27 February 2014

Thrifty Bran.




Dress Topshop
Jacket Primark
Bow Primark
Pearls Vintage

I love the colour of this dress, its like a really bright dusty pink, its hard to describe but its honestly beautiful. I got it in the sale for £7 and cut it too sort ... so I went and bought another and used the ruined one to turn into a top! Thrifty or what! For £7, why not.

I've been working at my new job now for about 3 weeks now ... and thrilled to say its going great, better than great! I am absoloutely loving it and so so so happy that leaving my last job was deffinately the right thing, I'm really enjoying it and dare I say it ... I seem to be feeling much better :) I am however working full time this week which means I'm out the house from 9am to 8pm so I might let the blogging slide a little cause I'm shattered.

I am updating my Instagram constantly so its become a mini blog so if your not following here is my user name, come say hi :) 


Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x