31 October 2013

Pale Again.



Jacket Vintage
Co Ordinate Primark
Top Internacionale

Happy Halloween! My favourite day of the year! I actually haven't tried my costume on yet ... but I will Instagram it tonight to let you all see!

 I got my "Little Red" coat in a charity shop for £5 a few weeks ago, I've been hunting for one for ages and after taking the shoulders in and shortening the sleeves, its perfect!

I'm on holiday from work this week, and well, its been pretty boring. I've chilled out though so I shouldn't complain. Yesterday I was bored of being trapped in so I went in to town to do some shopping. I ended up only getting a few bits though, again, you can see them on Instagram.

Don't forget I have a Paul Mitchell Giveaway! here! Only had a few entries so far so enter! You have a good chance and its a great prize!

Sweet Dreams


29 October 2013

Paul Mitchell Giveaway.

The other night I was invited to the Paul Mitchell Christmas Cocktail Party in Glasgow!

I was over the moon to get invited, I love Paul Mitchell and I rarely get to go to beauty stuff because not much of it is cruelty free, which sucks.

Unfortunatly I was working till 8 but my bloggy buddy Lisa met me and we headed over together a little later! It would have been great to get to spend more time but loads of people (a lot of new faces!) were still partying away so it was fine!

We had a look through the new Chrstmas Paul Mitchell gift sets! 

Paul Mitchell also gave me a set to give away to you guys! Along with an adorable Paul Mitchell Cruelty Free Bracelet!

I chose the same set to give one of you lucky pups that I had chosen for myself, the Fab Girls Finish First set includes a Shampoo and Conditioner and a sculpting spray! Perfect for styling!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your twitter handle and then give me a tweet saying that you have entered! 

Then I will draw a name on the 8th of November!

Good Luck!

Sweet Dreams


28 October 2013

Ill Fortune Clothing.

I am continuously on the look out for new upcoming Scottish brands and designers. I always live in the hope that one day we, especially Glasgow, will be much better known for our style and fashion. We are an incredibly stylish city.

Recently I learnt about a new upcoming fashion brand, which I found very intriguing and instantly wanted to share it with you guys!

Ill Fortune Clothing, the brain child of Jamie McKinlay and Ross Lawrie, started in May of this year and was officially launched in August after the guys secured funding from the Princess Youth Trust. 

The goal for their collections is to create garments instantly recognised for their 80s and 90s inspired theme. Which I'm sure you'll agree, they definitely do.

"People love to remember the past and we want to provide an opportunity for people to wear this on their garments"

Which is so true, I may be a bit biast because I love the 80s and love anything inspired by things like "Saved By The Bell" or "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", I can't resist neon, but people do love things that remind them of the past, happy memories, better times.

I'm expecting good things from Ill Fortune, I think their designs are very unique and instantly memorable, yet simple enough that they do not limit who will want to wear them. They have both menswear and womens pieces, but everything is unisex these days, so definitely something for everyone. 

They also have awesome beanie hats!

With prices starting at just £9.99 everyone can get in on the action, this week, on the 25th of October Ill Fortune launched on ASOS Marketplace so head over and check it out, because like I said, I can only see it getting bigger and better.

Sweet Dreams


26 October 2013

Pleather Paula.


Dress Primark
Neckalce ??
Rings Forever21 & Primark
Bracelet Paul Mitchell
Flatforms River Island

I love love love this wee dress! Wore it loads already and its going to get me the whole way through winter. I think it will also be nice with shirts under it, I haven't tried it out yet but its always a winner.

My first week as a personal shopper is going amazingly! I'm having so much fun, and for the first time in, what? 6 years (jeeso) of retail ... I don't hate customers. All the people I have helped have been so lovely and grateful! I don't want to go back to being a sales assistant. haha. 

Sweet Dreams


25 October 2013

Done With Tan.


Top Vintage
Skirt River Island
Jacket Primark
Pearls New Look
Shoes New Look

I recently got this skirt in the sale, I had previously bought the amazing H&M Trend pink PVC one, but reluctantly returned it. When I found this one I was pretty siked that it was only £15, then I was even more siked that I got it in pale pink too! 

I've had these pearls for a few years now and they are one of my favourite ever pieces. They are just so different from anything else I have ever seen and I am always being asked about them.

This was such a horrible morning. Slept in, didn't wash my fake tan off, hate this outfit ... all on day one of me doing personal shopping at work. Thankfully the day didn't end badly. It ended with a wee blogger meet up with Paul Mitchell and a few of my favourite bloggy pals and a few new faces! It was a lovely relaxed wee night, a perfect ending to the stressful day I'd faced. 

Paul Mitchell also very kindly gave me a few wee goodies that I am going to give away at some point next week! You lucky wee pups!

Sweet Dreams


19 October 2013

I'm Clueless.



Shirt Primark
Riding Pants H&M
Scarf Vintage
Necklace Primark
Shoes New Look

Trying out some new styles with the wig now that I have my fringe to cover the undersides of it. I don't usually like my hair in braids but this actually turned out nice and like I said its nice to have a wee change.

I wore this to work yesterday, didn't realise I wasn't wearing a top underneath until I was on the bus, but no one in work noticed so its all good. Got this shirt a few weeks ago. I love this one and wear it all the time so when I found a white one I was over the moon. I also thought I could channel Cher with a wee crop under/over. How long ago was clueless and shes still a style icon!

On Monday I start at work as a personal shopper for a week. I AM SWEATING! I obviously applied for the job and I wouldn't apply for something I didn't think I'd be good at or couldn't do, but now that its here I can't shake the nerves! Ahhh!

Sweet Dreams


15 October 2013

Do I Wanna Know.

Jacket H&M
Top Primark
Jeans H&M
Scarf Pringle
Chain New Look
Rings Primark
Shoes New Look

Winter is finally in full swing! My advice to everyone is to invest in one of these "Sheep Jackets" I am in love with this. I'm currently wearing it with everything! I also seem to be trapped in a monochrome & tartan phase ... not complaining.

Next week I get my first go at playing Personal Shopper in work! So I'm really excited, and a little scared, ahhh! I'll let you guys know how it goes ;)

Its also almost Halloween, and Halloween nails! Check out the Hey Sailor Blog On Thursday to see how did them, its easssy.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

14 October 2013

New Everything.

Shirt Primark
Cardigan Primark
Jacket Primark
Leggings H&M
Hat River Island
Necklace Matalan
Rings Primark and Forever 21
Bag H&M
Boots New Look 

I didn't realise until this moment just how much I missed blogging.

I've been quite on and off recently, obviously. I have no problem sharing my ups and downs with you guys. I've been so happy the last new months, the happiest I've been in a long time. This month however ... my heads a bit all over the place. I feel like I've suddenly been hit with all this motivation and inspiration and absolutely nothing to focus it on. I've sent myself in to a bit of a manic panic in all honesty. I'm just trying not to freak out and putting my anxiety down to that and the fact that a lot has changed for me this month. My job being the only thing that's remained the same ... lets just say I am NOT excited for Christmas in the retail world ... except for the big post Christmas wage that comes with it ... 

So whats going on then?

Well ... I have done the unthinkable (for me) and joined the gym! Since February I have gained 1/2 a stone ... which is a lot when your as tiny as me, and I can see where it has went. For the first time in my life I can't bare to look at my body in the mirror. Which is very odd for me as I've always been very lucky that I've been quite happy with how it looks. Don't get me wrong its faaaaaar from perfect, but I was happy so didn't care. Now however its really really getting me down. So I have joined the gym and I'm going to get rid of this wee excess and tone up! So far so good. I've cut the junk down, eating better and been doing my exercises (I'm in a lot of pain) but I'm feeling so positive about it! I just hate this attitude people have, just because you are a size 6 doesn't mean you have to love your body, just because your a size 16 doesn't mean you have to hate it. I'm not happy with how I look at the moment, so I'm fixing it. Simple.

Next up, I have started messing with my wig already. I went and got my fringe put in! I'm very happy with how it turned out. I feel like it looks like me again, and it will keep my head warm in winter. I have also ordered some hair extensions and I'm going to give them a wee ombre with a twist. You'll see. Never happy am I?

Work wise I'm still just plodding along, although I have started to apply for more "Grown Up" jobs. Trying not to get the fear this time and just forcing myself to go for things and not panic about it. A lot of my anxiety comes from stressing about my career so to combat this I'm trying to look into more options just as a back up. I finish up my internship soon and I'm looking into the next thing. I think something in events is the one. I'd be awesome at that. 

So the big one you guys (if your anything like me) might be interested in ... boys. 
Well ...  There may be a boy. I'm not ready to tell you guys much about it yet. Just that its very very early days and maybe one day I'll share him with you guys. But I'm really happy :) Do we have like a certain time when you should share the boys on the blog? If you decide to share them on the blog.

So I think you guys are all up to date!
This month I hope to get back in to a regular schedule, but I have lost my SD card for my camera so its just mobile photos for now. I do have an SD card fund on EBay though; PLEASE BUY MY CLOTHES. I also hope to get to more blogging events, especially fashion ones, and see my blogging buddies a lot more! Met a few of the girls a wee while ago and had such a wonderful night, I have really missed it. 

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x






Blazer H&M
Dress Primark
Chain New Look




Dress Primark 
Jacket Zara
Hat River Island
Bag H&M

7 October 2013

Hair Update 4.


Ahhhhh! This is mad.

Mama Bran made me put a shed in my hair, up until this point I've looked like Dennis the Menace ... but ... I actually quite like it! It looks like its meant to look like this, rather then being all over the joint!

I hate the colour, I want to stay blonde :( I can't handle being called a brunette :( Nothing wrong with brunettes, I've just always been blonde and its what I'm used to!

Still haven't washed my hair with shampoo or used any products or heat in it, and it feels so soft and bouncy!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x