26 February 2014

High Tea For Me.



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After my birthday last year ... which was, long time readers will know, not the best. I had just split up with my boyfriend and at that point I was kind of avoiding spending it with my friends because I was still quite sad and didn't want to be around anything that reminded me of him. I just remember saying to myself; "Next year my Birthday is going to be awesome"

I think as well 23 was a very tough year for me and I kind of see 24 as another fresh start ... perhaps the age were I should grow up ... only time will tell I guess.

I've been a complete brat to my mum and sister for a few weeks now, saying "Oh I've had a tough few months, WHAT GOOD PRESENTS ARE YOU GETTING ME TO MAKE ME HAPPY?!?!" :D

I had booked the trip to Blackpool with my friends instead of just a night out that we do all the time, and it was a brilliant day. On the Sunday, my actual birthday my Mum and Sister were amazing and spoiled me rotten and surprised me with a high tea party with all my aunts and cousins! 

It was so lovely and I definitely had an amazing Birthday!

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x