22 August 2013

3 Shades of Gold.


Co Ordinate Primark
Vest H&M
Necklace Primark
Ring Vintage (Its My Dads Good Luck Ring:)) 

 I seen this amazing co ordinate in the Primark A/W preview campaign and knew I had to have it! I was just popping in yesterday to find a belt when I seen it! Its the end of the month and I am absolutely skint, yet I still manage to go in to Primark and emerge £60 worse off with no idea what just happened ... not that I am complaining this time.

The pink and red roses really pop out again the black background and the shorts are just the perfect length, cut off at just the right part  of my leg. I have a works night out next week and I think I will wear this, this time with bear legs and my wee Chelsea boots, lets just hope the weather is nice enough!

I also think the wee jacket will be great with all black jeans and t shirts too, or with a wee basic dress to make it more fancy!

Ohhhh I love this suit! <3 span="">

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

21 August 2013






Top Primark
Trousers H&M
Coat River Island
Hat Urban Outfitters

I am over summer! I'm ready for the Autumn trends and using up my thousands of coats I've collected since last winter. Its set be a heat wave next week, please weather, make up your mind! This is the kind of thing I'm looking forward to in Autumn. Chic monochrome and lots of faux leather with a wee dash of tartan! 
As well as my usual hats, I loves me a hat.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have become OBSESSED with Insta videos! I've been posting little snippets here and there, but I've decided I'm going to put all my purchases up on Insatvid. Its just so much easier! I'm also going to start posting outfit videos any days I can't get photos. So If your not already following me via Instagram, its about to get good! 


Still no word on the job yet. I'll let you guys know either way! But I think I done my presentation as best I could so ... plus its too late to make any changes now! 
Just a waiting game.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

19 August 2013

I Wanna be a Stylist.

In a recent post I let you guys know that I was up for a wee promotion at work! Well what I can tell you is that the job would be a Personal Shopper/ Stylist. I know, its pretty fantastic.  It’s a really exciting opportunity. Part of the presentation that I need to put together is a blog post about personal styling. Here it is! I’ve just written about what I think being a stylist is all about and then a little about my personal style! Feel free to add anything via comments, or any advice if you’re a stylist yourself or if you’ve went to a personal shopper. It’s all a very new experience for me and I want to take it in and learn as much as I can.


Being stylish is all about being comfortable in what you are wearing. You have to experiment and try lots of different things, maybe a few fashion miss haps, but that is how you learn what doesn’t work and you can focus on what does. Being stylish isn’t about the clothes you buy its about how you wear them, and how much confidence what you wear gives you. 


I’ve said it loads of times on the blog, I don’t really I have any particular style. I just get up and whatever mood I’m in that day I will just wear whatever reflects that mood. I’ve always been interested in clothes since I was a kid and always knew that fashion was my “thing”. I’ve collected clothes all my life and I’ve always been a lot braver with what I wear than most other people, which hasn’t always been a good thing. I still experiment with clothes and new styles now, and I don’t think I will ever develop any one particular style.


I take inspiration from lots of things, movies and costumes, past trends, loads of fashion blogs, magazines and people on the street. I’m always asking people where they got things – I love when people ask me that, its such a boost! – I tend to just throw things together just to see what goes, some things are just accidents that end up working.

I love anything that’s a bit tacky and out there and I will buy anything that’s a bit out of the ordinary. I love clothes that have a story behind them. I mainly shop on the high street as its much easier as I like to try things on, but I do look on EBay a lot. I love vintage stuff and will troll through tons to find something special, that’s why vintage is so wonderful, the stuff is unique and has a story behind it, plus you’re not going to see anyone walking down the street in your dress. I also do weekly trips around the charity shops and loads of my favourite pieces have come from charity shops. 
(Like this Guns N Roses tshirt!)

 I think this love of clothes and fashion and the wide variety of things I take inspiration from, makes me a good candidate to be able to advise people, who maybe need a little help with fashion. I love clothes and creating looks and if you help someone feel better about them then that makes the job even more rewarding. 
That’s what makes a good job, loving what you do makes you better at doing it.

 What makes a good stylist?
Styling is all about making the customer feel good.  A good stylist will listen to the client and what they want, they will advise the client on what styles and colours will suit them best. They will show the client how to wear the clothes in ways that is best for their body shape. They will also advise on how to accessorise outfits and help customers to find their personal style. The most important goal of being a stylist is to make the customer feel comfortable. If a customer comes in and leaves looking good they will feel even better and will be more likely to return.  Stylists will need to be friendly and open towards customers; they must treat each client differently and approach each of their needs differently.  Stylists should be patient too as it may be difficult at times, but being patient and staying calm in these situations will give clients more confidence in you.

 Building relationships with customers: What I would do.

Building relationships with customers is the most important aspect of personal styling and shopping. Listening to what the customer wants is important thing in order to give them exactly what they are looking for. However building a more personal rapport with the customer ensures you become a better stylist, as you will get to know the customers on a more personal level. Knowing the customers on a more personal level means you have more variety in the things you cans style them in. It will enable you to be able to and become more confident in recommending things that they perhaps normally wouldn’t choose, but will like, in turn they will become more comfortable and more trusting in you and the things you are recommending to them.

Selling to customers: Making selling easy.

Selling to customers is easy if you listen carefully to what the customer wants. Each customer will have completely different needs and expectations’, so being able to listen closely is crucial. Customers who come to stylists/personal shoppers tend to know that they are looking for something but are unsure of specifics. Customers know they need an outfit for an event/occasion but what they need is advice and guidance on what will be suitable and look good for whatever they need it for. If you can identify the customers’ needs and wants quickly then it will make selling products much easier. 


Wish me luck guys!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

15 August 2013

I Didn't Dent Your Doo.





Dress H&M
Shirt Sainsbury's
Necklace Primark
Tights Primark
Shoes New Look
I decided to do something new with my wig, I've worn my hair like this a lot before I shaved it, and I've missed being able to try different styles with my hair, but so far the wig is so easy to do different styles! This took me 10 minuets and lasted all day ... its actually sitting intact on my wig stand.
You can check out how I did my hair over on my post on the Hey Sailor Blog

In other news, its quite exciting. I'm up for a wee promotion at work! Its all very exciting and I can include the blog in it, which is even better! So excuse me if I don't blog for a few days while I get the presentation together. 

If I did get this job, the only thing missing from my life is a boy, which I couldn't care less about! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! and I'm so grateful for all of it! 

CHEESY AS FUCK <3 br="">

2013, has been pretty awesome so far!

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x

11 August 2013

Again With Batman.


Top H&M
Jeans H&M
Belt Primark
Hat H&M
Necklace Market Stall

10 August 2013

Ms Pearson.


Shirt River Island
Trousers H&M
Hat River Island
Rings Camden Market
Shoes New Look

Excuse the mobile photos, went to set up my camera today and it was out of battery, so mama Bran was roped in to help out! Shes done alright for a first go.

Yesterday I managed to hunt down faux leather jeans, they were only £10 and they will do me all through winter. As they are jeans coated in a faux leather shine they are really easy to move in, and no restrictive like my leather trousers... and thankfully no Ross from Friends moment.

I am in love with my new shoes! I'm gutted to have only found them late in the summer, but I reckon in Autumn with woolly socks I will still be able to wear them, also going to get them in brown.

Wearing leathery trousers, heels and a hat were not a good idea for work! SWEATIN!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

8 August 2013

Hair Update 2.


I can't believe its been 2 whole months since I shaved the hair!

Its getting so long so fast, I don't really notice it until I see these photo updates, but its still exciting.

Things are still going well with the wig. Its sooooooo much easier than having hair! Kind of dreading the days when I have to dry and style it all.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

5 August 2013

London Lovin.


Dress Zara
Hat River Island
Sunglasses Primark
Necklace Primark
Bag Longchamp Paris

Dress Vintage
Bag H&M
Sunglasses Razzle Dazzle
Sandals New Look


Shorts H&M
Sunglasses Primark
Necklace Primark 
Rings Miss Selfridge
Bag Longchamp Paris


Hi guys! Its been a wee while! But I've been having too much fun!
I've been enjoying the summer, lots of going out with friends, interning and a wee trip to London with my best friend! Of course I missed the blog though! So I'm back and aiming to get lots of posts up this week.

These are just my favourite snaps from London. I've been down to London loads, but I never tire of it! Heading back down in February again, HARRY POTTER STUDIOS HERE WE COME :D.

We just shopped and explored the city, relaxed and ate lots of food! We also went to the Aquarium, which I love love love! We went to see Billy Elliot, Spent way too much time and money in Camden and we went to the zoo :D the perfect long weekend away from Glasgow.

I shopped up a wee storm, I absolutely love Camden, got loads of wee cheap fakey Chanel-ies and some bits I haven't had in my H&M, and a Bran necklace which I haven't taken off since.

6 months and counting till I'm back!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x