planning everything I'm going to be getting up to over the next three months! It seems like loads and loads right now, its a bit scary, but I know these 12 weeks are going to absolutely fly by, and so far I'm loving it so I know I will enjoy every second!

I finally feel like everything is falling into place and nothing is fucking up 
... then along came a boy. Shit.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

24 June 2013

Jersey Girl.



Dress Motel Rocks
Necklace Primark
Ring Primark
Shoes New Look

What an awesome weekend I've had! I was late for work today though, I hope thats not a sign of how this week is going to go. I've got some exciting stuff coming up this week with my new internship (eeee!) and I will hopefully get a full post up about my internship tomorrow! Its nice to be focused on something though, my days already are flying by because I have loads to do, I'm loving every second of it!

I wore this for my first internship meeting yesterday. I feel like I've been dressing like a boy for the last few days so its nice to feel a little girly. I will never learn about wearing these boots to work though. I'm such a pussy that I'm crippled on 1inch heels ... definitely should have been born a boy! I got this dress at Christmas time for my works Christmas night out. I love it because of the off  shoulder sleeves and the colour is perfect (a lot of people say I suit red because of my hair) I just think its a really flattering shape too and its something different from your plain jersey dress.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

22 June 2013

Working Bran.


Dress Vintage
Shirt Sainburys
Necklace Vintage
Ring Vintage (My Dads)
Shoes New Look
Yesterday I was having a lazy lazy day ... then something quite wonderful happened. I had applied for an internship a few days ago, but hadn't heard anything, so I wrote it off as just another failed attempt, but then I got a text asking if I could make it to an interview as there had been a cancellation. 3 hours to prep and get ready for an interview AHHHH! I was so nervous because I usually prep for interviews for days so having only an hour or so research was a bit daunting. 
This was what I wore for the interview, I obviously wanted to be smart but always try to put my style across, the company I was interviewing for is Vintage inspired so I liked that I was wearing vintage, although I didn't realise that almost all of it was vintage. I bought this dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and altered it completely, I put some shoulder pads in and nipped it and hemmed it and its turned out great ... even if I did look like a bit of a school girl.
But more on that later!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

19 June 2013

Gothic Hippy.


Dress H&M
Sandals Tammy
Headband Primark
Necklace Dorothy Perkins
Ring Primark
The sun is still shining, which is always lovely! Its nice not to have to wear tights!
I got this wee dress in the sale yesterday. I've seen it in the shop for a while but didn't think it would fit, but then I tried it on and - of course, when I'm skint! - it fit. I love the bat wing sleeves, so 70s! Then because its black its also a little gothic! I think I could wear it loads so it seems like a good investment piece, hmm it was really cheap so maybe not an investment piece a wardrobe stable? maybe thats more appropriate. Anyways I will wear it loads, another little black lace dress to add to the collection.
I'm back on the job hunt. I kind of settled for a while since my new job has been keeping me entertained. Its only a sales job though so its not the career I'm after. The hours are good though so its always better to look for something when you have something else! Now that I have something that is bringing me in money and that I don't hate, I feel much less pressure to panic about that dream job. It will happen, just need to keep looking and trying.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

18 June 2013

Co Ordinates.

Top and Skirt Firetrap at USC
Necklace H&M
Rings H&M and Forever 21
I do love a co ordinate! I wish I had more, anywhere doing any nice ones right now? I got this one in the Christmas Sales but yet haven't worn it till now. I got so many compliments on it today, which was lovely, I was quite surprised because some people can take co ordinates one way or another, but I suppose as this looks more like a dress people are a little more accepting.
Trying something different with my wig, trying to avoid washing it so that I'm not washing it too often, so I'll wear it like this for a while. I'm hoping if I wear my hair like Tamzin Eggarton long enough I will morph into her. Heres how I did it.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

17 June 2013

Nae Hope.

Top Primark
Skirt H&M
Belt Primark
Shoes New Look

The weather in Glasgow right now is so dramatic! Litterally sun, rain, sun, rain ... so you never know what to wear, and of course, whatever you do wear the weather will be the complete opposite!
Like yesterday, out in my bare legs and my wee summery 50s inspried polka dot clashing ensemble, and it was bloody freezing. I had this idea about clashing the polka dots and remembered I had this wee body tucked away somewhere. I go through that wardrobe and find so many things I completely forgot about! I really like how its turned out but next time I'll just make sure its actually sunny!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x

13 June 2013

Chuckle Vision.




Shirt Forever 21
Jeans Primark
Necklace Vintage
Rings Forever 21 an H&M
Shoes Zara

This shirt remins me of some sort of TV show I used to watch when I was wee, I can't remeber what though, Chuckle Vision? Anyway it does remind me of the early nineties. That is what first drew me to it, then when you see the back of it its even better. So much more than just your typical shirt, even down to the collar which is huge, for a mere £14ish its so much more than a boring white shirt.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

12 June 2013

Oh Booze.

Top Topshop
Shorts Primark
Necklace Vintage

This is what I wore to work on Saturday, I had been out on the Friday and working at 8:30am, so can you tell I'm still fucked in these photos. Not a good look but you know, your only young once! Fair to say it was a brutal shift ...

I got this wee crop last week and I love the sleeves on it, its a very flattering neckline and a little more interesting than a plain T shirt crop. I wore it with my shorts and it ended up a nautical themed outfit. I'm trying to think of anything else I can wear it with? 

Also, basic tube skirts. 
Where can I get them? in a size 6 or smaller? 
The Primark ones where so long and loose at the knees.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

11 June 2013


Poncho Forever 21
Headband Primark
Jeans H&M
Sandals New Look

This was what I wore on Sunday for a night out after work. I really wanted to get a photo of this outfit because this poncho is just so amazing I had to share it before it sells out. I've obviously wore it with jeans but it would look amazing bare legged too, especially over a swim suit!

Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful comments you've passed on about my hair shave, its so sweet and I feel so supported, even though I know its a bit mad!

I've had such a wonderful weekend this week, the suns been shining and I've been out everyday with my friends, its just been great to be with them and feel like myself again. I feel content for the first time in years! I thought being single would make me miserable, but honestly ... its the best thing thats ever happened!

Please life, be decent and keep getting better :)

Sweet Dreams

10 June 2013

Bran Went Bald.


So the big day has been and gone!

I have loads of photos and videos, but my computer is getting fixed yet again! But my little cousin made this wee collage and it pretty much sums up everything you need to see.

On Friday night my friends and some family came over to see the main event. I was so excited for days and I think they all expected me to cry or something, but I felt fine! I was just so happy get that manky hair off my head! We ended up shaving it much shorter than intended because it was so hard to get the colour out. But in about 2/3 months I should have a wee pixie cut. Since I won't be touching it with heat/colour/products, hopefully it will grow really quick and healthy and hopefully LONG! 

I have a wig which I got from L.A Hair Solutions in Glasgow. Its just a long blonde wig, quite like my natural hair should be. It should last me about 2 years, by which time hopefully my hair will be looking luscious! I can tong it, wash it colour it just like my real hair, but I can't put it up in a bun or anything like that.

My head feels great, its such and odd sensation to run my hands through my hair and not have it be long and full, I kind of like it though, I feel really clean and fresh. I'm loving it so far, its by far the best thing I've ever done!

Theres still plenty of time to donate here
Thank you to all those who already have, I really appreciate it so much! Its been so lovely that my readers have supported me and took the time to give a wee donation!
So far I have just shy of £500, which is going to do so much good for Help for Heroes, Rape Crisis Scotland and The Little Princess Trust!

Thank You so much!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

4 June 2013

Little Blue Flowers.

Dress Primark
Shirt Sainsburys
Necklace Vintage
Earrings Primark
Shoes Zara
I'm really loving Scotland and this glorious weather we've been having! Admittedly it would be better if I wasn't cooped up in work all day but no matter, means I get to wear all my summer stuff!
I got this dress the other day, I just fell in love with the colours and I feel like the little cut out made it look much younger, because sometimes you think floral and you think granny, but not this. I just think its a brilliant we dress that can be worn to anything! Like I wore it with the shirt for work but you could turn it from that to anything really depending on what you add to it.
If your not into the whole cut out bits, Forever 21 have one that is REALLY REALLY similar but without the cut outs.
I'm still raising money for the big Bran Goes Bald head shave!
Its on Friday :D I'm SO EXCITED! Currently sitting at about £300 which is amazing but we can do better! So please dig deep guys give what ever you can and its going to 3 wonderful charities and people who truly deserve it!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x


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