4 May 2016

Growing Blogger.

Yet again another month between posts.
This morning I have been trolling through 100s of blogs about last night Met Gala, and I remembered about when I first started blogging and these events were what I wanted to talk about and share my opinions on.
But this is not what has happened...
I don't think my blog has changed a lot in terms of content. I've always shared what I've worn, which is all I wanted to do when I first started. I've done posts here and there about other things like beauty, food, lifestyle, which I enjoy throwing in! I've noticed that the way I prefer to blog has changed.
Once I would sit at my computer every night and blast out short posts about why I had chosen a certain outfit or the story behind how I acquired an outfit. Later I sat one night a week and scheduled 5 for the week ahead. Then I started to do the whole photo shoot, edit, write and schedule on my days off ... but nothing has stuck.
My posting has become less and less and to be honest ... I've stopped feeling guilty about it. I think I would feel different if I was being lazy and not posting, but I just DO NOT HAVE TIME. I don't get paid for blogging, its my hobby - and that's the way I want to keep it. At the moment I work 11 hours a day including travel, meal prep and decide what to wear for work and go to the gym for 2 hours 5 days a week. Any spare time I have is spend relaxing and being with my family and friends ... mainly drinking vodka.
So blogging comes dead last.
Blogging via Instagram has become my way of sharing outfits and I enjoy it more. Its fast, easy, minimal editing and gets across what I want to do - Show outfits, that's it. I've found as well that any events I go to I prefer sharing it over social media rather than a boring (and lets be honest, awkward) post about "Oh Heres What I Done At This Event". Through Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, my followers can be there with me! Its much more interesting and Exciting! Plus I still get to promote the brands/events. Win Win.
Again, when I first started this I wanted it to help me in my career, but this year I've gone off the idea of working in the Fashion industry ... so far I have not had good experiences of it, so unless the perfect fashion job came along for me, I'm over it.
The blog will stay here but I will only be doing it very sporadically.
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... and my opinion on the Met Gala ...
I think 90% of the attendees got the theme SO wrong!
I liked Beyoncé's dress but I think she should have stuck to one sleeve length.
Zac Posen is the winner hands down, he can do no wrong, perfect for the theme and it was stunning!
Paula x