31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014.

2014, where to start. It wasn't a bad year at all, it was kind of the year I needed after last years horror story.

At the end of 2013 I was diagnosed with depression, which I've always been very open about with everyone, and that was the main focus of 2014, to rest and recover. I had a whole list of things I wanted to do in order to help myself get better. 
Here was my list of things I planned to do over the year;

1. Paint Bike
2. Photography Course
3.Travel (Prague, Berlin, Italy, Amsterdam)
4. Fashion Week
5. Swim with the sharks
6. Edinburgh Marathon
7. Skiing
8. Sewing Course
9. Bungee Jump
10. Tattoos
11. T in the Park
12. Go Ape
13. Blackpool

Out of all of that I manged to get 2 new tattoos, I spent my birthday in Blackpool with my friends and in the summer I went to Amsterdam. I'm not going to lie and say I wish I hadn't done more, but I'm now working full time and I think the list was a bit much, not realistic as I have had a few relapses, although no where near last years extent. But it just means I can make sure to get it done this year ... Berlin 2015 is already in the planning! I also could never do the Edinburgh Marathon!

As well as this list I had my resolutions;
Get a full time/real job
I got a new job in Feb 2014 year after finally struggling enough in my old one, and I can honestly say this has been one of the best things to happen to me this year by far, I love my job, I love the company I work for and the group of people I work with are honestly the loveliest bunch of babes I have ever met. The place has made such a big difference to my mental state. I was working in such a negative environment before and this new job is all about positivity! Just what I needed. Then in October I got a new role, which meant more responsibilities and more hours! So I am now earning enough money to actually be able to make plans. I'm very glad I handed my CV in that day!
For 2015 its all about trying to get in to Personal shopping or creative work, so I need to focus and drive myself to get to where I want to be before Christmas next year, I don't think I could cope with Christmas in Retail again ... I think I'll still be exhausted from this year. 
Go to more gigs
 I went to so many gigs this year and seen so many of my favourite artists and bands! I have loved it and it will continue this year, the only problem is no one likes the same music as me so its a nightmare trying to recruit gig buddies!
Be more charitable
I hate to say this is the one I haven't been able to stick to as much as I would have liked, but forgive me if I've been a bit selfish this year and been dealing with my own shit. BUT my best friend and I have a plan for a big charity event this year so lets see how that goes!
Learn to drive
Nope ... never going to happen.
Stay away from boys
This is one I am very glad to say I have stuck to! I've realised this year what I want, its only taken me about a decade, but in that same breath I've also realised that no one is going to be 100% what you want, so don't stress. I'm not too fussed about being single, I really don't mind it, but it would be nice to date a little and get out there.

I do want to meet someone but I'm in absolutely no rush to waste my time with more idiots, like I've been doing the past few years!
This is on my list every year and it always will be, my only struggle again is finding people to go with ... my group of friends don't really do holidays, I can't do camp America and all my best friends have weddings/mortgages so I'm always stuck cause I don't want to go alone ... its one of the main reasons I do want to meet someone, so I can drag them around the world with me!

I am trying with work to get work abroad opening new stores so I really am hoping I get an opportunity to do that this year!

18 December 2014

Vintage Nighties.


Dress Vintage
Polo Topshop
Necklace Primark
Boots Topshop

Continuing with the witchy theme. This dress is one of my favourites ever! I have worn it dozens of times on nights out and casually. I am obsessed with vintage nighties and after re-discovering this one I'm on the hunt for more!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

17 December 2014

Black Joni Jeans.


Top Topshop
Jeans Topshop
Necklace Topshop
Boots Topshop

I've recently decided for my winter wardrobe I want it to be witchy and dark and admittedly a little bit 90s. So I have been in a lot of dark this week and I'm sure it'll be like that for the next few weeks unless I get bored.

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x

16 December 2014

Topshop Metallic Top.


Top Topshop
Jeans DIYd Myself
Choker Ebay
 Boots Topshop

I have so much love for this top. Beyonce copied me.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

15 December 2014

Work Christmas Party.



Bralet I Made
Skirt Miss Selfridge
Shoes Barratts

The works Christmas party! Probably one of the most stressful outfit decisions of the year! I strangely always want green sequins, but this is the first year I have actually managed to find something I've actually loved  enough to wear. The skirt is Miss Selfridge, and then I bought a second skirt and made a bralet out of it. Maybe thats the green sequins out of my system and next year I will have a new theme.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

13 December 2014

NKD SKN Fake Tan.

The Guys over at NKD SKN recently send me over a sample of their medium mousse instant tan. 

I've stopped tanning every day recently, and instead I've only been tanning for nights out. Its actually not been as bad as I thought it would be, I think since its winter and I'm covered head to toe, but when it gets to spring time I will be back to tanning every single day. Why do I have such pale skin? :(

The timing could haven't been more perfect as its obviously Christmas party season and I've been looking for a good instant tan just for my party. They sent me the Mousse with a mit (Thank God cause I didn't have one) in medium, the colour came out great and after 2 coats it was the perfect shade ... next time I'd go for the dark as I do like a deep tan.

The mousse went on smooth and well, no patchy-ness or dry skin exposure ... always a good start.

The pain with instant tan is rain .. or people dropping drinks on you .. thats the only downside for me because it is always raining here so ultimately I will always opt for a building tan, but I was really impressed with NKD SKN and would definitely buy from them, I also loved the mit, one of the best ones I have used as there was no running onto the inside of my hand. 

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x

12 December 2014

Black Over The Knee Boots.


Shirt New Look
Waistcoat Forever21
Hat H&M
Ring Primark
Necklace Primark
Boots Ebay

After searching and searching for the perfect over the knee boots, in the space of a week I bought 2. These are my going out ones, going to wear them for Christmas Eve and hopefully New Years Eve, even though I haven't worked out what I'm going to be doing for it this year ... I hate New Years.
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

3 December 2014

Eden Garden Beauty.

This week I was very kindly invited along to Eden Beauty Garden, a new salon in Glasgow specialising in nails and eyelashes. I have my work Christmas party on Sunday so I thought this would be a great chance to try out some of the treats on offer. I have never had my eyelashes done before, i usually stick to strip eyelashes, and I only really get my nails done for big events, and lets face it, the work Christmas do is always one of the biggest.

The salon in situated in the Central Chambers on Bothwell Street, just behind Central station if your still not sure! So its very handy as it is so central! The salon is gorgeous, it has these huge open bay windows which look out on to the station and up Renfield Street! I could have looked out it for hours! The interiors are light greens and yellows and white with tea candles all around and some great tunes. There are also snacks and drinks available, there is wine ... thats a risk right there free wine when your having a pamper day!  The salons is run by Estonian sisters Merili and Kristi, they've been there for just 2 weeks but already the salon its self and the treatments are looking fantastic.

First of all I got my eyelashes done, I got the Mink semi permanent lashes, I opted for a party lash look, I didn't want them to be natural as I wanted them specifically for the Christmas party. The lashes were all individually glued, which took about 2 hours and they should last for 8 whole weeks with infills every 3/4 week which costs £30! I actually fell asleep on the table haha! I was expecting my eyelashes to feel irritated or heavy, both nope it didn't feel a thing, and I still don't, I've had them a few days now and my lashes don't feel any different to when I'm just wearing mascara. To keep them good its recommended not to use oil based cosmetics and toiletries, and try not to sleep on your face ha ha!

The lash treatment that I got is £70 with the 20% off throughout December, so its a great time to grab a bargain and take advantage for your Christmas/New Years events! My lashes look great, they look natural but striking, as if I just have amazingly brilliant eyelashes!

Al goes well they should last about 3 weeks if I am careful with them, and I am being very careful!


Next we moved on to my nails!

The salon offers both Gel nail extensions and Biosoft nails, which aren't extensions but enhance the strength of your natural nails. Again I opted for the party option, so I got a full set of gel extensions. Again the process took about 2 hours, its an odd sensation to get your nails done and not be in some sort of pain. I usually get acrylics and I know the damage they to, not only in the process but in the removal. The girls at Eden really believe in doing beauty properly. Taking the time to make sure your not only comfortable but that the service and products you are getting are they best they can be. I find, especially with nail places, its a matter of getting you in and out as fast as possible, and while my nails may look good and its cheap ... the damage done isn't really worth the money your saving.

There were loads of colours to choose from, the girls told me over 35 glitters and colours ... I started off wanting nude ones changed my mind about 50 times and then settled on a pale pink, it goes with everything. I was also able to choose the shape I wanted  from a little ipad photo ... I loved that, I've never been in a salon who does that and its much easier than trying to explain. I of course got my only favourite, the Gaga inspired claws!

My nails should last about 4 weeks, I'm excited to see the growing out process compared to acrylics, I always feel like they look a mess after a week! They feel great, very soft and natural and because its a coloured gel the colour won't chip ... I just have to make sure I don't change my mind about the colour!

I just want to thank the girls for inviting me along, I had a great day of pampering and I love love love the results!

Make sure to check out the Salon on Facebook to see all the great treatments available!


Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

2 December 2014

Christmas Is Coming.



Dress Karma Clothing
Polo Topshop
Necklace Internacionale

1 December 2014

Topshop Black Leather Skirt.


Top Topshop
Skirt Topshop
Necklace Vintage
Earrings Primark
Boots Topshop

I love this skirt, but its one of those ones were you have to hike it up past your knees to get up the stairs because its so tight ... so chic ...

Sweet Dreams 

Paula .. x